Volkswagen has been repairing the flaws of the golf-impression of the substitute car Toyota Aqua

Volkswagen Golf

Wounds with golf

A few months ago, to my home volkswagen golf,Scratches like rubbed with concreteI found it. The damaged part is the left front of the car.

I was not aware at all, so with twitter, "What kind of wound can I guess with it?"I asked for an opinion,

・ Is it a charge device of a toll parking lot?
・ May I have a bicycle?
・ There is a flaw in this place of golf 7 in my home. I confessed that my wife rubbed on the curb block.
・ If you look closely, you will be worried that the scratches are deep and not straight. It feels like you've been hit by something rather than running your own car.
・ If block

I received a comment. Certainly, it's blocky, I think ... although my husband and I had no heart,Recently, I often get on golfSo there is a high possibility that I had been guilty somewhere.

In fact, recently II'm sorry more than beforeI feel. The other day, I went shopping at the supermarket on my way home from my eldest daughter's kindergarten,I left my kindergarten bag in the supermarket cart and forgot to come back.Furthermore, it was not until night when I realized that there was no bag! I went to the supermarket before the store closed.

Moreover, this is not done once or twice, but several times.

There are many such things from the usual, so I think that I have probably got scratch of golf.

Just to fix the wound,It's too hard to repair yourselfSo I decided to get it repaired at a nearby gas station. That's why at the gas station that I asked for a hand wash on the other day(Because work and service were good)I decided to ask for a repair of the wound.

Car, Toyota Aqua

When we brought in golf in the morning, it was decided that we would be able to lend a substitute car during that time because repairs were completed in the evening. I thought it was "Prius" and when I approached, it was aqua w

Seen from behind, it looks a lot like Prius.

However, this type of Aqua seems to be slightly sporty by the fact that the height is 45 mm lower than Prius.The design is more textured than I imaginedwas.

What I felt when I tried riding Aqua for the first time in my lifeIt is very easy to use if it is exclusively for neighborhood use". The first time you start running with the engine,Feeling a bit uneasy because the rigidity is low and the steering wheel is light and there is a lot of play on the accelerator and brakesBut when I got used to it I could run without any problems.

Because it is compact, it can be parked in any parking lot, and it has been run smoothly without any problems as it usually does not want to passAnd because it is a hybrid, it has good fuel efficiency.Such an expression may not be good but "What to do if you hit it"And"Gasoline costs ...I thought it would be good to feel free to ride without worrying.

However, after all, I never felt "the pleasure of running".It doesn't feel like "I want to drive anywhere" like golf or Porsche(It is wrong to compare itself ...)I was prepared as a substitute car, but I bought only to the supermarket of the neighborhood and the pick-up of the kindergarten.

Price of repair of golf wounds

And in the evening, I was informed that the repair of the wound was over, and I went to take golf only saying "I'm waiting!". What happened to the wound of the heart ...

It's amazing ... it's gone so beautifully ... it's still a good thing for professionals. Also, because I was also doing a car wash during this time, golf came back with an overall shiny impression.

Repair cost of the wound is 26000 yen including tax. My husband is "I thought it was higher, but I did it at a more conscientious price than I thoughtIt was said. Now that I'm getting better, I think I will be more careful than ever before.

Next, let's ask for a Panamera hand wash car wash here.

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  1. Follow

    It is good to use Japanese cars properly with TPO. My shopping cart is Daihatsu Tanto!
    It is light 4 but it is a wonderful car. It is difficult to say what, but it is a car that really does not need to do anything.
    I think such cars can only be made in Japan. The car is wide, especially with low taxes! !

    The drawback is that when I go a little further to Osaka city, I get a nap at high speed on the way.
    I feel relieved because I do not feel pounding with Boxster. . . .

    • MinaMina

      > My shopping cart is Daihatsu Tanto!
      That's right! Daihatsu Tanto has never got a ride,
      Certainly, the inside of the car is wide, the tax is cheap, and the body is compact.
      It is quite attractive in Japan.

      > The difficulty is that when I go a little further to Osaka city, I get a nap at high speed on the way.
      > I feel relieved because I do not feel pounding with Boxster. . . .

      Certainly (lol) Boxster is always thrilling because there is no escape point (lol)