【Porsche owner's file # 5】 718 Boxster (MT) purchase · option · running reviews

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". In the fifth bullet, we will send purchase, option and running reviews of "718 Boxster (MT)" from "Ishi B".

〘Owner information〙
· Car introducing this time: 718 Boxster (982) MT
· Penn name: Ishi B
· Past car career: No car when I lived in Tokyo. After returning to local after that,
Second-hand Corolla(When I am not interested in car at all)→ Used Lexus IS 250(When I was interested in a car for a while)→ The first new car Boxster GTS (981) PDK → Used 718 Boxster (982) MT, Boxster Spyder (981) + FIAT 500 c (1.2 MT parallel import) All the right steering wheel including current car is.
· A word to readers: Porsche may be ridiculed as option commercial law, but even without options there is a great car made.

1) History of purchase

- Rental car borrowed in Okinawa triggered it

Originally I was not interested in the car at all,I was hooked on the car after driving Boxster, a rental car borrowed from cold in Okinawa where I traveled.Although I have not experienced MT at all since the school, it is a precious sports car, so I'm going to be bearishSelect PDK of Boxster GTS (981).
If you choose MT here, you regret to say that three units saved money without connecting Boxster, but on the other hand, I told myself that I was able to experience various Boxsters (haha)

- Although PDK is wonderful, it is also boring ...

Boxster GTS (981) was a car with no complaints at all. As for PDK, "Normal mode when you want to run at ease, "Sports and sports plus when you want to run crispy"By choosing a driving mode such as, you can run according to your emotions at that time. In addition, the PDK senses the momentum to step on the accelerator in any mode, and it will shift down to the appropriate gear, so you can accelerate as you want.

However, since I experienced MT at FIAT 500c purchased for commuting,Boxster's PDK is too good to feel a bit boringIt began.

If you are a driver who has been experiencing MT for a long time, I think that I feel freshness in controlling the PDK, but in my case I felt freshness for a long time since my school since my school"Boxster also wants to change to MT"The feeling that it became stronger day by day.

One day I began to search used cars "Boxster", "MT" repeatedly (laugh), I found 718 Boxster MT on a test drive impression movie of a certain famous imported car second hand dealer and decided to transfer.

2) Option / specification

- Almost Soffin's 718

The 718 I bought was an almost spinning specification with no options other than sports chrono. So,From the viewpoint of "Compared with 981 GTS full of options packed up" before thatI would like to write my thoughts.

"Even so, why is the former owner able to buy with such a clean and no option setting ... What kind of person is it?", I think that it is one of the pleasures of purchasing secondhand cars to imagine such a thing .

① sheet

〘981〙Genuine leather adaptive sports seat plus full of options(Seat heater, seat ventilation, adaptive sports seat plus with 18 way electric adjustment)
〘718〙Standard Alcantara sheet

■ Sheet heater runs out
Even in the open running in winter, I was not at all troubled. By adjusting the orientation of the air conditioner so that it flows strongly under the feet, we were able to ensure sufficient warmth.

■ Sheet ventilation disappeared
981 Boxster 's seat was dark colored real leather. Therefore, when you park in the scorching sun during the summer drive, the surface temperature of the seat becomes quite hot in a short time. So turning the ventilation on turned the seat cool and comfortable in a few minutes.
Personally, ventilation was more than than seat heateris. Although it is an impression that the ventilation disappeared, actually 718 got delivered in autumn and I did not understand because I let go of it in the spring without experiencing the summer.

■ It became Alcantara from real leather
Genuine leather is slippery, but since Alcantara produces moderate friction with clothes, there was nothing to be troubled by slipping the butt in the seat while driving. In the case of real leather, I think that a deep sports seat plus of side support is effective as a slip countermeasure,I think the Alcantara has enough depth at the standard seat.

■ 18way electromotive adjustment to 2 way electric adjustment became
When it was 981, 18 electric adjustment was attached, but in fact there were a lot of adjustment switches that I rarely use. In order to prevent back pain, I think that it is sufficient if we can adjust the angle of the back seat and the front and rear of the seat position properly.

② Suspension

〘981〙PASM(Porsche Active Suspension Management System)There
〘718〙No PASM

■ Impression that PASM disappeared
981 Boxster turned on PASM, but I am insensitive,Switching on 989 PASM on and off did not feel much different.As there was no PASM on 718 and the wheel was up inch to 20 inches, I was worried that "the ride comfort would be hard"Riding comfort when riding a test was better than I expected and there was nothing to feel unpleasant thrust up through the period of possession.I think 911 when buying a new car in the future, probably PASM in the case of Boxster will not choose.

③ Head light

〘981〙PDLS(Porsche Dynamic Light System)With plus
〘718〙No PDLS

■ Impressions that PDLS Plus is gone
981 has attached PDSL Plus. The direction of the headlight changed according to the steering angle of the steering wheel, the function to automatically switch the high beam low beam by sensing the car in front was convenient, but it became 718, there is not much trouble without it did.It is the most effective safety measure not to skip overnight more than necessary, and standard headlight is enoughwas.

3) Background to delivery

Since it is a used car, it was less than a month from the first visit ~ test drive to car delivery.

Early September 2017 Order
Initial delivery in October 2017

4) Taking possession and feel 718 Boxster performance

① Engine

Four-cylinder turbocharging, downsizing up to 2 liters is an engine of pros and cons, but at first there was no negative impression. Compared to the previous 6-cylinder NA, the bass is coarse with bass, but I thought it was rather a masculine young character.

Even though the exhaust volume became small, you can enjoy enough power and acceleration feeling also with the benefits of the turbo, just after switching"You are faster than 981 GTS?"And even thought.Regarding turbo lags, "Do you feel a little taste after stepping on the accelerator?"was. In the case of depression from 2000 rpm or less, when I was depressing the accelerator with keeping over 2000 rpm, I did not know the turbo lag.

Even if it reached the speed which had been loosening accelerator due to tension and fear in 981, 718 seems to be able to continue stepping on the accelerator very little nervously. Does that means that the body is stable?

② Transmission: From PDK to MT

"From PDK to MT" is the maximum purpose of transferwas. I heard rumors that "Porsche's clutch is heavy", but I did not care much. It took quite a while to put the shift lever in the back gear, but I got used to it.
It was necessary to care little about the engine stall at the time of departure, although it stalled quite frequently about 1 week after actually delivering cars,Even if you stall the engine will automatically restart if you step on the clutch so you will not be impatient so muchwas.

There was no way I could enjoy the feeling of directly operating the car than that.

Shift shock does not get hungry if you think that it is due to yourself who is bad in rotation adjustment, and if you use auto-blipping which becomes effective in sports mode, since it will automatically adjust the rotation, it will not shock and smoothly close to PDK Anomalies are possible.

"The way forward to the pass is in normal mode, while traveling with a certain sense of shift shock", "When you get tired on the way back, shift shocks will hit the tired body, so dare to enter the sports mode and leisurely(Originally I want to run at ease)I was doing that well.

③ Handling

I was able to feel obvious progress compared to 981 GTS for amateur me. When I ran the familiar pass road for the first time at 718,"I was able to run on the line I wanted on the rail even more than before."I still remember that. Both 981 GTS and 718 are optional PTV(Porsche Torque Vectorling)I think that it is evolution of pure chassis because it was nothing.

④ Fuel economy

Despite being downsized to a 2.0 liter turbo compared with 3.4 liter NA's 981 GTS, there was not much difference in impression. Is there at least a difference of 1 km in the Ritter?
In addition, although the fuel economy of the 7-speed PDK of 981 GTS changed considerably at the highway and the pass,In the 6-speed MT of 718, the difference in fuel efficiency between expressway and pass road was smallis. Originally I am not concerned about fuel consumption so much, so it is not an accurate figure,Whether it was about 11 km / L combined highway and pass roadI think.

⑤ ride comfort, glue taste

Despite the condition that I wrote as an option, the ride feeling was good despite the condition of no PASM, standard seat, tire up to 20 inches. At least it is too hard and you can not ride long distances,Even if I take about 500 km a day at the weekendwas.

⑥ Favorite points

■ Yellow body and Carrera Classic Wheel
Yellow is a color that you choose first if it is a new car,When you own it, it is unexpectedly elegant color and cool, and you want to own it againis. Also, if you are running a highway lane, you will notice more thanks to being more visible than white (lol), but there is an impression that it was easier to get the lane more than you did before.
However, since I do not like to eat stepping stones, I never do things like stuffing the distance between the cars.

■ Carrera Classic Design Wheel
Another thing I liked,Design of the wheel Carrera Classicis. The straight spokes were simple, I liked the area which was thin from the periphery towards the center with an exquisite balance. If you buy on the next new car, I would like to make the wheel Carrera Classic again.

⑦ Resale

718 When I let go of Boxter MTI was surprised to hear that "purchase price is higher for PDK than MT"Did. In terms of scarcity, I thought MT would be highly appreciated, but it was explained that it is because the option price is set for PDK than MT at the time of purchasing a new car. Maybe because it is 718 MT which is still available for purchase with a new car, it may be a different evaluation on MT before 981 or before 991.1 which can not be purchased already, but depending on the type of car MT is not always good resale it seems like. Still I will choose MT for now (laugh)

5) If you purchase a Porsche from now on options you want absolutely (or attached)

In the case of sports cars such as 911 and Boxster, I'm thinking of enjoying the body near Suppin without any options as much as possible. If it turns on, is it about sports chrono and back camera?

6) Parts to worry about

It is a 781 Boxster I praised so far, but in the end I decided to transfer in about seven months.

① Stress at the time of departure or getting caught in traffic jam due to the absence of low speed torque

718 Boxster was able to maneuver the car at will with agility which does not seem to be 2 liters while keeping over 2000 rpm and running. However, the stress that has to be concerned about the engine stall continued for a long time. It may be because I am bad at MT operation,Since I had seen a review that "718 base grade MT is easy to stall"I think that it is not just my skill(Including aspirations haha).

② Satisfactory to engine sound and muffler sound of 4-cylinder turbo

718 engine sound and muffler sound originally caught favorably. Although it is good in itself that bass is coarse and bass with bass of a 4-cylinder turbo"The change in tone color is poor even if the number of revolutions is increased by stepping on the accelerator"I gradually felt unsatisfactory to me.

So, after adding the sport exhaust finisherAbout "I felt that the muffler sound was getting a bit bad"So, I could not feel so much change.

You hear it when you turn off the accelerator(Parapara?)Even dry plosive sounds,Compared to 981 GTS considerably discreetSo the effect of 718 Sports Exhaust was quite disappointing. From now on I became more aware of the next transfer.

I will not deny the sound of a 4-cylinder turbo all the time. However, I seemed to have been pursuing the sound of 6 cylinder NA which I was impressed with the first 981 GTS somewhere. It took me a while to let go of 981 and noticed it. There are things that you can understand for the first time after losing not only cars ...

7) Overall rating

Experience the high degree of perfection of 718 Boxster with few options"How porsche car construction is serious and reliable"I was able to realize that I was acquainted with that.

There is a merit that the engine with smaller exhaust volume is reasonable enough to rotate the engine, but it is slightly tight if the low speed range is MT when it comes to 2 liters. I think that it is MT skills, PDK, mental power, etc. that supplements that ... are people. Since sound is a matter of preference,718 Boxster is 100 points car at more than 2000 turns.

所 The impression of manager Mina〙
I got information from Mr. Ishi B. I wanted 718 Boxster (laugh) Our Boxster was also bought by Mr. Ishi B in 981 Boxster GTS(Although it is MT)Although the option is quite satisfactory, the Porsche is made to satisfy the driver even if it is close to the state of prime. There are lots of review of the 718 motor magazines, the opinion of those who actually possessed is still very helpful. Mr. Ishi B, thank you very much!

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