One year from delivery of Porsche Panamera! I summarized what I liked, what I didn't like, and my impressions.

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What day is October 12?

Last October 12, at my housePanamera TurboIt came. It is still 1 year ... I feel like I passed for about 3 more years. Regarding mileage etc., it is as follows.

振 Looking back over the year
· Mileage: 13749 km
· Replenish oil: 1 time
· Oil change: 3 times(Initial inspection, 6500 km point, 1 year inspection)
· Punk: 1 time(Because it is a mild puncture, it was fixed by inspection at one year, so there is no tire change)
· Breakdown: Especially, there were no major breakdowns,When I was driving a highway on a heavy rainy day, "PSM failure" indicationCame out. However, there was no particular problem as I got a dealer's view

So today, I have wanted to write what I feel now one year has passed since Panamera Turbo delivery. First of all, from her husband 's point of view.

Husband's evaluation: I like it (+)

① just "hardenable"

When slowly flowing through the city, a high-end sports sedan, once with a sports plus, the air suspension is very low and the engine response is at its best.The mood is exactly GT 3.It is the best to run up the winding while saying PDK to Pashun, Pashin.

Porsche 971 Panamera Turbo

② Overwhelming stability at high speed

There are cars that feel easy if you simply run straight, there may be people who feel that there is better,Panamera is rich in information transmitted as a sense of grounding of the tire, so there is less sense of unease.Even curves of expressway etc. are stabilized and nothing happens. Warp in one step from any speed range, I never feel stress at all. around here,Panamera is awesome and amazing.

③ Good turnability with rear axle steering

I usually do not feel the benefit so much when I am on the street or when running at high speed regularly,Effectiveness is great at parking and winding etc. where tight corner continues.Next time you buy a Porsche, it's one of the options you want to give.

④ Moderately heavy feeling

From 970 Panamera of the previous generation, 971 Panamera has increased overall lightness overall. Although,Compared with 4S etc., the Panamera turbo feels that he has left a moderately heavy feeling stronger.But that does not mean I do not feel like running "heavy run" or "hard to drive". I think it is an exquisite balance.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo

Husband's evaluation: Anxious point (-)

① The shift response of the PDK is slow in the low and medium speed range (there is time)

I also thought about use as a luxury sedan, I often think that it is important to smoothness of speed change rather than emphasis on response, probably imagining that such tuning is daringly done to avoid vulgar shift shock .

Because of that,The shift shock is hardly felt in any situation and the comfort is high. However, as it is a Porsche, even more responsive emphasis is neededI think.

② The seat of the front seat is somewhat compacted

The seat of Panamera in our house is a turbo standard comfort seat (14 way electric seat with memory function)In the case that the cushion of the seat part may have thickness or softness a bit moreI think. Sometimes my butt hurts, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable. However, this is largely due to your body shape and preference, so it is only for your information.

971 Porsche Panamera seat

③ Tire pressure problem of comfort press of Japan specification

Tire air pressure of comfort press of Japan specification only corresponds to 160 km / h.Comfort pressure of domestic specification corresponds to air pressure up to 270 km / h, but comfort pressure of Japan specification is air pressure up to 160 km / h.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo Wheel

This can not be changed by setting, Japanese usersHigh extreme choice of "High set value of standard pressure (F 3.1 bar / R2.8 bar)" or "Low setting value of comfort pressure (F 2.3 / R 2. 3) up to 160 km / h" Be forced.Moreover, if it exceeds 160 km / h at comfort pressure,Sound and warning sound on the instrument panelSo surprised, it is unnecessarily dangerous. However, if the air pressure is lowered with the set value of the standard pressure as it is, a warning of insufficient air pressure is given.

Here is the part that Porsche Japan needs somehow to manage. We strongly urge you to update the improvement. that's all.

... It is my husband's opinion. "If I told you exactly so far, I do not need my view of an amateur ... (-_-)" It is a touch of feeling, but since it's a big deal, I also wrote my view on the female perspective.

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