[Porsche Owner's File # 12] Makan S (early 2015 type) purchase, option, driving review

Porsche Makan

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The 12th was given by Mr. "Carma", "Makan S (early 2015 type)"Purchase, option, driving review. Please take a look at this blog's first Makan owner's review.

〘Owner information〙
・ My favorite car to introduce this time: Macan S (Macan S)
-The pen name: Cara
・ Family structure: 33 years old single
· Past travelers' favorite history:
[Daily use]:
BMW X5 → Mercedes-Benz CLS 350
→ Porsche Macan S (now owned) + Range Rover Autobiography (now owned) + Lexus NX 300h (for work)
【sports car】:
BMW Z4 (E85) → 991 Carrera S (mk1) → ferrari 458spider (currently owned) → 991 Carrera GTS (mk2) (currently owned)
· A word to readers:
"Porsche is a great car, but you may find it frustrating when you actually own itI hope that you can write loosely, including in places like

1) History of purchase

-Reason for choosing Porsche

The reason for choosing Porsche "Because I like carsIt will be exhausted for the reason. But I am a little different from saying "I just like cars".

Originally to me "Longing for technologyThere has been something like “evolution,” starting with the evolution of personal computers, appliances, clocks, smartphones, etc ... I'm interested in various technological innovations in the world. Under such circumstances,

"At that time, industrial products packed with all the cutting edge technology of that era,And ""Among the things that individuals can own, the most concentrated is technology"

I came to have the idea of. So I like the cutting edge F1 and so on.

In addition, with regard to automobile manufacturing technology, metal press technology, body structure, engine(Especially I have a strong commitment to the engine)There are various technological innovations such as suspension, brakes, etc.Automobiles are more than mere industrial products"I think.

A variety of things can be seen through the car, such as differences in the style of the manufacturer, differences in the culture of the country, design etc.

I was addicted to the depth and pleasure.

Also,"I want to have the skills to properly demonstrate the car performanceI'm playing while practicing at circuits etc.

-It is not a porch chef leak

However, I am not particularly concerned with the maker Porsche itself.

In fact, in Porsche, there are "wanted cars" and "not cars", and in the case of this Macan S ""The one that best meets your needs at that timeIt's just that. I also own 911 (991), but I think the same can be said for 911 as well.

-Why did you choose Macan

Previously"BMW X5I was riding ", but then"Mercedes-Benz CLS 350Change to ""I want to get on SUV again"I came to think so. And, even in everyday use, when I wanted to feel the sport a little, Makan was announced at a good time.

Among the options for "Sports SUV", there were no options other than Makan. Because

"Makan is the world's best sports performance in SUV(Overwhelmingly than Cayenne)"

That's why. "Lamborghini Uruss, etc. wAs I thought, "I thought it was an SUV that could be an overwhelming sport, so I ordered the Macan S without hesitation.

2) Specification / Interior

-Exterior Interior color

Catalog color "Body color is blue, interior is Luxor beigeWas selected. For the seat, I chose artificial leather, not choosing genuine leather.

Reason"When choosing genuine leather for this class, Porsche(Including rival cars)Because the amount of options goes up to the limit"is.

To the last, I considered it within the budget range that does not exceed the limit of the segment concerned.(Rival was a middle size SUV of GLC, BMW X4 etc.)

Sports Chrono Package

I did not put in the sports chrono package. Of course, I think it would be better to wear it when considering resale, and a friend may be tempted by saying "I dropped it on my watch?" (Lol)


Do not make the wheel bigger.It remains 18 inches of standard equipmentI made it. The reason is that when you got on the 19 or 20-inch Macan S as a test ride etc.The acceleration is dulled down by the weight of the footBecause I experienced that.

However, I think that "19" may be good if it thinks now. The reason is, "Because you can wear sports tires 19 inches." With the SUV's 18-inch flat rate, you will be anxious about tire deflection when you run a kite, etc. If you overdo it, the under will come out immediately.


"I wanted to choose a sport even at the expense of some comfortSo I thought that I do not need air suspension. Air suspension seems to be better if it is used as a castor to ride normally, but if you expect sports, you may be good at normal coil suspension.

I think this is true not only for me, but also for Porsche, because everyone says so. Just as a result, the surface's angulation(Swell, undulation)The response to has become uncomfortable.

-Other options

This Makan S "Commuter high-speed use mainIn order to use it, all safety device systems such as lane change assist and cruise control were attached. Also, as we have a separate sports car, we focused on the safety system, not the choice of sport.(Side roof side of the air bag, addition, etc.)

Option price

The option is about 2.5 million yen crowded, 150,000 yen in the startIt has been around. Porsche has almost no options in the normal state, so I think it will cost an additional 2 million yen to equip the car with the equivalent of rival cars.

It is expensive to think so ....

But I think that's why I spend money on running. However, because consumers are compared in the same segment,Is not it only by putting all elements of the same price range, and similar equipment, and running the best within the frame?"I think I think."

3) Background to delivery

The McKann delivery period is at ease

We ordered in October, and it was originally said to be delivered in March, but eventually we were spread.Car inspection of Mercedes-Benz CLS scheduled to be replaced with Makan in AugustSo I ordered it because it was possible to deliver it at the latest by that time, but the cloud traffic gradually became suspicious.

Well, it is the manufacturer's problem that the delivery is delayed rather than the dealership, but the sales staff's response is not so good ... unless you get in touch with this, if you get in touch, "I was thinking of contacting you!"W will come back every time

At this time Porsche dealer's hospitality, correspondence was honest and disappointing. Personally, I think that Corns employee education is more thorough.

As an aside, the customer satisfaction survey of dealers under the guidance of Porsche AG(By the mystery shopper)In Japan, I have heard that Japan was the lowest in the country. The demand from Japanese customers may be too high, but is there any problem with the dealer's response in this experience? I was forced to think.

Makann delivery time

As a result, delivery of Makan was not in time for the car inspection of Mercedes-Benz CLS in August, and CLS was released first. At that time, the substitute car prepared by the dealer side is the Prius of the initial type of paint, etc. It is said that BMW, Audi etc. other than that are paid,

"I told you that the delivery of Makan is early and will be in time for the CLS car inspection in August at the end of March, so I ordered it, but BMW and Audi are paying for it ... but other customers , I'm out of Carrera and Cayman for the service warehousing ... w "

I thought honestly.(Incidentally, with regard to Lexus delivered last year, when the delivery was delayed, he prepared the same car I ordered.)"A Porsche dealer treats adolescents and newcomers awfully ..." w.

That's why the Makan S was delivered at the end of the day.

However, this series of response seems to be more like a salesperson's personal level feeling rather than Porsche. I was not able to trust the sales person, so when ordering Carrera S in half a year, I asked you to change the person in charge.

That's how Makan made a bad start haha

-Accident after-sales service

However, the accident in the after-sales service also overlaps after that ...

(1) Ask the dealer for the first oil change, and when it is completed and the vehicle is received, there are several spots of oil drips on the driver's seat.
2 When the coin parking was hit and escaped, and it was completed by repair warehousing, all the data on the audio HDD were gone w
3 1 year inspection conducted, when taking back, if you check before leaving the house this time with no concern at all, because the lid of the ashtray case was broken, so just re-receipt w

I thought this to be ... and gave me some attention.

-After buying Carrera S ...

After that, I purchased the Carrera S additionally, but there were no problems with the dealer's response in particular, and I am satisfied with no change from the person in charge, and I am satisfied with it.

Originally I did not ask for over-hospitality, soSatisfied if you get a good response normallyIt is a feeling. If I don't care about the person in charge or I don't have a sled, I think I'd bet to change it without hesitation. Or, do you change the store to buy?

I think that I would like to write about this part later in the review of Porsche Owners file of Carrera.

However, as soon as you purchase Carrera additionally and then go to the dealer in Ferrari, there is a feeling that the response has changed radically, such as inspection substitute cars are suddenly upgraded to the current Cayman, Carrera etc. Did (sweat)

4) Makan to feel owned

① Engine

The image of the Porsche engine in my engine mania isA well-made engine"I feel so good," I'm great! "" I'm strong and tasteful! "I feel that there are few engines that resonate with my heart.(Apart from sports car boxer Six)

So, with regard to the V6 turbo engine of the Makan S, there is no special “bigger!” It is a feeling of “normally made engine”.

2 transmission

"It is SUV which carries dual clutchIs one of the reasons why I felt attractive to the Makan S and wanted to buy it. In sports driving, of course, you can get a sense of unity that can not be tasted with other SUVs.

On the other hand, if you think of it as everyday use, I think that "PDK is not suitable for SUV weight class?" First of all, PDK is not very good at idling stop. When the engine stops / gos to the interval between the clutch disconnection and connection, it makes a jerk.

This is the early model and may have been improved after minor changes(Not confirmed)

In addition, it was Mercedes-Benz CLS that I was riding in front of Makan, and of course the segment is different, but I feel that there may be some issues even with such a thing.

It has been three years since I owned the Makan, and the mileage has exceeded 70,000 km.There is no problem with PDK, but with the transaxle's giggle and the start-up(When starting, make the clutch meet suddenly and repeat the sudden start several times, or, while traveling with the low speed gear, open the accelerator suddenly and repeat the operation that the torque is suddenly applied from the engine several times)Is beginning to see.

When talking with the dealer, it takes about 200,000 yen to exchange, so I think it's time to release it soon.

3 handling / brake

In SUV,There are no cars that can exceed the Makan S, Macan GTS, and Macan Turbo by other manufacturers.I think.

In SUVs, things to the right of Makan are definitely not.

However, it does not change to say that it is SUV with a high center of gravity, and if you expect too much "sports car elements", you are not honest enough I think you will feel.

You can run the winding without pain, comfortably and at a certain pace, but when you ask for it, you will get the impression that it's a SUV.

However, stillThe performance is perfect.Expanding the tread compared to the Audi Q5 also adds to the fun of cornering. Due to the structure of the Haldex 5, there is an engine center of gravity ahead of the front tire in the FF base, so it is easy to see under heavy of front heavy in sports driving.

Although dissatisfaction comes out when it says on the basis of a sports car, 120 points are considered when "this is SUV"is.

④ Fuel economy

it is normal. 7-8km / L for driving in town and 11km / L for driving on freeways(Even if nervous, I could not maintain 12km / l)is. You get on a regular ride and also run on the expressway, 10-11km / L.

There are no complaints about fuel consumption, but Mankan has a feeling that the fuel tank is small for this kind of SUV(65 L). Therefore, although it is normal with regard to fuel consumption, the tank is small, so the number of times of refueling increases, and the image of poor fuel consumption will be attached.

⑤ ride comfort, glue taste

Because I am particular about sports, the ride is flat andUnlike other SUVs, the hardness of the damper clearlyI feel Also, I think the ride is too hard for the performance.

Body rigidity is naturally high compared to other manufacturers, but still it is not possible to immediately release the impact at once like carrera against the input, and the undulation continues to a considerable extent.

There is no problem on the highway, but it feels quite uncomfortable on small bumps, old asphalt and rough roads in the city.

Because this is a thick 18-inch tire, it may be more annoying if it is 20 or 21 inches.In that sense, with air suspension, this area will be improvedis.

In the high-speed range, the low sound insulation, including the wind noise, is quite annoying.

6 daily use

For middle size SUVs, small turns can not be used. If you make a u-turn on a road with two lanes on one side, you need to think of the line well and not a single shot. In the town, I often see my wife using the Makan as a shopping cart.Why did you choose Macan to use it like that?"I may wonder a little bit

I think that the reason that Makan is selling in Japan is that the part where branding is successful is also great.

⑦ Favorite points

I like the design of the rear.

5) Options you absolutely want to purchase if you purchase Porsche from now

I bought the commuting use for the main purpose, so I was not stuck with the option. However, when it comes to Makan, I think that the purchase option is not GTS(At the time when I was considering purchasing, Makan GTS had not been released yet)

If you add an option to S, you will end up with GTS, so GTS that comes with various options is a great deal. Resale is also overwhelmingly strong.

6) Parts to worry about

Somehow, compared to other European cars,After all maintenance cost of the mankan is highI think so. Parts and services ....

If you always try to stay healthy, it will cost you some money. Even if it enters a maintenance free package, even if it does not enter, it is an image that the amount of money is likely to be only prepaid or the difference between paid or not.

After that, you may not be used to car construction except sports car yet, but open the window with the water remaining on the roof on a rainy day or after the rain, "Basha ---!" A lot of water falls into the room.

The basic thing including how to escape water is that the European tribe still has not reached it yet.

7) Overall rating

Recommended for those who like this

When asked, "Do you recommend Macan to everyone?"Recommend only for people with specific needsI think.

"I have a strong desire to be in a single-car environment and still want to run sports, but if I consider everyday use, I will be bound by the choice of SUV."

I think that such a person more than Makan S is perfect. I really think so.

BecauseWhat's fun when you run down the roadWhat

On the other hand, if you are asking for a certain amount of sports, although the situation of “running along a pass is rare,” it is probably best for around 43 GLCs. Apart from being a super sports SUV, I wonder if it's okay. When.

Because "Other than sports driving and brand nature, other car SUV dominates over the mankanIt is because I think.

In the case of the Makan, the standard equipments of other rival cars are almost optional, so if you try to add them without compromising them, the amount of money increases, and the rival car one above is in sight, so it changes from the car selection You

It may be the part that I feel because I own a sports car, but "If you ask SUV for sports at the expense of various things?"

As the car is swaying to run, there are 100 points in the item of sports, but the other 50, 60 points. In total package, it can not be said that it is multi.

In that respect, I think that three European families make cars of all 70, 80 points.

Therefore, as mentioned above "Get on the SUV with super emphasis on sports with oneIf you are in a niche, this is a car you want to recommend.

However, I think that it may be noticeable dissatisfaction because I have a sports car at the same time other than Makan, so one car may be the best car.

ー What you first understand when you own

You can only see the good part of "Sorry, Porsche! Sports!" At the stage of the test drive before purchasing, but you may find it inconvenient if you actually use it for three and a half years.

And most of the items I find inconvenient are stress free in other Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc.

However, I think that all such daily stress is for performance. That much,In the performance of the SUV, there is no enemy overwhelminglyis. But "SUVs have no enemy" and I can not win if I compare it with a sports car, so I think I should not seek sports up to that point.


Actually ILet's let go of another easy car for work"I bought a Lexus NX 300h, which is exactly 180 degrees opposite to Makan, last fall.

Of course, I do not want to do sports driving with Lexus, and I don't actually ask Lexus to do that. The moment I get on the freeway, I set my cruise control daily and I'm driving with ease.(It is extreme to compare with Lexus, but considering that, I think that BMW, per Mercedes also make a well balanced car).

Because normal driving is so,After all, when I wanted to get in on a kan ... I'm still trying to let go, but I'm still not selling my kan ...That's about it today.

8) What is Porsche for you?

I am not a Porsche believer or a Ferrari believer w Just "Performance firstOn the premise of "I have relied on Porsche, so I noticed that I got three Porches.

After all, Porsche matches my needs exactly, and I think that I will probably always keep one.

As for Porsche, I am always moved by the height of the building accuracy rather than body rigidity. Body stiffness itself is high, but Ferrari etc.Porsche is overwhelmingly high in connection stiffness such as suspensionI think. Is this the best impression you feel when you get on Porsche?

I hope that you can talk about it later in Carrera's review.

所 sense of blog administrator〙
The review of Mr. Makan's car was very helpful. The real information which is possessed only by owning which was never understood only by the test drive was crowded. What is important when choosing a carWhat do you look for in the carI think that it is to make the axis of "" clear. Whether it's brand value, sports, or everyday use ... Depending on its axis, the same car may have different ratings or feels 180 degrees different. It was a review that reminded me of the depth of choosing such a car. Thank you very much, Mr. Kuruma!


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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