2 years after delivery. Panamera (971) breakdown and malfunction summary

Porsche Panamera

Panamera, malfunction

The 971 Panamera Turbo has already exceeded 25,000km. The other day, two years have passed since the car was delivered, but at this opportunity I decided to summarize problems and malfunctions related to Panamera. ... but there was no breakdown and there were no serious problems ... w

1. PSM failure, maintenance required

Immediately after delivery, I traveled back and forth to Fuji Speedway for running-in, but the return road was quite heavy. When I was running on the highway during the heavy rain, suddenly, "PSM failure Maintenance required Please drive carefullyError message.

At that time, I was driving with cruise control (ACC), but this was also canceled automatically, and I couldn't operate the cruise control anyway.

After that, Panamera was stopped at a nearby PA, the engine was turned off, and the engine was turned on again. As a result, the error display disappeared, and it was possible to drive normally as if nothing had happened, and to return home safely. I had a dealer look at me later.May have caused a malfunction in heavy rainIt was.

By the way, after that, this error message has never been issued.

2. Gasoline filler opening / closing lid

When I went to the gas station for the first time after delivery,I was very surprised at how difficult it was to open the lid of the filler port.The 971 Panamera is a type that opens by pushing the refueling port, but if you press it, it's hard so that the spring does not work ... I can't figure out what to say, but it's hard and hard to open anyway.

In my case, I strongly pressed the back of my hand against the edge of the lid of the filler port,I was pushing it open as if I had a heart massage.However, even in the capacity of the gas station "How do you open this?Some people asked me.

Regarding the difficulty of opening the lid of this filler port,Fixed a problem with the filler lid"I was told by the maintenance, and after that, it was able to be opened without any problems.

3. Sport chrono clock time

One day, when I got on Panamera and looked at the sport chrono watch, the time was very strange.

“23:52”… Why is n’t it (-_-)

"No, no, no matter what you think, it's daytime". For this, the system "Date and timeFrom the part, it was possible to fix it immediately by pressing the automatic time synchronization.

Nonetheless, I don't know why such a mislabeling was made, but since then there have been no such problems.

4. Tire puncture

This isn't a malfunction of Panamera itself, it's just a punk, but I've punctured twice so far. The first tire was punctured one year after delivery, and the second tire was punctured right in May of this year.

In both cases, the nails were pierced but not serious, so it was okay to repair the dealer only, but so far I will be puncturing once a year w

Symptoms when starting the engine

This is what my husband felt, a symptom that did not occur when I started the engine.The engine stalls when the engine startsIt seems that there were two or three events. The following error appears to be the same as when I tried to start the motorcycle engine and it did not work.

Panamera failure display Panamera failure display

However, once the main switch is turned off and the engine is started again, the engine starts as if nothing had happened, and the error disappears. My husband says "If you start the engine while the door is open and the seat is moving, it tends to be"It will not be reproduced at all after that."

As for this matter, it was seen at the time of two-year inspection.Normally, the error history remains on the computer, but the old error history has disappeared due to a large number of normal startups.“So, the cause was not identified.

Porsche, Panamera

For the past two years, there have been minor problems but no noticeable problems, and my home Panamera has been running smoothly. In the meantime, I made many round trips to the Fuji Speedway, ran through the winding, ran on the heavy rain highway, ran on the circuit, and participated in the Porsche truck experience and experienced full acceleration full brake,Although I am running in quite harsh conditions, Panamera has no breakdown and is running better than beforeI think so.

No, after all Panamera is a car.


"Porsche came to my house" caretaker, mother of three children. Until a few years ago, I was not interested in cars at all, but when my husband bought a Porsche, I learned how wonderful Porsche is ...


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  1. euukie

    I really sympathized with the error message during the heavy rain.
    I am riding a Macan, but error messages are often displayed during heavy rain and the following day. It is displayed for a moment and disappears immediately, but because it is in full view, it is not calm inside
    Still, I think I'm overworked every day, but it's a cute car because it moves well.

    • MinaMina


      The same thing happens with Macan ...!
      As you said, even if you think it ’s okay, that error message is pretty scary (laughs)
      When I came out, I was very impatient about what to do when it became out of control.

      With Macan, it ’s easy and comfortable to ride, so it ’s very comfortable,
      It seems that the mileage will grow as much as you can (laughs)