Porsche Panamera 10th Anniversary-I tried to summarize the history of Panamera development

Porsche Panamera

Panamera 10th Anniversary

An article like this appeared in yesterday's "Porsche newsroom". "10 years of the Porsche Panamera: sports car, luxury saloon, hybrid pioneer". Oh ... I wonder if the Panamera will be introduced to the market for the first time in April 2009, and it will be ten years this year.

So, I would like to introduce some of the content described in this article.

As the title says, Panamera isSports car, luxury saloon, pioneer of hybridIt is worthy to be called.

The Panamera is a luxury sports car and a car with the versatility as a touring saloon. Porsche initially planned to produce 20,000 a year, but Panamera continues to exceed its expectations,Currently, more than 235,000 units are sold worldwide.

The technology cultivated in the development of the Panamera is also used to great extent in other Porsche modelsAnd so on, the Panamera has played an important role for the Porsche brand in the last decade. By the way, the current second-generation model Panamera is all manufactured at the Porsche Leipzig plant.

Oh ... I want to go to see the Leipzig factory because it's fine once.(Leipzig is more interested than Stuttgart w)

History of Panamera Development

It started from 356

In the 1950s, Porsche engineers based on 356 'Comfortable four-seater with a large door on the wheelbase with a long backDeveloped Type 530 as

I heard about Type 530 for the first time. After that, a 911-based 4-door prototype car,

The 928 variant was also developed in the 1980s.

And in 1988, PorscheType 989In a new attempt was made. It is a 4-door coupe with a V8 engine on the front and two seats in the back seat.

Unfortunately, for economic reasons, development was halted in early 1992, and 989 ended up as a prototype.

Birth of Panamera

In the 21st century, Porsche received market research and competitive analysis results.Developed 4-door hatchback saloonI decided to do it. Mr. Vendelin Wideking, who was the chairman of the Executive Committee at that time(Known for rebuilding Porsche, which was on the verge of bankruptcy since 1990, and for the decision and execution of the Volkswagen acquisition since 2005)But it was also a dream.

The specifications of the Panamera at the time wereHas excellent driving dynamics, spacious space conditions, and a typical Porsche lookIt was. By the way, the name "Panamera" is inspired by the Mexican endurance race "Carrera Panamericana".

On 19 April 2009, Panamera was unveiled to the world for the first time. At that time PorscheInvite media from around the world to a press conference on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Centerdid. "How was the important Panamera transported to the 94th floor?" Said that using dedicated equipment, it was carried upright into a cargo lift, and 60 staff worked for several hours.

The Panamera at the time was"Sporty" and "Broad Comfortable Space"In fact, the contents were full of innovation. This class is the first in its class with an idling stop function, and the top-class model Panamera Turbo has introduced an air suspension with the function to add air volume on demand and a rear spoiler that can be adjusted and expanded in multiple dimensions. The

Since then, the Panamera's line-up, such as gasoline, diesel and hybrid drive, as well as the FR and four-wheel drive, has been expanded. By the way,The first release of the Panamera had a 6-speed MT specification, but most customers chose a 7-speed PDK.That's it.(In fact, when I tried to find an MT car to buy by myself, I also checked the MT of the 970 Panamera, but it was 0 cases w)The diesel and hybrid drives were 8-speed AT.

The Executive model, which was developed mainly for Chinese customers, appeared as part of the model change in 2013. The engine became more powerful and the output boasted 570 PS. With the appearance of Panamera,Porsche has established a brand in a new market segment and has been successful in the Chinese market.

In 2011, Porsche launched the Panamera S hybrid as the first parallel full hybrid in the luxury class. Despite the 380PS output, it has become the most eco-friendly Porsche ever. Two years later, as the world's first plug-in hybrid, the Panamera SE Hybrid, with an output of 416 PS and a range of 36 km, was introduced.

Second generation Panamera

The second-generation Panamera, first released on June 28, 2016, is completely new. The wheelbase has been expanded, plus it has been developed on the same platform since 2017Sports Turismo is also borndid. Its avant-garde design and body concept have made the luxury saloon more versatile.

In fact, at the 2012 Paris Motor ShowConcept Sport TurismoWas announced, but it was the predecessor of the second-generation Panamera.

The second generation Panamera has become sporty and more elegant.The taillights, which extend the roofline backwards and are connected to the left and right, are designed to emphasize the brand identityIt became. The second-generation Panamera has chassis systems such as 3-room air suspension, rear axle steering, and PDCC Sport electro-mechanical roll stabilizer system.

The output range of the engine was consistently optimized and the output value increased. The transmission is currently an 8-speed PDK. Output spectrum is 330 PS ~.

In the second generation Panamera, Porsche incorporated hybrids in all model variations.This strategy is highly appreciated by customers, 201867% of all Panamera models shipped in Europe have hybrid driveIt seems to have adopted.

After all Panamaera is good

The other day, my husband,

"Panamera will not even think about it from next year's car inspection and so on. From the cayenne coupe braces, there is also a possibility of replacing with the Panamera ..."

I was muttering.(Not a realistic story at all, just a monologue level)

At that time I alsoI also got a lot of Panamera, and there is also a plan for that.I thought, but when I got to know about Panamera like this, I came to think again that "I still like Panamera."

Panamera, how far will it continue to evolve? I hope that we will continue to give great pleasure and excitement to the riders.

* Article image source:Porsche newsroom "10 years of the Porsche Panamera: sports car, luxury saloon, hybrid pioneer"

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  1. Gori

    Hi, Mr. Mina.

    I rude my stalking act yesterday.
    My husband, as far as I'm embarrassed, I noticed that I was stalking. . Turbo Ya! I was so happy that I was really a master. .
    I am sorry.

    The cayenne coupe is cool! ! !
    I will change with Panamera too! And I was anxious for a moment, but ..., I still like the basic appearance of Panamera.
    I want a Panamera GTS-. .

    • MinaMina


      No, I'm not out!
      It is a laughing story ^ _ ^

      If I see an unusual Porsche,
      I'm just excited and I will chase without leaving.

      Panamera, after all it is cool.

      Panamera GTS If it is bought, please tell me by all means!