In order for Porsche to continue its "brand value" from now on.

Porsche Boxter

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The other day, I received such comments from blog readers.

I always read it pleasantly every day. If you read your blog everyday, you want to buy Panamera, it is currently under consideration for purchase! Options etc. It is very helpful!

Ooooooo! Thank you! Actually, every time I receive these comments, I have something to think about. that is,

"Where you want to buy and you can buy it is amazing (¯ ー ¯)"

That. Everyone is amazing ~ I have to work hard! It is.

Maintaining the Porsche brand

Well today, I thought about the "Porsche brand" again. this"Brand value of Porsche"I have heard this story before.

In order to maintain the brand value "Porsche", the former Porsche"Only 99 units will be built for 100 requests"I have taken the stance of. Of course we mass-produce, but because of the limited number, not everyone can get it even though I want it. That is why the value of the price, the status is maintained, and the brand value also rises.

When. On the other hand, around 1993 Porsche caught a crisis, with annual sales of only 10,000 to 12,000."Cayenne" that first came out as a Porsche SUV that saved that corner.Cayenne is a car that combines "hobby" and "practicality"The biggest hits in Porsche's history. And with the advent of Cayenne, the base of the Porsche customer base expanded widely.

Now, news such as "Porsche's record high earnings" and "Update of the highest sales volume worldwide" are continuing, and Porsche seems to be putting power on development and improvement of 911, but if Porsche is pure sports If you keep making cars only, it may not have been like this now.

Because it has changed in accordance with the flow of the times, there is a present Porsche.

But on the other hand"Porsche is not a thing anyone can ride but a valuable car that can be people's dreams and goals"I think that I want you to keep the part that has not changed so far.

A dream from her husband's primary school days

My husband likes Porsche, both of themselves and others, but I've heard about what the origin of Porsche love is. Then the husband said this way.

By the time I was in elementary school, "Dad is a news casterThe drama is pretty much popular. In that drama, look at the Porsche on which the protagonist Masakazu Tamura plays Ryutaro Mirror (Kagami Ryutarou) rides"Wow ~ this car, yeah ya ~"I thought. That was the chance.

Wow ... that drama, there is a memory that I saw in some reruns.

"Ah, that was a really bubbly drama, did that Porsche do 911 or something?"And,

At that time I did not understand something, but later I learned that it was "928". I thought that it was cool rather than ~, so at that time(Meaning of father in Banshu dialect)Into"Ooh, it's not Honda, let's get on Porsche!"And Yuniya. Then I remember saying, "You do not have that stupid thing, Porsche goes well with Tamura Masakazu ~ haha."

When. The drama triggered interest in Porsche, and then watching Boxster announced at overseas motor show"I want to ride a Porsche one day"It seems that it began to embrace the dream of.

On the way, I got to like motorbikes and there were also times when I was riding a motorcycle, but when I became a social worker"I want to ride a Porsche someday" is a dream "buy a Porsche surely in the future"It was a strong goal.

I was not able to buy a Boxster by the salary at the time, so I ordered all the magazines with articles on Porsche and arranged it on my bookshelf at home"It feels as though he had already acquired Porsche"It is said that he was spending his days conscious of.

Midstream"It's impossible for me to buy a Porsche,"Although I also gave up, I worked hard as hard as I intended for the initial goal.

About three years ago that such husband had realized the dream of decades past. I bought it also often appears on this blog981 Boxster GTS (MT)It is. It took about a year from order to delivery.

981 Boxster GTS

I was present at the moment of delivering cars,I still remember the excitement of her husband and the impressed expression when I first got into my Boxster and dealt with the engine.(But I was impatient at the time of dealer exit but w w)

Also, I was kept waiting for one year from ordering, so I was scolded(W)Although Boxster showed outstanding performance far beyond that despite the expectation degree of this place being able to rise to the highest value, if it says the husband's excitement condition at that time, that's it already ... (lol)

And then I thought.

For her husband Porsche is not just a "car" but "life itself".

at the same time"Porsche making people's life richer is so amazing, I do not know the details, but Porsche looks like a ridiculous car."So, Porsche began to be interested in it, and it was my goal to buy Porsche myself myself.(I want a red Talga ~, even though I do not like the Carrera 4, or it changes every day w)

How about you ...

Continuing the company is not an easy thing, much less a continuation of management with the Porsche brand, history, tradition on the back, is not a common thing.

But since Porsche is not a car that everyone can ride, it can be the goal of many people's lives. It is worth to get it and the experience of excitement when you get it turns that person's life into a richer one.

Hopefully Porsche will continue to be a Porsche.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning.
    I am moved to Mina's blog! Thank you!

    Porsche was the best goal in starting work.
    It is like I started my current job to get on Porsche.
    I do not know much about Porsche like my husband and I am not good at driving, and it is one million years earlier for me to talk about Porsche. .
    One of the great involvements in my life is Porsche, and I am vigorously motivating my work to keep this Porsche from now on.

    I own 911, but for me who have small children, I want Panamera which I can enjoy with family! ! !

    I am looking forward to my blog in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > Porsche was the best goal in starting work.
      It seems that I started my current work to ride a Porsche.

      That's right! So it's amazing to actually buy a Porsche!

      > I do not know much about Porsche like my husband, and driving is not good ,,,, It is one million years earlier that I talk about Porsche. .
      No no no no humility ...! Lol
      But Porsche is a wonderful existence that really enrichs life.
      I will do my best to update my blog in the future, thank you ^ ^