Porsche finally announces the new Panamera GTS!

Porsche Panamera

New Panamera GTS!

Porsche today,"Panamera GTS" and "Panamera GTS Sports Turismo"We announced two new models.

So, I quickly summarized the points from the press article on October 16 today.

Point ① Equipped with 4 liter V8 turbo engine

GTS such as 911 is positioned as "GTS tuned S or 4 S""In the case of Panamera's GTS, we will traditionally install a turbo V8 engine"There is a custom that it follows the same custom this time.

In this new Panamera GTS model,A 4 liter V8 engine with an output of 338 kW (460 hp) and a maximum torque of 620 NmIs mounted. In addition, it can taste more emotional sound and driving experience by interlocking with the standard sports exhaust system.

Point ② Further improving driving performance

Panamera GTS and Panamera GTS Sports Turismo 0-100 km / h acceleration is 4.1 seconds(Sports Chrono standard equipment)It is far superior to the performance of the conventional model. With respect to the maximum speed of the two models, Panamera GTS reaches 292 km / h, Panamera GTS Sports Turismo reaches 289 km / h.

The transmission adopts a double clutch type mission 8-speed PDK. The 4WD system is an electronically controlled PTM(Porsche Traction Management)The sporty and direct running is adopted. Also,PASM sports chassis with car height 10 mm lowerare doing.

Point ③ more sporty design and exterior

As with previous GTS model packages, in addition to black finished headlamps, in this new model, the front end and the lower part of the rear also became black specifications, the color of the black element became darker. With that,It is finished in a sports design package that emphasizes sporty appearance.

The rear wing also follows the turbo's one that develops in two stages. The front blinkers also follow the Porsche turbo model and become two lines. So the number of collar chairs is the same as the turbo.In addition, the 20-inch Panamera design wheel is equipped as standard on the GTS model.

Point ④ Interior of Alcantara tone

The new Panamera GTS,Sports design package with Alcantara tone interior as standard equipment. Also, the steering wheel is a multifunctional sports steering wheel with gear shift paddle and Alcantara trim.

Optionally, you can make interior decorated with carmine red and crayon two-tone, you can customize various parts of the design part, such as attaching GTS logo.

As of today, the release timing and price have not been announced yet, but I would like to continue to focus on the news trends of Panamera GTS in the future.

* Article · Image Source:New GTS models: two athletes join the Porsche Panamera family

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  1. 1551

    I am always looking forward to the article!
    971 GTS It was at last! I want to get it someday.
    970 When I switched from S of the first half to GTS of the previous term also, various parts were too different and it was a shock.
    I thought at that time that it was a delicious snack, this is panamera.
    By the way, I think that the GTS of 970 last term was NA of 4.8 liter V8. It should be the same in the second half.
    Turboization is a flow of the world.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. 1551
      Always thank you for seeing the blog!
      970 GTS! Feathers are superb!
      There is one GTS running in the neighborhood, but every time I see it, I can be regarded as "cool ~."

      > I thought at that time that it was a delicious biscuit, this is panamera.
      It is totally different from ordinary Panamera. I also want to ride NA Panamera GTS, once!
      Porsche says "I do not feel turbo feeling", but after all I think that if you ride NA, you feel that it is totally different.

      Please let me know if you purchase 971 GTS (laugh)!