I asked my husband why I took the Master Course of Porsche Track Experience (PTE).

Living with Porsche

Porsche Truck Experience

My husband is a driving school by Porsche to be held at Fuji Speedway this weekend,"Porsche Track Experience (PTE)"Take the Master course at GT3. By the way, if you look at the Porsche Japan website, there are currently seven courses available. That is the following.

Level 1 Biginner Warm Up
Level 2 Elementary Precision
Level 3 Intermediate Performance
Level 4 High Intermediate g-Force Precision
Level 5 Pre Advanced g-Force Performance
Level 6 Advanced Master
Level 7 Very Advanced Fast Track

* Source:Porsche Japan "Porsche Truck Experience"

From 2020, in addition to the above 7 levels, a new level 8 to 10 program will be added. Since my husband became a Porsche owner a few years ago,Starting with Level 1 Warm Up, this time taking Level 6 Master courseIt is progressing with the flow.

By the way, I'm taking a WarmUP + half-day program in conjunction with the Porsche event, and going to take a Level 2 Precision next November.

Improve driving skills

My husband does not usually go to circuit races, nor is he aiming for a racer separately,Why do I get a Level 6 Master?I thought… and asked about the reason.

When running on a circuit at a driving event,Many people drive without basicsI felt that.Of course, including myself.At first glance, those who are running aggressively are not so good at time.
But when I watched the F1 race long ago,Top class racers were driving insanely smoothI was shocked. In particular, Schumacher's running was clearly different from the other amateurs. It ’s really smooth with the corners. so,For smooth driving, it is necessary to have a solid foundation.When I bought a Porsche, I decided to take a Porsche driving school.
I ran the circuit in Performance, but I'm looking forward to learning Master and more seriously.


So that's it…. I"But why don't you go to the race but why do you want to get there?"When asked,

I want to be able to drive purely and wellNo. I want to be able to run fast without putting any load on the car. I want to be able to run smoothly and quickly without having to make a "steep" rather than a sudden handle sudden brake. If you can do that, you will be able to run on the circuit faster than it is now, and you will be able to run cleanly and fast on your usual road.


When asked further, "Oh, so what happens then? What's ahead of the driving? (-_-)"

When driving is good, run and feel good. Also, I can drive friendly to cars. after,I want to do everything I canNo. I want to go up if I do it. On the other hand, if you are not interested, don't let go.

When. So that's it. No, my husband did that kind of personality (laughs)

On the other hand, I'm not going to master it so much, but I will follow the Master course as a companion, so I would definitely like to see what kind of program it is. However, it ’s rain forecast this time too… (-_-)

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  1. Utsunomiya

    It ’s good, I agree.
    Knowing the behavior of the car up to the limit and running on the circuit are directly linked to safe driving on ordinary roads.
    This makes driving easier for both cars and passengers, and also helps prevent accidents.
    I will do my best every day until the license is returned.
    I am looking forward to the report.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I'm already laughing because you said the same thing as my husband (laughs)

      I think, "Why don't you run so much on the circuit, so you go to learn so much !?"
      That's not the case.

      I will follow up with the PTE report ^^
      (Maybe heavy rain ...)