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The other day, when my husband was talking to people he knew through his car hobby, it seemed to be such a conversation.

Cars (excluding financial problems) are more difficult and troublesome to sell than to buy.


Of course, when buying a new car, I am worried about which manufacturer, what model, what grade, what kind of specification, and when buying a used car, the specifications I want I often mess around with used car sales sites for months, butIt seems that they have to make more difficult choices when selling.

Because even if you have a car you want next time,I know it's a shame to let go of the car I have, and I regret it if I sell it, so I come to the conclusion that I can not sell it and I have to increase the number of cars.From the body.

Not only cars, but people with hobbies such as watches and bags also have that feeling. The people who like it areWhen I buy it, I'm worried about the trouble, so I buy it, so it's difficult to let goMaybe.

Most of the time, I have the personality that one piece is enough, and basically I keep using one bag and wallet all the time, and when it becomes worn out, I buy a new one, but when I think about it, I don't have to be particular about buying it. You may not be obsessed with letting go or throwing it away.

About letting go of your car

To her husband,

It's a luxury story that it's harder to sell, but it's certainly at home now911GT3 Touring, 981 Boxster GTS, 911 (964C2)As for, I feel like I will regret it if I let go of everything. Personally, I definitely want the 981 Boxster GTS to be sold and not to sell it, and that sound is no longer available with the latest Porsche.

My husband said,

Sorrowful. It's very difficult to sell any car. Among them,After all, I can't let go of the 981 Boxster GTS until the end.
It's not about being able to buy economically or not.The worries of buying a car and the worries of selling are essentially differentI think.
I'm worried about what I should do when I buy it, what kind of specifications I should buy, but when it's time to sell, is it time to sell now? Will you sell this and regret it in the future? Is the next model better than this? And think about the "future."
In particular, Porsche may become a popular car model in the future and it will become a famous car, so I think carefully. I think it's a lot like buying or selling a stock.

He said.

There are various ways of thinking, but I think that there is always a scenery that you can only see when you go to that world. Even so, it's around this time that I think that the hobby of cars really has a lot of bogs.

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  1. Morokan

    Basically, I can always buy models and models that are updated (model change), so I do not worry about letting go.
    On the other hand, if we sell models that cannot be manufactured according to the current standards due to safety issues and exhaust gas regulation issues, we are prepared to never get one again. I hear that overseas buyers are aiming for Japan. In fact, if they buy it, they will never return to Japan.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment.

      > I can always buy models and models that are updated (model change), so I do not worry about letting go.
      Certainly, it is more likely that you will not be able to buy the model like the "last XX" that has appeared so far than future cars,
      It takes a lot of courage to let go.

      I hear that air-cooled Porsche etc. in good condition have been bought abroad considerably so far,
      It makes me think a lot.