【Porsche owner's file # 4】 911GT3 purchase · option · mileage review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The fourth bullet will send purchase, option, traveling review of '997.2GT3' from 'Oka' resident "cara".

〘Owner information〙
· My car: 997.2 GT 3 (MY 2010)
· Pen name: cara
· Residential area / Residence: Osaka
· Family organization: 5 people
· Past car's itinerary: Maserati 3200 GT (MY 2000) → Porsche 911 Carrera S (997 previous term) (MY 2005) → Porsche original Cayenne S (MY 2006) → 958.2 Cayenne turbo (MY 2016) → Abarth 599 competizione (MY 2014) → Ferrari 488 spider MY 2018)
· A word to readers
Porsche trains the triplet of running, turning and stopping in any model range at an extremely high dimension, but I think that GT 3 is given the pleasure of taking it to the elevation and being able to maneuver at will .

1) History of purchase

911 Carrera S I happened to see it at Daydale

As a car that can be ridden with peace of mind with five families, the first generation 955 Cayenne S(MY 2006, ordering in September 2005 → delivery in April 2006)I bought a dealer to purchase. At that time, 911 Carrera S for the expected order placed by chance came to my eyes.
Until then"Porsche without decoration and ruggedness is a car on which race lovers ride"Because I thought, Porsche was not very interested.

But the 911 Carrera we saw at that time,Optional snakes, interior decoration natural blue leather, not a Tiptronic but a manual transmissionwas. I have been interested in manual transmission since the school but I never owned it. As I saw that 911, I could not suppress the feeling "I want it!" ... I consulted with my wife and decided to purchase two Cayenne and 911 Carrera S at the same time on the spot.

The trigger for purchasing 911 GT 3

Naturally, 911 Carrera S was delivered earlier than 955 Cayenne S (MY 2006) which ordered, but as we continue to drive 911 of Silver exterior peculiar to Porsche, it is completely in the charm of 911 Carrera I was taken possession.
so,A car that can move like his own limbs has never experienced any other test car.Since then, desire for further driving came up, we decided to purchase GT3.

2) Option / specification

At the time of purchasing GT 3, the basic policy was not to attach any options.For example, with regard to the sports chrono package, since the watch is mounted on the dashboard, the response to the accelerator opening degree does not change at all.

■ Body color (exterior): Black metallic (wife stamped)
■ Interior (Interior): Black (Standard)
■ Foldable carbon bucket seat
(Since the roll cage was selected, the sheet became nonflammable material)
■ 5-point seatbelts with in-car digestive tractor
(In the case of street it becomes natural leather and a 5-point seat belt and car digestive tract are not included)
■ Clear Look Tail Lamp

3) Background to delivery

- 997 Because it did not even show the latter term type first, temporary reservation

When telling the dealer the intention of purchasing GT 3, since it was not even in the late model of 997 yet, it became a form to tentatively book 997.2 GT 3. I think that it was about a year later that I was able to place an order.
At that time it was in the form of digesting the allocation in the order, so the reservation was completed without knowing the option in the summer of last year. Those who are fine as they are, although the order was completed at the time of booking,Since I was GT 3 for the first time, I waited for the option announcement and ordered it after selecting the option around autumn.
The car was delivered in April of the following year. Currently I heard that lot will be chosen for many applicants. The one chosen for lottery has the right to order.

流れ Flow from order placement to car delivery
April 2008 provisional reservation
April 2009 Booking
September 2009 option selection complete
Delivery in April 2010

4) Performance of 911 GT 3 to feel when you own it

① Handling

Although there are aero etc., although the appearance of the car is basically the same as normal 911, it is understood that when riding it is a completely different ride.
Although 997.2 GT 3 introduces electronic control (PSM) which was not found in 996 generations, it will faithfully execute the driver's intention.Safety-oriented look-ahead control in the 911 carrera system is at an extremely high level.

Therefore, it is possible to manipulate "at will" literally, and the speed and accuracy of the accelerator and handling response, the little play of good meaning is not the ratio of 911 Carrera. If it expresses extremely, it is a sense that "it turns at right angles in the high speed range". To put it another way, if you want to ride normally, the 911 carrera is easier than ever.
GT 3 may be seriously bad, but even if all safety control is cut, I think that it will be okay because it seems to intervene eventually in the unlikely event.

② Engine

The engine of GT 3 is totally different from the 911 carrera system.It is a GT 3 dedicated engine with GT 1 crankcase.Also the power was perfect as the displacement was boosted from 3.6 l to 3.8 l from this generation. Because of the engine layout of RR, rear grip is good, but downforce in high speed area is necessary so we were able to feel that the rear wing was enlarged.

③ brake

Originally it is the best Porsche in terms of braking power, but the level goes up further when it comes to GT 3.In those days it was rumored that the problem of braking power at the beginning of riding and rainy weather was still dangerous, so dare PCCB(Porsche ceramic carbon brake)Although it did not select, the two-piece structure hat type brake rotor was very excellent.

People riding in the 997.1 type PCCB also said that the two-piece hat type brake rotor is easier to control. There is no heat sag due to the two-piece structure, and no matter how many times control from high speed goes out, there is no problem at all.

④ Engine sound

As it is a horizontally opposed engine, the engine sound is quite large, whether it is a good sound or not, but I think it is quite adult compared to Lamborghini and Ferrari.

⑤ One handful feeling

Although it is larger than the old 911, it is that weight with that size, so if you get used to it you can run like a limb, is not it the greatest charm of this car?It is called "human horse together" sense, but it is exactly right.Three races of running, turning, stopping are achieved in high dimensions and will reflect driver skills spectacularly.

⑥ Fuel economy

Is not fuel economy about 5 - 8 km / l? However, it is rarely used in town driving, and I have never driven fuel-efficient driving so far. However, I have never got on the circuit, the main use is touring with a friend or driving alone.

⑦ Low car height

Because the front lip spoiler is low, I am careful at convenience stores and gas stations, but it does not matter if I get used to it. If you need it you can attach a lifter.

⑧ Everyday use

Although it is possible to use GT3 on a daily basis, some people are actually being used everyday, but I think that the 911 carrera system can be treated more easily with everyday use if it is the center of everyday use.GT 3 is a car that does not allow play in any way in any way.Riding comfort is also not good, and neither my wife nor the children ride with it. I choose GT 3 if it is said that you can choose only one.

5) If you purchase a Porsche from now on options you want absolutely (or attached)

Manual transmission

Finally at 991.2, the manual transmission has revived. PDK is more aware of the fact that gear change is fast and accurate,Because I want to taste the sense of horserum unity, if I purchase it with 992 type, I will choose the manual transmission without hesitation.

There was a time when the 997.1 Carrera S that was on before went over to put it in the first speed after stopping. It was the same even after replacing the short stroke kit for a while, and at that time it was a habit to put it in the first gear after putting it in second gear. I think that it was made by Aisin.

The mission of GT 3 is quite different. Even though it is very short, it enters Scosco, and in other words it is sucked in. This is one of the reasons I can not give up because it is very fun.Even if I go to Osaka from Osaka to Ise in Mie prefecture on a day trip, I have not had any problems for me(Although I was told that "BMW's clutch is lighter" who I am with both GT 3 and BMW M 3, I was acquainted). Rather, it is hard to take the timing if it is too light, I think that the weight is exactly like that.

Shifting from the time of new cars was not astonishing anywhere and it was easy. By the way my wife was on board, but I did not say that it was heavy, but rather from 997.1 it said that clutches and shifts became easier to do.Is Porsche traditional legend? At the time of departure, I did not raise the rotation of the accelerator, I joined the clutch well and started stepping on the accelerator but this was also very easy.


I think that GT 3 is sufficient, but PCCB(Porsche ceramic carbon brake)I may be able to wear it because it got better.

Roll cage

Recently GT3 owner seems to have mostly street specifications and a model of noisy (911R and GT3 touring package w), but I will definitely choose the next roll cage.

6) Parts to worry about

Because the air conditioner radiator is smaller than the 911 carrera,The effectiveness of the air conditioner is not good in the summer.AlsoIn congestion etc. engine oil temperature will immediately start over 120 ℃.But, I think these are incompatible places.

7) Overall rating

911 Knowing the identity of Carrera

911 Carrera which is also a synonym of Porsche. Although the model range has become quite wide now, its identity does not change to 2 + 2 of the RR engine layout either. It is a truly versatile superior car that runs from town driving to long distance drive, sports driving and circuit. Although the habit of RR layout still remained, it has gradually overcome and it is no longer a car that picks up a rider. Everyone who has a license has 911 Carrera that can have the satisfaction and safety that is ecstatic and also has enough ability for those who want to run old-fashioned runs is.

About GT3

Porsche basically trains the triple races of running, turning, stopping in any model range in the same way. Moreover, it is a discipline in extremely high dimension.
Further itGT 3 is given the pleasure that you can take to the higher heights and maneuver as you wishI think.

8) bonus

About 996GT3

Although the model range called RS has been lost since 996 generations, 996 GT 3 appeared under the core fans. I think that it will be understood if you investigate a little, but it is a car of Curecchire. This car assuming sports driving is a car that can minimize safety equipment and reduce weight and gain the driver's intention. It is now 996 GT 3 that has entered the class of old cars, but some fans still gaining high popularity even now.

9) What is Porsche for you?

For me Porsche is like a "family".

At the moment, at least one car is a car you want to own. Of course, including a car that a family can ride, it is strongly strongly protected, and you can drive safely.
New Cayenne also comes out, and its behavior continues to evolve more and more. It is a manufacturer car I would like to own from now on.

所 The impression of manager Mina〙
Although I got on GT 3 (991.1) for the first time the other day the other day, I felt it was a wonderful car that I could feel the Porsche feeling better than any Porsche I got on, better comfortable ride than I expected (passenger seat) . To manually drive the GT 3, both cara and his wife are too cool. cara, thank you for providing us this time!

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  1. Ishi B

    Mr. cara, please.

    I was interested in the inner garage in the photo under review and made a comment.
    I'm building a garage right now, but I'm studying what to do with flooring and lighting.
    I would like to tile the flooring material like a showroom, but when I use it on a daily basis, I feel that the good look of the tile will be wasted unless the tire scratches and dirt from the mud are to be cleaned dirty, then, to some extent I also think that it should be made into concrete on the premise of being dirty.

    As you see the picture, cara's tile floor seems to be kept very beautifully, but still need cleaning cleanly?
    I would be pleased if you could tell me what part of the flooring material was sticking to, and what I thought you should have done after completion.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you! I am building a garage! ! It is amazing! Jealous!
      It is wonderful that typhoons and rain winds will not hurt cars, and that I can realize my own space ... It is wonderful!

      As I confirmed with cara,
      "I will reply to the comment section, so I would like to reply properly, so would you please give me a little time?"

      I think that you can post here, please wait for a while ^ ^
      Thank you!

  2. cara

    Ms. Ishi B
    Nice to meet you I'm sorry to reply late.
    First of all it was a tile story, so I inadvertently forgot the size
    I write after going home and checking.
    First of all, the size of the tile of our inner garage is 30 cm square.
    As a result, I think that it was good, although it has become this size.
    Initially it is used for maintenance rooms in showrooms and dealers
    I also thought of painting on concrete.
    Until now, old cars, especially Italian cars leak oils and various things quite frequently ww
    So it is a translation I searched for materials that will not soak it.
    As the old garage before the construction was concrete, it was quite dirty.
    I think that it was not so expensive in terms of cost,
    When I ask the front dealer's front which I knew well
    On rainy days there is a danger of slipping when waterdrops are on the back of the shoes
    I gave up because the regular maintenance is necessary.

    Next, I went to a tile dealer such as ADVAN.
    Tile loading capacity is stated
    There are not many things that were presupposed to put a car
    Disadvantages of large format tiles are cracks. The garage never
    Because it is not perfectly flat, the surface is bigger by daily use
    It becomes easy to break.
    After all, it is easy to make gentle faces and also good grip
    I looked for a non-slippery tile.
    It is also connected with an external approach, but color and texture
    I chose a similar thing so I do not understand it at all.

    The goodness of a tile is difficult to scrape like concrete.
    So it's fine sand-like concrete scrap in the garage
    not at all. I do not clean the inside of the garage.
    I do not clean anything when I take this picture.
    Sometimes you get lost along with the car, such as many dead leaves
    Here is a dedicated vacuum cleaner (it is an ordinary house vacuum cleaner ww)
    It is about cleaning, but it is at most once every 4 to 6 months.
    Occasionally something like stone gravel comes about the tire
    I do not mind at all.

    I longed for the inner garage
    I did not want to be perfect only in my own space.
    Anyone can go to that space and do another thing
    I wanted you to be there.

    Fortunately unfortunate our house is for a little elevated land
    Inner garage is underground treatment,
    The front has an approach and leads to the road.

    Get off at the basement with an elevator
    Open the glass door from there and get on the car
    Open the shutter
    I wanted to do this.

    Because I was half underground I used a lot of cares for dew condensation countermeasures.
    Condensation in the summer is more problematic in the underground.
    RC facing the ground is always a constant temperature,
    Condensation will be formed when hot and humid air in summer comes in.
    So it's almost a garage that gets buried in the ground
    Outside insulation with polystyrene foam from waterproof coating top
    Polystyrene foam from the inside to the interior part of the basement
    As a countermeasure against dew condensation inside
    If condensation occurs, find a product that makes a layer to flow out
    We established a drainage channel. All these are in the pit in the parking lot
    It is a mechanism to flow.

    The most difficult thing was the gradient.
    Because our house is a type 1 low-rise residential area, it is only allowed up to 2 stories
    For anything in order to make it underground
    Inverse gradient is required.
    In addition, because GT 3 is rather low lip spoiler
    I used a lot of mind. I do not know when to ride
    I do not have any cars any lower than I can ride on public road vehicles
    This made the tile craftsman cry.
    While making the full-size 2D model with a plate and checking over and over again
    It was truly I was fortunate to make it.
    Thanks to that, now without having to go down from any angle
    I can freely move in and out.
    Although I own a car with a front lifter,
    I think that it is troublesome to do it whenever I park at home.

    I can afford it spatially, but if I do so far
    I wonder if I could make another one
    Given the balance with the house three more in the outside gate garage
    Since one can be stopped for guest use it can not say any more luxury

    If it is not in a special environment called semi-underground like our house
    I do not need worry about dew condensation, so I am sorry that more sentences will be added.
    Rather, ventilation will be given priority
    If you can spend the engine long in the garage
    I think that ventilation should be considered diagonally on entry and exit.
    The displacement should be considered according to the parking lot.
    If our house opens the underground glass door
    High horsepower air conditioner is installed.

    I thought that the line should get off the center of the car.
    Four sensor lights
    When you want to make it even brighter there are 4 more LEDs in total.
    I thought about the lights on the walls and floor, but it became gaudy
    I stopped because I can not see the beautiful rest of my heart.

    In addition, waterproof outlet is attached to 4 corners + right and left center.
    It is useful anything such as batteries to prevent lifting.

    I wanted to introduce the over-slider shutter by all means
    I gave up on the issue of the height of the underground,
    It is now somewhat slower so now it does not matter anymore
    I was able to match with the shutter of the external garage
    I think that this was better.
    I am sorry for sentences that are very long and difficult to read.

    If you have anything else please ask questions anytime
    Oh I borrowed the comment field of MINA and ww
    MINA-san is good?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. cara
      So much more ... Thank you!
      Yes, of course it is OK to use this comment field, if you prefer direct interaction, I will connect, please do not hesitate to say ^ ^
      Thank you!

  3. Ishi B

    Mr. cara

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    The background of tile selection, it is very helpful.
    I'd like a 60 cm square tile as you would see in the showroom, but there are many disadvantages when considering maintainability.
    I heard that large tiles are easy to break, but it was a blind spot that we needed to consider the gradient.
    Also, if you think calmly, the frequency of in and out of cars is quite different in showrooms and garages.

    It is saved with very valuable information that it is finished like a photograph even in 30 cm square, and that cleaning can be done at once in a few months at once.
    Tile maker called Advan I was sham for the first time I knew. It is necessary to decide whether to make the thickness of the tile 10 mm or use a thicker thing, but for parking lot mostly it is 14 mm or more. I thought it would be OK if I was 10 mm, but I thought I would review this again.

    We will also refer to the number of lightings.

    My environment is a garage on the first floor of the wooden building, but we enjoyed pains of struggling stories unique to semi-underground concrete as reading material.
    Thank you for valuable information about useless to keep it in the comments field. I will ask you a question when I get lost again.

    Thank you in the future.

  4. Ishi B


    Thank you for contacting cara. It was saved because I got a very helpful garage review.
    It is not just a car storage place, but I am worrying about various things while thinking how to make it in my favorite space. That is also fun, though.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Ishi B
      Thank you! Someday, I'd like to interview cara's garage, and I would like to post an interview article on my blog.
      My husband is now searching for a land for garage construction, so I'm happy if I can exchange various information again.
      Continue to thank you.