Wow, BMW 320i (MT) comes to my home!


MT car search

The other day, there is a change in my heart conditionI decided to buy a used MT car myself by the end of this year (around summer)"I wrote on the blog, but since then I have come to look at the internet used car site on a daily basis.

To become a cool woman who takes control of the Porsche MT car.

I wanted to search slowly because I could spend relatively much time, and I checked Goo and car sensors every day, but a new car came out quite ...

"Used car information is not updated every day is new thing ~"When saying to my husband,

I'm afraid. Even though new used car information is coming up every day, the type of car that you care about with pinpoint does not go up every day.

It was said. Yes, that's right.

In addition, there are a lot of things that the mileage is quite large even if you think that it is "expensive!" In view of the amount of money, and that the old model is too old and the maintenance cost seems to be quite expensive. During that "This animal seems to be good with cheap travel distanceWhen I asked my husband, there was something like

The reason why this car is cheap is that I am remodeling my body, muffler and wheels.If this is normal, I think it will cost a little more in the same distance, yearly modelso. Well, if it's a play circuit or a driving purpose, remodeling is OK too.

And. "Even if you say that, you can not judge whether the car has been remodeled or normal by looking at it."

I'm writing the Remus scarf in the title,I also posted a picture of the spring of the suspension in the image to appeal the remodelingYaro. So, basically, a certified used car should have few modifications, so it is really good to look for an individual that says "certified used car".

When. Well, I'm not sure how to look.

"The model is not too old, travel distance is small, cheap, genuine, not remodeled, certified used carIf it is "", it will not come out easily, and everyone will want such a car even if it will sell soon.

Moreover"○ body color is good!"If I said something extravagant, I felt that a car that would fit my life would never come out ..."

Well, everyone is goodFind and buy the car you are looking for from such a large amount of informationIt is a thing. really amazing.

The car is high

I decided to buy a car myself and I started to check itCars cost a lot of money"I am keenly aware of that. No, it's something I've known for a long time, but I feel even more so when I actually buy it myself.

In addition, it is not the end of buying a car, but it costs a lot of money (maintenance fee) after buying it.Parking fee, gasoline fee, car tax, ETC fee, car inspection fee, repair fee if broken ...

Even if each one is a small amount of money, it will be quite a large amount of money if you stack them all.

Five and a half years ago, when I first became a motherIt is amazing how you experienced this painful pain in a dying child"I respected all the mothers of the world, but this time also"People who have cars are amazing", I became respectful to car owners in the world.

BMW 320i to my home ...

I declared that I would buy an MT car myself, and I got comments on my blog.

Isn't it better to analyze the location of your MT operation and then select the vehicle type?
When driving the PorscheShock at the time of shift change and clutch meetIf so, you will buy a sport model and practice how to return the accelerator and the sense of half clutch.
vice versa"Half clutch too long, too high speed when startingThen, if it is good practice to connect quickly without using a half clutch as much as possible in a normal car.

Itura-based manual cars are hard to stop and power is easy enough to ride. I think it is important to take a test drive many times

etc. I see, I'm going to study. "It's definitely a great opportunity,There are also times when you try on the MT car of various manufacturersIt is. "The other day, I went to the second-hand car store of BMW with a car that seemed to be good on the second-hand car information site. Husband

This individual is good at basic MT driving practice in FR, there is a torque from the bottom from the turbo and torque, it seems interesting when running in MT, plus the displacement is 2000cc, so the tax is not so high so.

It was said that I did not want to buy it at all, but I just dropped in with a light feeling "Let's look at it first" ...

I have never done it right away ((((Д Д)))))

I was really surprised at this, and I was stuck for a while after contracting. By the way, the car I ordered is this.

2014 year model BMW320i. I actually saw it, got in, and let me operate the clutch and shift lever. I would like to introduce another article about why I made this BMW.

No way, if it comes to this kind of development ... life is full of mystery (detonation)

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    What? congratulations.
    There are MT cars that are not sport models in recent BMWs in Japan. And 6 speed?

    It's not too fast, it has torque from a huge low speed, and is it really good for practice?
    There is something in common with German cars, and the size seems relatively close to Boxster.

    I look forward to the follow-up.

    • MinaMina


      That's right.
      6 speed, not a sports model 3 series!
      Anyway I will practice hard with this, and I will do my best to make it possible to debut on the Boxster ^ _ ^

  2. Gori


    Mr. Mina, I'm wondering! ! !
    It is early decision! ! !
    I am always straight and hard, and I respect the power and energy! ! !
    I'm looking forward to manual driving.
    I do not even have a manual license. .

    At the end of the Golden Week, 718 Cayman was coming. I do not feel so much.
    And of course it was decided to say goodbye to 991. .
    Incidentally, since the production limit of 992 was decided in July, it will be delivered in the fall if it is successful.

    It's confusing to turn around. .

    The 971 Panamera Turbo has just arrived at Hanshin Express, so eh! ! ! It was the same navy as Mr. Mina when I went along.
    Perhaps I think that the person who seems to be the husband of Mr. Mina was driven.
    It was a gentleman driving.
    It is because Porsche, because it is a turbo, there is an article for those who drive a gentleman. Thank you very much! ! !

    I am sorry if you are not your husband. .

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      As I will move immediately without thinking about it in the future, I often say "I'm sorry!" (Laughs)
      If BM comes, I will practice driving well and post it on my blog again ^ ^

      > At the end of the Golden Week, 718 Cayman is coming. I do not feel so much.
      > And of course it was decided to say goodbye to 991. .
      > At the same time, the production limit of 992 was decided in July, so hopefully it will be delivered in the fall.

      Oh 718 Cayman! Good!
      Personally, I thought Cayman was the easiest and most fun to drive.

      The production quota for 992 was also decided!
      I look forward to it ^ ^
      By all means, once delivered, I would like to join you in Saori!

      > The 971 Panamera Turbo has just arrived at Hanshin Express, so eh! ! ! It was the same navy as Mr. Mina when I went along.

      After confirming with the husband who came home a while ago ... it was definitely a husband (laughs)

      "Somewhat, the Benz C-Class is not withdrawing, nor is it a feeling, and I feel like I run in parallel all the time, I thought it was something.
      It's nice to run quietly today without the boost button. "
      Said w

      I will keep in mind a ladies and gentlemen driving from now on (laughs)!

  3. Follow

    You bought a good car.
    As the previous car was BM, it is friendly.
    BM has a feeling like a gentleman's car.
    But it is a pleasure to run through. It is said that it was jealous that covered sheep's skin.
    Please show us your achievements by all means.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > The BM feels like a gentleman's car.

      Certainly, BMW has an image with goods.
      Whether you can bring out the power of the car and enjoy the joy of running through it,
      (Laughs) I will do my best MT practice because it depends on my arm!

      In addition, I would be glad if you could see the results of the practice in Sakai.