Porsche 911 GT 3, Ferrari, Lamborghini gathered @ Ash Yu Drive way


Sunday morning of Ashi have driveway

You know well if you live in Keihansin and who likes cars"Ashi Driveway". Every Sunday morning around 8 o'clock, the observation deck is full with sports cars and super cars, and everyone is spending time to think about car interaction and driving each other's cars. By the way, our house is located 15 minutes by car to the Ashi Drive Way, so my husband often walks(Evening on weekdays)I am going to run Ashi Driveway and I often go there on Saturday and Sunday morning.

On the other hand ... I lived in this area for 6 years now but I have only been to the Sunday morning gatherings of Ashi Driveway, I have only been able to finish driving practice the other day, the other day I have been trying to practice Boxter (MT) I have played the second participation.

Super car gathering

On this day, my husband 's friends were supposed to gather at the Ashido Observatory at 11 o'clock in the morning. As we and couples practiced Boxter, we arrived at the site at 9:30 am to keep going home earlier, everyone was gathering except one.

A car-loving morning is quick.

The car that I gathered this time, first"Ferrari California".

The owner seems to have purchased this california the other day in the other day, but for a while"Car owned by Mr. Aku Yasushi of AKB producer"A lot It is amazing.

And, the form is beautiful"Ferrari 488 Spider".

Then,"Lamborghini Urakan".

Urakan owner seems to transfer to Ferrari soon, this time it seems that this was the last Ashi run. When I heard about such stories on the observation platform somehow,I became ashamed of myself who went through the whole body UNIQLO ...(-_-)(You can use UNIQLO as much as you can!)

In the end, at my house"Porsche Boxster GTS"It is.

981 Boxster GTS

Test drive Ferrari

after that"Let's drive each other's car till you have one more car"It will be said that my husband will drive"Ferrari California"I decided to let me take over at the front passenger seat.

The bright red decoration is brilliant. At any rate, "I do not know where the super car is, what the button is for a moment", so I thought that it seemed to be a bit of a rush to get used to it. That's why I took off from the parking lot and headed for the pass.

Looking at the rearview mirror, the figure of Ferrari 488 Spider is.

It is a luxurious view.

And what surprised me about this "Ferrari California" is sounds. I changed mufflers to external goods, so I was surprised throughout the whole explosion. My husband"Oh, I see ..." "Not as good as Porsche"I was driving while talking to himself.

After having gotten for about 10 minutes and returned to the observatory, as soon as everyone knows that I am writing a blog"How was your wife,?"I was asked for impression. However, I was surprised at the beginning of the explosion, I sprang up this sort of thing.


... The sound was amazing!

It sounded like a "birth of a cow" っ ぱ (゚ A ゚)!




Everyone is a gentleman"Well, I have never heard the voice when the cattle gives birth, but ... maybe it may be so ..."Although it was said, air was flowing for a while for a while (- _ -)

To empathize the sound of a human car's car to the birth of a cow, I'm really sorry that my vocabulary is too much ... I wonder what the actual voice of birth of a cow is(I have never heard of it)

The GT3 you are looking for arrives

While I was doing it, the last one arrived at the arrival observatory.My husband's best wishes, Porsche GT 3(991.1)It is!

My husband started driving immediately, and I was asked to take a passenger seat,From the moment you step on the accelerator, your husband's tension is at its peak.It's been a long time since I went through a series of "Wow!" And I saw my husband being excited to such a degree for the first time in a long time. So, I would like to introduce my husband 's GT 3 test drive review on a blog later.

After that, while going to the Rokko Garden Terrace and eating lunch, everyone talked about car consultation. Everyone's view of life, work view, thoughts about car ... different from each other, but the root part is common"This way of thinking and attitude is important for living abundantly in life."That is what I learned.

I hope the daughters will be able to learn a lot from their children, if they are a little bigger, let's meet with you as well. It was really rich time.

That's why ... I met you for the first time at Ashi's last meeting and I am university college student who does not have a sense of photos and car love "AitanWell, this time I happened to be at the Ashida Observation Deck, and later sent me a nice picture. Thank you!

The picture is very beautiful. I think that sense is really good. If you would like to take a picture of a favorite car, once on Twitter "AitanWhy do not you contact us (laugh)

I would like to take part in the third bulletin of Ashigami.

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