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Ferrari 488 Spider

Previously on the blog, "It seems that brother-in-law brother purchased Ferrari"I wrote that, with the newly delivered Ferrari 488 Spider, the other day the husband went to his brothers touring. Anyway, since there was something to inspect the work of my brother, I took advantage of it, piggybacked on it, northed R29, passed over the Togura Pass where the snow flew, and stretched out to the direction of Tottori.

The husband who came home that day"It was pretty good"I said that today I would like to introduce its contents. By the way, to her husband that Ferrari was good enough,

"Even though I got on Porsche, I finally sold my soul to Ferrari (; ゚ Д ゚) !?"

I asked, "Why are you going to chat" (laugh)

Engine · transmission


Anything, this Ferrari 488 Spider engine,I won "International Engine of the Year" for 3 consecutive yearsIt looks like an engine. The 3.9 L V8 turbo boasts 670 PS and generates 760 Nm at 3000 rpm. My husband,

I thought the engine was expected.Turbo engine and even turbody feel almostThen, it turns very well. The speed of rise of the rotation is tremendously fast, and it feels toughness and friction altogether.
So, the shift-up indicator of the steering began flashing red quickly,I thought it was still around 4000 rotations and I looked at the octopus meter and it has already rotated more than 6000 rotationsI did it.
The engine speed of the GT 3 also rises fast, but it is equal to or higher than thatYeah.


However, he seems to have not felt that he is exercising speed so much.

The torques and powers above 3000 revolutions are intense, but fears are felt. The needle will go up quickly, but there are not much elements like Dokkan turbo, but I know that it is a turbo, but there is no discomfort.
It is easy to handle even at low rotation, and it seems like a 670 horsepower car can ride normally.There is almost no concern even in the streets, and severe accelerator work is not required even at very low speeds.

And that. Even so, 670 horsepower is amazing. On the other hand, my husband '

When cruising with AUTO at around 80-100 km / h, the rotation is around 2000 rpm, but even if you step on the accelerator lightly from there, the speed does not work in proportion

The point. this is"Is the play of accelerator large?" "Is the gear ratio too high?"Although I do not know, I was told that the vehicle speed would react more linearly.(Of course, the speed will rise if you drop the gear)

In the case of Porsche"At any speed, in any car type, the accelerator and the vehicle speed are proportional to the chitin, and the feeling that the right foot and the engine are connected is strong."But that was not the case. This is different from Porsche.

It is said.


The gearbox"7-speed F1 dual clutch transmission". This is a dual clutch transmission of the same type as Porsche PDK. The paddle at the side of the steering wheel is big, the texture is high, it is easy to operate, and the reaction speed also reacted fairly responding "span !, span!" Quite quickly.


Although I felt the time lag at all, I thought that it was somewhat inferior to the speed change of the PDK which is so fast as to be overtaken by the GT 3 "I think this is a game?"

He said.


Ferrari 488 Spider"The overhang of the front is long, the front wheels are close to the seat"It is. From the feet on the side of the front passenger seat, you can see a big overhang of the front tire so you can see that the position of the crew is right behind the tire.

On top of that my husband,

Whether the distance of the lateral movement of the occupant is large when the steering wheel is turned off, it was easy to feel the lateral G even with a slight handle operation. This is a big difference with Porsche.I feel G firmly even when I change the lane or a gentle curve, and I feel strongly that I am on a quick and high-performance car.
So, I felt somewhat scared because I felt that G was over than necessary when attacking winding, but I thought that this tension may be goodness of Ferrari.
I think the actual limit is higher,As for the way of feeling G and the day the temperature was low on the day and the road surface was slightly wet, I did not feel like "to attack fast and steady".

When. In this tooling I was not able to fully evaluate the handling, but if I got used to getting used to it, I was saying that this would be fun with this.

By the way, my husband owned it before.McLaren 650SCompared with"Sharpness of handling" "Grounding feeling" is increased to McLaren, but "Ferrari is higher in" straight running stability "" ease of riding "" ease of handling "It seems to have felt. It seems that if it is this it is likely to run without enough tiring even with a long touring.

My brother, compared with German cars"A car that feels dangerous in some places"Burns, I was saying that such a place is also attractive. I think I understand it.

"My husband says.

(Looking at this picture carefully, my brother, I'm driving with sandals w)

Danger is also appealingDonna ...

"I do not want to be dangerous ... I hate it if I do not feel completely reliable on the car,It is attractive to the point of danger, it is something to fall in love with a super beautiful person who has a dangerous scent like "Mine Fujiko"And my husband said "Well, maybe I feel like that" (explosion)

Ride and comfort

Ride comfort

In 488 Spider's running mode,"WET" mode, "SPORT" mode, "RACE" modeThere seems to be. With the most mature "WET" mode, it is quite a ride comfort, it seems that Ferrari may not notice if you ride with eyes closed.

Also, even in the "SPORT" mode which is usually used frequently, the ride comfort is not bad at all"A little harder sports coupe"To the extent that it can do enough in long distances. Even in "RACE" mode it seems to be a bit hard but not feel uncomfortable.

The straight running stability is also high, the absence of speed feeling is more than enough.With the excessive power, the arrival speed is also early, so be careful not to get into a ridiculous speedI Engine sound and exhaust sound are gentle as usual on town rides. I did not feel annoying noisiness or disgust. Compared to the idling sound that McLaren 650 S constantly groaned as "Woo", I felt comfort was quite high even in a traffic jam.

When. Certainly, the idling sound of the McLaren 650S was a bit tricky even when driving.

On the other hand, suddenly, it changes to a loud sound whether the valve opens all at once if it exceeds 3000 rpm. Although I was surprised at the beginning, there are only Ferrari's engines on the sideways, the exhaust notes feel pleasant.Moreover, since it rotates frequently, I want to spin around, and I'm trying to hear that soundAnd. Speaking of greed, I thought that I wanted to hear the NA 458 sound.

He said.

Even with the handleability around the handle, even if you first explain the explanation, there seems to be no discomfort in particular. As with the Lamborghini and the like, the winker is operated by the switch of the handle,In the case of Ferrari, "There is a turn signal button on each side of the steering wheel", so you must always hold the steering wheel with both hands.(In the case of the Urakan etc., the buttons are operated by pushing the button left and right in one place)

"Because it is an ultra-high-performance car, my husband said that it was on purpose to do this on purpose to have a steady handle with both hands."

Also,It is easier to see the view from the driver's seat and the field of view in the front and so onso. Even a husband whose height is 178 cm has plenty of overhead space and the seat of Ferraris was originally low in seated position, so I think that a bigger person can drive with a margin. However,On the contrary, a small woman may not be able to see the frontAnd that.

Also, the right rear view closes the roof and you can see almost nothing by eye observation. If this is an open car with Boxster or left steering wheel, I think it is with many cars, but be careful when joining at high speed, when going out to the road from a parking lot, and so on.

He said.

Because it is Ferrari, it is a place to worry about everyday use due to low car height, but my brother says"Compared to the Urakan that I was riding the past, Ferrari will not be scratched even in places that had scratched the bottom in Urakan."He said he was saying. Of course, because the height of the car itself is low, we have to be careful where there are steps, but we have not rubbed for now.

I see. Actually, I heard that my brother-in-law brother was delivered Ferrari, and when I met my wife the other day"Does ○ ○ usually ride on Ferrari?"As I asked,

No, I do not. I do not have a ride like that. After all the width is big and it does not matter what you do if you scrub, it stands out in town and it is hard to get on, so ... after all, the Prius is riding in all w

He said.

My husband's comment

As a husband's overall review,

personally,The charm is in the engine anywayI thought. It was thought that sound, power and feeling were Ferrari truly. Besides, it is amazing that you train such super-high performance engine so that everyone can handle it.
Also, I thought that the passing score was enough if I did not care about everyday life, comfort, everyday use, risk of surrounding eyes and mischief. Also, anyway,The beauty of its design. For those who can sympathize with the value as a work of art, let's do the best shopping.

And that.Although Ferrari is a very expensive car, on the other hand, since the price drop is quite small, in fact, it is a car that can ride considerably cheaplyIt seems. If you think so, in this design this performance is a tremendously cost-effective car.

Finally, "When I was so good, then, would you buy a Ferrari, would you buy it?" When asked to her husband,

"No, I do not like being conspicuous wherever I go.
If future Ferrari and Ferrari of design that I do not understand may come out, I might buy it, but now I do not need it w "

It is (laugh)

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  1. cara

    Long time no see.
    For me now
    It's a hot topic
    I saw it interestingly.
    I got a master of my deep master masterfully caring
    I think it's a view. ^ _ ^
    488spider is
    You do not have to think that you are going to ride.
    Even if you run again, as the driver thinks
    It will move.
    On the other hand when riding GT 3
    When I'm on a ride
    Let's ride and I will ride ^ _ ^
    Even though you start running, you still have more
    I feel like getting angry.
    Last month it was 488 spider, this month at GT 3
    I went to the circuit
    Both were fun.
    There is a pleasure of each.
    All 488 spider's regulars are front lifters
    Although it follows, compared with GT 3
    There is considerable height so you will not use it
    I will check it.
    It seems that the response is pretty good

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Oh, that's right! 488 Spider also has GT 3 (and MT!), And it is great to be able to enjoy both runs everyday ^ ^
      My husband also said that "488 Spider was a lot better than I thought." Is it easy for a woman to drive? When.

      Both Ferrari and Porsche feed back the technology cultivated in the race to the commercial cars,
      I think recently that I wonder if I can run it on the circuit also in that sense.

      GT 3 and Boxster who my husband got test drive also said "The car still runs more!" As the car says,
      I said that I feel like running while talking to the car, I said that I like that feeling very much.

      I would be happy if you can tell me more ^ ^!