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Watches and cars

On the Instagram"People carrying pictures with watches and handles of cars"I often see something.(↓ Image diagram)

* Image Source:http://blog.livedoor.jp/itsoku/archives/51795198.html

People who like cars often seem to have commitment to watches as well. I am not familiar with watches(Or rather basically it is too close to brand name and recent trend)But I do not want to wear such a wristwatch for men riding a Porsche, but somehow there is some image, so I would like to write about that today.

How about everyone in the world?

Incidentally"Watch your Porsche"When I looked it up on the net, I was surprised that there are quite a few people who write related articles. For example ...

Speaking of Porsche, "Steam McQueen starring" Le Mans of Glory "is why McQueen is" TAG Heuer's Monaco "on the right in the movie,

* Porsche Beginner's Page

If it is a super car or a luxury car, it is said that "TAG Heuer" "Zenith" is cool,

* What is a wrist watch that suits a super car? What?

There was also an article that "Porsche and Rolex fit well."

* Which luxury car best suits Rolex?

Also, IWC had previously manufactured Porsche Design watches ....

Certainly I feel like IWC and Porsche match the atmosphere somewhat.

* ChronoMaster.com

What is your favorite watch for your husband?

By the way, my husband is not one who is strongly committed to watches, but there are some favorite things, they roughly(Roughly rough)It seems to distinguish it.

① Hot day is HUBLOT (Hublot)

My husband has purchased it about 4 years agoHUBLOT Classic Fusion.

In hot weather, the wrist also sweats when driving, so it seems that this rubber belt like Hublot is better than the leather belt. I bought Hublot four years ago, there are fewer people who still have Hublot around now"Let's purchase what Hublot is like"It seemed to be because it thought. However, as it was as simple design as possible, I heard that he chose classic fusion.

② In cold weatherGrand Seiko

My husband likes Grand Seiko, but leather bands get dirty as they sweat, so they seem to be able to put on sweat only seasons. By the way,GRAND SEIKO SPRING DRIVE GMT SBGE 033 LIMITED EDITION.

My husband,"There are other watches that I think is nice looking, but I get the best when putting on. The brand I like best is Grand Seiko."He said that.

③ Porche watch for the touring

Whenever I go to the touring, I always turn on the watch of the Porsche Drivers Selection. Not to show it to anyone else,It's quartz so time is accurate. Besides, because it is Porsche (lol)Also, even if you forgot somewhere in the worst, because it is not that expensive, it gives up.(It will not be shabby on the day you forget the real clock)

④ Grand Seiko of the memento

My husband was born in a house to do business for generations. This watch is a timepiece of a large uncle who succeeded in the city of Kobe, who started business by himself without inheriting family business,Grand Seiko made in 71 years.When I received it, I was scared and scratched and I left it for a long time because it did not move properly, but I never got the meaning to Grand Seiko's "Complete Service" and it was revived about four years ago."This watch that has survived the high growth period in the city of Kobe feels like having something.""My husband says. So it seems to be attached only during the best negotiations and presentations.

Well ... when I was told that I was watching it carefully, I saw something like a clock (lol)

In those watches, my husband said that Grand Seiko is the most favorite,"But it is often told that Grand Seiko goes well with Lexus or resembles Lexus, is not it?"I asked him, "I am wrong!" I've argued w

Grand Seiko and Lexus are said to be very similar, but I think they are totally different. It is similar in terms of high quality Japan brand,Grand Seiko cuts down the waste and is a solid product that emphasizes performance as a watch.Products made with continuous "subtraction" to remove unnecessary decorations and functions other than those required for watches. It is a clock like a Japanese sword.(What kind of watch is a clock like a Japanese sword ... explosion)
Meanwhile, in addition to the function as a car, Lexus is a product made with "addition" expressing "hospitality" with all comfortable equipment and latest functions considered at that time. So, which is not a good bad,Grand Seiko and Lexus think the product concept is totally different.

He was stressed.

I thought on my eyes

So,"What kind of watch do you want men riding a Porsche to wear?"I thought about it for a while, but it looks like this as a point.

① Functional emphasis as a clock

Porsche manufacturer,"Manufacturer that values ​​performance as a car more than flashy on appearance"I think that the fashion brand watch does not fit. Instead, pursuing the essential performance and functions of the watch, it seems to be good to emphasize.

② What you can see right now

It is similar to the above reason, but it is not something I do not know instantaneously,I will fulfill the original role as a watch saying "What time is it now"I feel that one looks better. Therefore, it is good that the dial is easy to see.

③ Design with playfulness that is not too simple

Porsche thinks that "practicality" and "enjoyment of running" are both compatible manufacturers, so it is good at what I understand now, while the performance is good, on the other hand, it makes me excited that I get excited when I turn on it, . SoIt is not too simple, it seems better to have a design with some playfulness.

... Well, which brand's clock is applicable to this condition (-_-)? What?

It is surprisingly difficult to think, and there are various models in the brand, but I do not know that much ...(Then why did you think about watches in the first place mystery w), I decided just by image, below.

1st place: IWC

* Image Source:DMR

Second place: Grand Seiko

* Image Source:BESSHO watch

3rd place: TAG Heuer

For TAG Heuer, this model name was "Carrera" (lol)

By the way, I got married to my husband before I got marriedCartier watchesThere is, however,

I am a person who is not good at watches and accessories, it is heavy to put on, I do not like the metal touching the skin so much, so I can not wear a watch, necklace, bracelets from everyday(Recently I forget to even pierce)I like basics because it is natural and easy to turn on.

Well watch is the person's preference,"What kind of clock in the design match Porsche?"It was a conclusion that it would be OK if the person himself wearing liked it as well.

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  1. shimoyannjp

    Hello Mina. It is Mimo shimoyannjp.

    PORSCHE and a watch, it is a nice theme ne ~ (^ ^). I am trying to wear a CHOPARD watch when riding PORSCHE. CHOPARD is also a sponsor of PORSCHE's racing team. Recently I've been wearing the Super Fast Chrono Porsche 919 edition and enjoying the drive.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. shimoyannjp
      Hello, thank you always ^ ^
      Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It's amazing!

      I have a hat when I got it at the time of WEC with Chopard's logo (laugh)
      The real clock ... I envy it ...

      Chopard was an image of a clock in which jewels were interspersed,
      "Super fast Chrono Porsche 919 edition" I see it now it's cool and it fits Porsche!
      Color usage and band are also cool.

      My husband also said, "When I saw it at the WEC's lounge, I did not see it properly, but when I look at it for the moment, I was wearing a clock well suited to Porsche, I will go to the shop next time! But if it is limited, is not there any longer? .

      No, the clock is deep inside!

  2. How to support life

    Good evening Mina, sir.
    When I received Pane-chan (Panerai's whereabouts laugh) that happened to be overhauled today,
    As I wrote an article on the clock I got a comment.

    Is No. 1 the IWC again? I also like it. I love Portugiese about 15 years ago
    Anyway dial face is simple and easy to see big! There are goods and it is calm
    It is outstanding. Frank Muller is also good. . It is not suitable for cars though.
    Because it is Crazy Hours, I do not know what time it is in a moment!
    But Frank Muller is pretty in color (beautiful or finished).

    The most commonly used one is Hoyer. The face of Mika Hakkinen model
    It is a red one. I bought it for a while and thought that it was a failure, it is not used much
    It has become a favorite now about 10 years or more.
    It makes me feel pop.
    There are about 20 high cheap places, but no, it costs maintenance.
    It looks like a car. LOL

    • MinaMina

      How to support life

      Long time no see ^ ^
      IWC Portuguese is really cool. It seems to get tired even if you use it all the time.

      > There are about 20 high cheap, but no, it costs maintenance.
      It is like a car. LOL

      Great! It means that you can turn on a different clock almost every day of your working day in one month! ! ! !
      While watching the lineup of how my husband supports my life, I was lucky to mess up with "Yeah, I understand! Eh ~ I chose Yeah - !!!" (laugh)
      Certainly, overhaul and the like are definitely the same as cars with maintenance costs (laugh)

      Panamera is about to be delivered soon! What? I'm happy if you can tell me more variously ^ ^

  3. Wind slope

    Mina, I'm always looking forward to it.

    After all it is IWC! I am riding a Porsche, but My Watch is IWC Pilot Watch Mark 16 Japan Limited!

    Because it is very sweaty, choices will become less as it becomes a stainless steel band. . Actually I would like a yacht club of Porto Kisee or a leather band, but ... I am giving up (sad)

    IWC has collaborated with Mercedes on the AMG line!

    There is also a collaboration model from the past in Injenia (Magnetic shield type), and recently it has collaborated with AMG even in the 150th anniversary model.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind
      Thank you!

      My Watch is IWC Pilot Watch Mark 16 Japan Limited!
      I saw it on the net now, but it is wonderful in an atmosphere that fits great Porsche!

      > In reality, I would like a yacht club of Portokiese or a leather band, but ... I am giving up (sad)
      My husband seems to be interested, and as a result of searching, there seems to be some rubber bands too!
      My husband is also sweating, so he said, "If there is a rubber band, this is awfully so let's go to the shop!"

      > There is also a collaboration model from the past in Injenia (magnetic shield type), and recently it has collaborated with AMG even in the 150th anniversary model.
      That's right! The relationship between the watch and the car is really deep ~ I also try to investigate ^ ^ Thank you very much!