I asked a person in charge of Motor Sports in Porsche Japan a direct story.

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The other day at the Okayama International CircuitPorsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ)I watched that time,Porsche Japan Motorsport RepresentativeIt was a little time to introduce you, but I was able to hear the story directly.

In addition, in the pit tour that was carried out on the day, the person in charge of the public relations explained about the Carrera Cup car, so today I would like to introduce a summary of what I heard at that time.

Porsche Motorsport Project

Although I said ..., I have little knowledge about Porsche's motor sports activities, so I decided to take a look at this opportunity.

Porsche JapanMotor sports activities in 2019 will be strengthened over last yearCommented out at the end of last year. On that basis, 2019 plans to carry out three projects.

The first one is called the world's fastest one-make racePorsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ)Holding of The opening round is held at the Okayama International Circuit in April, and the final round is a total of 11 rounds until the support race of the F1 Japan Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit in October. How19th year in this seasonThat's it.

The second project is718 Cayman GT4 Club SportsA new series called "Porsche Sprint Challenge Japan" using this is"GT3 Cup Challenge(One of the official Porsche Motorsport races, held in 10 countries worldwide)The race is held in a mixed race with the 911 GT3 cup machine.

As delivery of 718 Cayman GT4 is the middle of 2019"Porsche Sprint Challenge Japan" will be held from the second half of the 2019 seasonThat's it.

And the third project is "playstation 4 (PS4)Gran Turismo SPORT"One makeup E race by", "Porsche E-Racing JapanHolding of

Of the approximately 6 million "Gran Turismo" users around the world, it seems that about 3.5 million people will participate in online matches.This year's World Finals will also be held in Monaco, with top players from all over the worldso.

It requires the same techniques and strategies as real racing,It is a genre that attracts attention as a next-generation motor sports, such as the FIA official competition is also held.
(* Article Source:Official E-Sports Launched [Porsche] Motor Sports Activity Announced in 2019)

By the way "Porsche E-Racing JapanThere was such a announcement the other day about the holding time of

Porsche holds official race on PS4 "Gran Turismo SPORT"! – GT Sport Porsche Esports Racing Japan (PERJ)

My husband also races at night in Gran Turismo, and I have a good time, but when I play online, everyone seems to be incredibly good ... The other day IHow about joining Porsche E-Racing Japan?"I tried to say lightly,

No, I'm stuck in a bowl or stick when I'm out. Everybody is good from there

It was said. It is a great world ~.

Or at least I had to check at least this much before going to PCCJ. Then, when I was introduced to the motor sports person, I was able to ask more decent questions ... (-_-)

A story of a Porsche Motorsport representative

I heard this story from this yearMr. Naoki Matsuoka, appointed manager of Porsche Japan Motor Sports Division. Mr. Matsuoka, who has experience as a racer himself, is a person who has been driving Porsche Japan's motor sports activities this season by making use of those experiences.

The relationship between Porsche and motor sports

"Porsche is inseparable from motor sportsIt is said that his stance does not change from now on. In addition, there are many manufacturers that feed back the know-how accumulated in "Motor Sports" to commercial vehicles, butThere is no maker that feeds back to commercial vehicles in the same form as Porsche", Mr. Matsuoka said.

Certainly, if you compare the commercial car 'GT3' and 'Carrera Cup Car', you can see that well.

Although the Carrera Cup car has the same appearance as GT3, the contents are in a roll cage, and carbon is used for the material, etc.Great weight saving has been achieved.Under normal circumstances, the Carrera Cup car looks like a car with a completely different structure than the 911, but at Porsche's plant,It is assembled on the same line as the commercial 911That's it.

In short, the Carrera Cup CarThe dedicated staff is not making it on its own line, but the staff making 911 is making it on the same line as 911"I'm saying that. I think this is a great thing.

Porsche is still, "Sporty and practicalThe emphasis is on being Mr. Matsuoka is

Even the Panamera in the Luxury Saloon segment can run the circuit without any problems.

I was saying.

Yes, Panamera, that's right.

Actually, the 971 Panamera Turbo in my house isAt the time of release in 2017, we beat time called 7 minutes 38 seconds in German Nürburgring north course and exceeded 7 minutes 40 seconds of 911 GT3 (type 997)It was talked about. Moreover, it is in the state of wearing the genuine tire which is marketed.

Of course, this time isWorld's fastest in the classIt is also.

Well, the Panamera is also great ... but the driver's arms are ugly. If I actually run the Nurburgring in a Panamera Turbo, I feel that it will probably take about 30 minutes ....

The relationship between Porsche and motor sports

Also, from this year, Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) will be distributed live on JSPORT, but I asked about the intention. Mr. Matsuoka then

Of course I want to know the existence of the Carrera Cup, but in addition,I would also like to spot the Gentleman class racersBecause I thought that.

I was saying.

Although it is an amateur division, everyone has excellent technology.He participated in PCCJ, practiced to earn the race, and was seriously trying.I wanted to see more and more people watching this ride.

When. Mr. Matsuoka himself also has experience with racers, and it is probably because they understand the feelings of racers. Also, about Porsche Experience Day held at Fuji Speedway in June(We also joined for the first time last year),

Participate in the Porsche Experience Day & watch the Porsche Carrera Cup @ Fuji Speedway

Races such as PCCJ Round 7-8 and Carrera Cup Asia will also be held.Porsche will do a full day rental of Fuji Speedway this yearThat's it.

"It's great, but it costs money so much ...!"

Yes ... (Laughs) But, thanks to Porsche fans and Porsche owners, we are there, so I did this this time with my daily gratitude.

You said. This time I was only able to hear the story a little because of the schedule, but I would like to hear more if there is an opportunity. Mr. Matsuoka, thank you!

PCCJ pit tour

Next, I would like to introduce the story I heard in the pit tour.PCCJ started in 2001 and reaches its 19th year "One Make Race"(A race in which all participants board a racing machine with the same specifications)That's it.

There were other manufacturers that held similar make-make races, but as more racers raced each time, fewer racers went out, Porsche saw more racers join the race each year.It has become the longest running one make race nowso.

As I mentioned earlier,The appearance of the Carrera Cup car is the same as that of the GT3 commercial car, but with regard to the contents, thorough weight reduction has been achieved.In the PCCJ regulations,

The minimum weight of the vehicle is 1215 kg with the fuel empty, the driver(Including helmet etc)The minimum weight of is 85kg, and is competed in a total of 1300kg machine.

Although the vehicle weight is 1215 kg,About 300 kg lighter than commercial GT3so.

In the explanation of the person in charge of the public relations, it is a car that made 911 lighter,Carrera TIs often cited as an example, but it is still only about 20 kg lighter than normal 911(I'm sorry to say "only"... If you think so, you can see that the Carrera Cup car is surprisingly light.

Finally"What are the highlights of PCCJ?If you are a spokesperson for the question

What I want to see isInteresting unique to one make race.PCCJ has strict regulations, and for car specifications, tires(Michelin)All the conditions up to. Although there are subtle differences in settings made by engineers,It depends on the driver's arm"The outcome is decided. There is not such an interesting one make race

I was saying.

Even domestic manufacturers have one make race, butWear tires from different manufacturers"Sometimes it is said that" ○ ○ tires are strong this season ", PCCJ, depending on the driver's arms, including mental power and strategy.

Surely, also for the driver of PCCJ "Machine has equal conditionThe part "is likely to be one of the great attraction. Also, surprisingly, this PCCJA 71-year-old driver is also competingThat's it.

I am a lifetime player, it's cool.

Race is adult youth

Motor sports are sometimes referred to as “rich pleasures,” but when you know,The serious play of adultsIt felt like it was similar to the world of Suzuka 8 Toshi where Shimada Shinsuke joined the team and challenged in the world.

Each person is passionate about what they do in their lives, so I think they are "work", "hobbies", and so on ... but I am no matter how old I become I thought once again that I want to live a hot burning life(What's the conclusion today? W)

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