Porsche GT 3 (911.1) test drive review

Ashi Drive way

Finally, I was able to get on the GT 3

The other day's "Ashio Sunday morning gathering"I was very excited about having my husband test drive,"Porsche 911 GT 3 (911.1)".

I asked my husband in a calm state that GT 3's impression later, so I would like to introduce its contents today.

GT 3 test drive review

① Start

Before riding, I had the image of "It is difficult to drive because the accelerator pedal is heavier than the car to bring to the circuit", but according to her husband,

The GT 3 I got this time is a PDK without creep, but I started running with a throbbing beyond thinking that I would fuel the accelerator gently. It closely resembles the feeling of running on an accelerator pedal by MT car. I felt a sense of incompatibility at all as a person who normally rides on MT.

He said. This time we only test-ridden with Ashi for a short time, so I do not know the usability and riding comfort in the city"I never feel at least running and feeling uncomfortable."It was that.

② Handling

While driving a GT 3 with her husband"What is this! It is completely different from the car I got on before!"The line was repeatedly spoken. later"What's so different?"I heard that,

Handling is precisely indefinite. And it was terribly stable. With stepping on the accelerator, I just got through one and two corners in normal mode, so I immediately understood that. I sharped the McLaren 650S I was riding ahead with exactly unequaled handling, but that is not the case.

Wow ~. "Although it is not exact, but what is different from McLaren" What is it?"McLaren feels like running asphalt as infinitely barefoot as possible, but the GT 3 feels like running like a super lightweight high-performance sneaker."When.

Is that the image wearing long-established footwear manufacturer's running shoes that appeared in the TBS drama "Rikuo" that was popular last year?(It is hard to understand). Continuing her husband,

I compared the McLaren as close to barefoot as there is nothing between the tires and the driver and it seems to be running straight away. Roll is also unlimitedly small, and of course the condition of the road surface is easy to understand. It is easy to control, but that makes me get tired and comfortable riding comfortably, but does not it slip suddenly? I do not need to worry. Perhaps it is easier to say that it is a feeling close to go-kart.
One GT 3,The latest sneakers that fit perfectly on the feet. Easy to run in the first place, while comfortable, through the high-performance sole of the shoes, feelings of the road surface, how the load is applied, whether there is room or not, feel that such feeling very well.

When. "This is probably the gift of Porsche's engineering.I felt like the car said "I can still run more." I think that there are not many cars that can run such a corner in such a reliable and reliable manner. "And that. By the way, it seems that Boxster feels a bit more wearing thick sneakers in the sole (laugh)

③PDK SPORT button

When you press "PDK SPORT" at hand, when you press the brake before the corner, you will be able to downshift at exquisite timing.
"This was really smart, as I mistakenly perceived the camera as having a corner, it was downshifted at the best timing."He said.

With this, it seems that the paddle shift was as smart as thinking that it would not have to be the worst. Actually, my husband was in manual operation at the paddle during the test ride, but since the AT mode of "PDK SPORT" was more interesting, the majority were running in this mode.

④ Engine

Needless to say, the engine is sharp and powerful.'981 I am fun to compare with 3.4 L of Boxster GTS, but I did a few steps over torque and power, of course. "He said.

The rising speed of the needle of the tachometer at the time of setting up the corner at the 2nd gear is obviously different. In Boxter, the needle of the tachometer went up without stagnation even in a scene that felt somewhat accelerating.

When. As expected it is GT3.

⑤ Engine sound

Regarding the engine sound, I also felt that I was on the front passenger seat as "Do not sound good" from the beginning. My husband,

I wonder if the engine sound is hard sound. I can express well, but,I got a sound harder than BoxsterI 981 The sound of Boxster GTS is playing slowly, but GT 3 feels like shouting "Khan!" It sounded like a sound that the more short pipe instruments play.(Well, my husband does not know about orchestra and musical instruments at all b).

He said. "I did not say anything when shifting up and down, I felt comfortable.Plus Kiki recorded the blip tone when PDK gets connected with the guts and did as much as I wanted to hear!" Please do as you like (lol)

Also, well written for reviews and test rides"The engine sound and various noises directly enter the room in the GT 3"About matter.

Certainly it is noisy than normal 911, but since I usually run the roof open with a Boxster, I feel that the engine sound and noise directly enter the ear. SoRegarding GT 3, I do not feel any unpleasant feeling, but rather I feel fresh in the comfort of the closed bodyI did it.

And that.

It seems that it felt that Boxster seemed bigger by the amount to hear the engine sound at the driver's seat. Although there is a difference between "open body" and "closed body"981 The size of the sound of Boxster GTS is quite large in the Porsche lineupSo, he said, "I think the backfire sound, especially when I release the accelerator, is clearly greater than GT3."

Certainly ... More recently I feel that the engine sound of Boxster became bigger than before. I wonder if the muffler got a nice feeling.

⑥ Riding comfort

Regarding the ride, neither myself nor husband who was in the passenger seat suffered at all, and never felt uncomfortable due to shaking or pushing up while running winding.(I do not know the comfort in the city, though)

Originally, since I like to touring long throughout Japan, the GT 3 was out of consideration for purchase due to anxiety about ride comfort and comfort, but I thought that this would be acceptable at all.

"My husband said.

"I thought that the GT 3 is likely to come with the guts at the big input when exceeding the large unevenness, but rather I thought that it is easier for the Boxster to pick up the vibrations of the Bockster at a small input such as a small asperity on the road surface."

GT 3 reviews

Test drive was only winding, so we have not been able to review it in detail so much, but the real intention is "Is there such a fun car yet?" Although it was solid in all aspects, it was stable and safe to run.
There are other vehicles with more violent power than the GT 3 and handling like razors, but there are not many cars offering even a "sense of security" that the human senses in the five senses. Because of this, I think that GT 3 gives the driver without spoiling its pleasure.
By the way I heard that the GT 3 of 991.2 got even better, so I'd like to ride that as well.

It was that. That's it, GT 3 (991.1) test drive review.

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  1. cara

    Good morning

    Your master's report was fun to read.
    In impressions with much essence in a short time
    I was surprised. You truly love cars

    "Still more, I can run more!"

    This feeling is terrible in the GT 3.
    I wrote somewhere,
    You will not allow me to play in a good way.
    Of course it depends on the driver's feelings
    When I also embark on it
    Go ahead!
    I feel like I'm tired of GT3.
    This is another high performance car
    Especially when it comes to Italian car etc.
    It is quite tolerant.

    Both of them are fun
    GT3 is just a high-performance sneaker

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      Always thank you ^ ^

      > I wrote somewhere, but I will not allow play in a good way. Of course it depends on the driver's feelings, but if I also get on it, go ahead! I feel like I'm tired of GT3.

      It seems exactly so. It seems that drivers and cars have become teams, in a good way they will run away,
      That's why he said that he was very interesting.

      I thought Panamera, Cayenne and Boxster were also very good cars,
      GT 3 is even more amazing ... I realized the depth of Porsche.