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Trouble about body color

When buying a carIt is body color to worry about by all means.If it is a domestic car, there is also a car model of the maker which can choose unusual colors such as pink and two-tone color, but the kind of body color of Porsche compared with it may be few. ... but I'm worried about that.

In fact, I was quite troubled when I bought a Panamera at my home.(Before, there was a proposal to make the body color sapphire blue. Incidentally, this is こ れ)

When choosing a body color, it's difficult to say anything, even in the same whitewhite"When"Charara White Metallic"There is", even the same black "black"When"Jet black metallicI think there is something to do.

It is still easy to choose if you can clearly see the difference in color, but in most cases it is only about the difference, "If you look closely, it will be different." MoreoverHow it looks depending on how light hits, day and night, and weather.

So today, "How are the similar colors different among Porsche body colorsI decided to check it out.

1. White (White)

First of all, when looking at white, in the standard color "whiteIn the metallic colorCharara White Metallic(0 Yen)Can be selected. By the way, "White" is this.

And this is "Charara White Metallic".

Hmm I do not know the difference ... (* _ *)

It looks like this when you compare side by side.

Hm ... (lol) The minutes of the metallic white, the one of Carrara White Metallic,It looks a bit bluish, glossy and three-dimensionalFeel. By the way, the name "Charara" of Carrara White isItalian marble production area "carrara"It seems to have been taken from.

However, I do not understand the difference with this alone, so I decided to compare it with my Porsche. Fortunately, the body color of my 981 Boxster GTS iswhite", And the body color of the 970 Panamera edition that was in my home before"Charara White MetallicIt is.

Just like a blog choice (laughs)

If you compare immediately, first, Boxster's "White" looks like this.

981 Boxster GTS

However,Sony's digital single-lens camera "α III"Because I'm shooting with a pretty good camera, I feel like I'm feeling clearer and less clear than "white" seen with the naked eye. However, "blue" does not feel so much even when exposed to sunlight.

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS Front View

Next, the "Para-Ma" edition of "Charara White Metallic". The picture below is taken at a slightly cloudy sky.

Next, here is what was taken at the Eastern Rokko Observatory on the clear skies of the Yuei Driveway.

The white is clear and gives a striking impression.

By the way, if you look at a picture of Boxster and Panamera ...

Although it is a subtle difference,"White" is matte, "Charara white metallic" is clearer whiteI feel that I get the impression that. Well, no matter which one you choose after all, there is no doubt w

2. Black (black)

Then black. There is also a kind in black, but at first "standard color"black"Is here.

And next, "jet black metallic" of metallic color.

Hmm ... it is difficult to understand the difference more than White (* _ *)

If you compare them with the arranged photos ...

I mean two photos of the same photo (* _ *)!

I reconsidered my photos many times, thinking I was wrong, butThe upper photo is "Black" and the lower photo is "Jet Black Metallic"was. Perhaps I think that when I shoot in cloudy sky or where there isn't much sunshine, I don't know much about the difference.

It is also clear that the difference is easy to understandright. I have also been asked to show "Jet Black Metallic" Boxster of acquaintance in the past under fine weather, but at that time BoxsterMore purple than black"I felt the color.

By the way, this is "jet black metallic" under cloudy sky.

This is jet black metallic in fine weather.

It is bluish. Speaking of which, my brother-in-law Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo was also a "jet black metallic",When it was photographed in fine weather, side by side with my "Night Blue Metallic" Panamera, it looked quite similar.(The left is Panamera, the right is Panamera Sports Turismo)

Then I checked on the net how "Black" looks like in fine weather. That is below.

* Image Source:Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Alcantara PKG One Owner

"Black" isBlack looks better when viewed in fine weatherFeel. At that time, "jet black metallic" that enjoys various expressions and "black" where "black" stands out in any scene. Each has its own goodness, but it is said that "jet black metallic" is more popular now.

3. Red (Red)

The next thing I want to compare is red.Compare the standard color "Girs red" with the special color "Carmine red"I will try. In this regard, the differences are very easy to understand. First of all, from Gard's Red.

It's a clear and red bag. And here is "Carmine Red".

There is a depth, something like red wine (laughs) Compare the top and bottom, the difference is easier to understand.

By the way, if you look at the gards red indoors, it looks like this.

*Image source: ☆ Goods receipt information ☆ 2015 Porsche Boxster PDK Red Stitch Genuine 19AW dealer car has stocked.

It's red and beautiful. I feel like the sports car. So how do you look outdoors?

* Image Source: Porsche Cayman GTS PDK

It looks like there isn't much difference in the impression of red, either indoors or outdoors. Next, here is a photo of "Carmine Red".

* Image Source: AUTO NET Manufacturer: Porsche Vehicle Name: 911 Carrera GTS

When I take it indoors, it looks like a deep red. I checked variously on the net, but some people were taking such nice photos in Minkara. By the way,The back is "Gards red" and the front is "Carmine red"It seems.

* Image Source: Minkara Lan Lan Lan Various Red

It looks quite different when you look at it like this.

By the way, regarding the option price of Carmine Red, if you choose 911, it is +482,000 yen(Some models do not have car mine red settings, such as the 911 turbo model)The new 911 is +443,000 yen, +636,000 yen for Panamera, +387,000 yen for Mankan, +433,000 yen for Cayenne, +426,000 yen for Boxster, +383,000 yen for Cayman.

4. Silver

I think silver is also a popular color,Comparing "GT Silver Metallic" with "Dolomite Silver Metallic"View. First of all, "Dolomite Silver Metallic".

I see ... Next, "GT Silver Metallic".

Then, comparing the two sheets up and down ...?

Hmm, I guess it's slightly different. By the way, looking at GT Silver Metallic indoors, it looks like this.

this is,718 CaymanIt was a picture I took when I took the test drive,Metal feeling is strong and very cool.After that, I tried to shoot "GT Silver Metallic" outdoors, but I felt that the metallic feeling was slightly weakened. Maybe it was cloudy this day.

When I tried searching on the net I thought "GT Silver Metallic" taken when it was sunny,I found a photo taken by Mr. Goron ♪ on the minkara blog that I and my husband often see.

*Image source: "♪ 911 turbo S (991.2)" of the Rollon ♪

Beautiful ~ No doubt. By the way, when you look at the 718 configurator, silver color can not choose only GT silver so far. by the way,Previously selected 718 Cayman Rhodium SilverIt was also cool.(The following ones were posted in the owner's file)

If you look at the Porsche Japan site, you can choose silver for the new Makan, the new 911 and the Panamera etc."GT Silver" and "Dolomite Silver"Because it has become, it is that rhodium silver has changed to dolomite silver.

So what color is dolomite silver? When I was looking at Instagram, there were a few updates.

@ porsche.ohMr.

@ PorschecentrekendalMr.
Is it a little blueish silver?

5. Gray

After that, I examined a little bit about gray.In fact, the body colors of "Fashion Gray", "Sports Classic Gray" and "Crayon" are similarThat is why they are often compared on the net. By the way, this is "fashion gray".


It is a beautiful color. Certainly gray is stronger than crayons. Next, "Sports Classic Gray".


It looks good with the 918 spider. And finally "Crayon".

In this way, crayons look more matte.

Body color is deep

This is described on the Porsche Japan site regarding body color.

Popular colors common to Europe and America are white, gray and blackThree colors of. In Europe, deep black and metallic color dominates the three models of 911 and Cayenne and Panamera. in America911 and Cayenne are most likely to order black series,White is popular on other modelsIt is.
on the other hand,The overwhelmingly popular colors in China are white and mahogany metallic. Cayenne's No. 1 color in his land is mahogany metallic and 911 prefers white followed by optional color mule orange.
Speaking of options,1% of customers choosing the option colorThere are statistics that are out.

* Article Source:Porsche Japan "The power of color"

White, black and gray are popular overseas as well. It is interesting that the body color is quite deep and there is a difference in the color preference to be selected depending on the area even if it says in a word with the body color. I'll try to look at the times and check out the option colors as well.

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  1. J11050

    I miss you so many times!

    Thank you for the comment back of the last time hatchback! It's okay. But in the Lellaio Pana Turbo video, the hatchback was not as high as the base Panamera. . that's strange.

    By the way, this theme, color! I was troubled until I could not get it! ! It's a topic of Dom Pisha. Black and gray were originally excluded because they are the same color as the cars we used to ride before. So I thought white was good ~ and I was thinking about the character white and the usual white as the axis. But I did not understand the difference at all. It was not easy to see if I looked at the car. As a conclusion, I couldn't really like the bluish white of Carrara, and I thought it would be something different from ordinary white. I thought that other colors were adakko variously, but in the end I used night blue metallic color. (I'm sorry I have copied!)

    I changed my mind a little, but when I grew up in the United States and came back to Japan, the color of the running car was almost white or silver. However, in the end, the cars I owned so far have been dyed in gunmetal, black, black, black, and Japanese colors!

    • MinaMina


      Please take a look at the blog and thank you for your comment ^ ^
      I have trouble with body color ...! I'm really troubled (laughs)

      Was it a night blue metallic?
      This is a really beautiful color, and the color changes completely depending on the weather and the time zone, so I think it is very good because you can enjoy various expressions.

      I changed my mind a little, but when I grew up in the United States and returned to Japan, the color of the running car was almost white or silver.

      You grew up in the United States ...! cool! ! !
      Outside of Japan, there are certainly more cars in different colors. Japan really has many white, black and silver,
      But the standard colors are also cool, so I will eventually do it (laughs)

  2. Wind slope

    I'm troubled body color ~

    As I park in a blue sky, the basic color is white or gray and inconspicuous.
    With Alpin White 3 from BMW, attracted by the simple appearance of the white body color, both Cayenne are white (solid).
    Initially, the 958 cayenne was only cream white that became sand white, and after a while white was added.
    I would like to ride a sheet of gray or brown in gray metallic or black metallic at one time, but the reality is always always black leather on white body (tears)
    GT silver metallic is the best, isn't it?
    The other day, I used a second-hand 991 exhibited on a PC, and I checked for the first time in a car, but there is depth!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind

      Thank you very much ^ ^
      Thank you for your comment!

      Your car is white!
      Certainly, white is good because the dirt is not noticeable and it is very beautiful.

      > The reality is always always black leather on the white body (tears)

      That's right ... Laughs, it is quite courageous to make the interior a light leather, especially (sweat)
      GT Silver Metallic is pretty cool, I thought either Panamera, 911 or even Cayman, it's cool ~.
      In addition, the cars on display in the PC, due to the relationship of lighting, it is shiny and extra beautiful, isn't it ^ ^

  3. Manma

    Hello Mina,

    It is comical.

    I read the article, my favorite machine is "Charara white metallic", but "white" of standard color is also
    I started thinking it was nice.
    "The ・ White" feeling that is not influenced by the weather is good!

    I also understood the difference between black and red and silver.
    The expression changes so much with the change of light ....

    When choosing an exterior color, be sure to check the actual color of each color by changing the date and time, regardless of prejudice or prejudice
    After I need it, I'm thinking about gonyognyo (; ^ ω ^)

    As for the gray system, it is an unknown world because I have never seen a real vehicle, but it is an impression that the black parts are tight.
    Crayon's Panamera Sports Turismo is somehow a fashionable combination.
    This point crayon is good also for GT system!
    Delivery of the GT3 touring package, I am looking forward to it while selfish (^ ^ ♪

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Manama
      Thank you! The exterior color is deep.
      I would like to consider it in another article.

      Crayons are pretty beautiful. I once saw the crayon Panamera only once before
      It was really cool.

      I will go to the GT3 touring this week delivery procedure, so I think I can report again ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!