【Porsche owner's file # 3】 Boxster Black Edition purchase · Driving performance · option · PDK review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The third bullet is about "Boxster Black Edition" from Osaka prefecture residing "Mr. Boku 981".

〘Owner information〙
· My car: 981 Boxter Black Edition (PDK)
· Pen name: Boku ★ 981
· Residential area / Residence: Osaka / detached house
· Family composition: myself, wife, 2 children
· Past travelers
Mazda · Familia GTX (MT) → Jeep Cherokee → BMW 323i M Sports → Mercedes · Benz ML350 Blue Tech AMG Sports Package
· A word to readers: I'm interested in Porsche, but in reality ... I think it would be great if you could help us and those who are actually considering purchasing Porsche.

1) History of purchase

I love cars since I was a child. First of all"Why did I love cars?" "Pet ownership history" "Why did you get Boxster purchase?"I would like to write about.

Why did you become a car lover?

When I was in elementary school third and fourth grade, the world was a supercar boom. From that time on "Supercar is amazing, it's cool. "I came to be interested in cars.

Also at the time the popular "Circuit wolfIn the manga named "Watching the hero's best rival ride in Porsche"It seems difficult to ride Lamborghini and Ferrari in town, but if Porsche seems to be able to ride even on a daily basis,"I thought.

One day, I was looking forward to my uncle for a super car show to be held in Kansai, I was looking forward for months ago, but I got high fever on that day .... Still he insisted "Go!", But he was stopped by his uncle and parents and could not go after all. I think that my thoughts on cars have become even stronger from there.

After that, I made a car model of the car and sent it to the contest, Tamiya's radio control race(RC car Grand Prix)It began to participate in.When I was in junior high and high school, while playing sports at club activities, I actually was a "hidden otaku boy" who likes to mingle with plastic models and radio controllers in a room.

My favorite car

As it grew, I liked sports cars such as Honda CR - X and Nissan Silvia, but imported cars were not in the sight at all.

Such a car I bought for the first time before I became a society person"Mazda Familia GT-X MT car". WRC(FIA World Rally Championship)In the base vehicle, it was quite interesting to have a ride on the fact that the torque distribution of the front and rear wheels was changed by electronic control.

After employment I was assigned to sales, I met with the presidents of various companies, but as expected, everyone was on a good car. Look at that"I want to get such a car someday"The feeling became stronger.

After marriage, I bought Jeep Cherokee,

After that I changed to BMW 323i M Sports. I bought BMW by listening to the story of the president of the salesperson,

"German cars are in good condition of highway stability, running performance, everything, I will someday get on BMW"

I decided my mind more than before.

And since that time"Someday Porsche, Someday 911"I thought that I was growing up, but at that time myself was"Porsche is a dream of a dream again ... a car that does not reach you"I thought it was. Even though I can ride, I guess it will be ahead.

After that, in addition to BMW, I purchased a new "Mercedes · Benz ML 350 Blue Tech AMG Sports Package" for my family. At that time, I already decided that "I will buy the car next to Porsche", and I wanted to dare to ride in a car opposite to Porsche before that.

However…ML is a very good car, but it was not a car that felt fun.The stability is high, the safety equipment is a bunch of heaven, comfortable ride, but it is very sleepy when driving. Every time you use the automatic driving function,

"In the past I was driving in an MT car, automatic driving ... in case it will be useless!"

It was enough to feel a sense of crisis (laugh)

Why did you reach Boxter purchase

Such a thing that I became conscious of Porsche purchase clearly is that,About two years ago, I was triggered by having her get on the passenger seat of 981 Boxter who I am acquainted withis. The most memorable thing is,"Sound" played by NA Flat 6 engine.

In recent cars, many engines are not ecologically oriented, as the engine does not rotate to the high revolution range, but the engine sounds when it reaches the high rev range of Boxter that I got on"What a pleasure this!"And excited enough that the heart pops out.

I felt extremely calm, thinking that "adults in large are frolicking at the front passenger seat", I was crying as "very good!" In my mind.

After that, BMW became the time of the automobile inspection, the children also left hands away and it was less likely that the family went out with them, so I decided to replace BMW with a mini car so that my wife, a paper driver, could easily drive. The mini car now is wide in the room, and it did not have any problem to run. there"Well then, I will buy 2 seater after replacing ML!"Although I declared it,"Why are there two people, even for a family of four?"And his wife did not look very good.

In such a case, my son who came back from study abroad, my wife in the absence of me,

"If something happens to Dad this way and you died without buying the Porsche that you wanted so much, Mama will regret for the rest of your life, I'd better let Dad buy a favorite car."

It seems he told me that. Even though I stressed the attraction of Porsche so far, my wife who had been saying that "Four people are good until two children become citizens, still two people are still too early!", The eldest son In a word of petty, she slammed her neck vertically, and it was sunny and we made a purchase.

I was going to test drive a lot, so I decided to try Jaguar F type, Lotus Elysée, Alfa Romeo 4 C, Mazda Roadster RF, 718 Boxster and 981 Boxa.However, again, the "sound" of the NA flat 6 engine can not be forgotten, I started looking for 981 in second hand.

2) Options emphasized in finding used cars

The options and specifications I thought I could not remove,

· Sports Chrono Package
· Sports exhaust system
· 20 inch wheel
· Right handle
· MT


However, although I was watching it every day for about 5 months to puncture the used car site, no one 981 meeting this requirement came out. After all, when it comes to MT cars, the number is reduced at once. there,When I expanded the range of choices to PDK instead of MT car, this time I will become more relaxing ...

I thought that GTS was also good, but I thought that 'it is a little wasteful' because the price was almost unchanged at the time of new car even though it was second hand. Meanwhile, the options are quite good and the price is also great"Boxster Black Edition (2700 cc)"It reached.

■ Boxter Black Edition Specifications / Options
981 Boxster Black Edition PDK
March 2016 Registration run 3,400 km
〘standard equipment〙
· Automatic anti-glare mirror (with rain sensor)
· Cruise control
· Sports design steering wheel
· Bi-xenon headlight (PDLS +)
· Auto air conditioner
· Seat heater
Wind deflector
· 20 inch Carrera Classic Wheel
· Partial leather seat
· Jet black metallic
· Rollover · Bar body same color
· Park Assist
· Crest embossed headrest
· Sound package plus
· Sports Chrono Package
· Sports exhaust system
· Electric retractable mirror

I watched this Boxster Black Edition and I was billed. Until now Boxter's body color was a strong image of white, but I thought that black might be cool as well. AlsoBecause the body color is "jet black metallic", unlike ordinary black, sometimes it looks purple, looks bluish and beautifulSo, I went to see a used car store in Yokohama immediately.

Actually walking, the correspondence of the store is also very good"Porsche will deliver the new car warranty after completing the guarantee"So it was temporarily kept there and we decided to officially purchase one week later.

3) Flow to car delivery

The flow to delivery of cargo is as follows.

· Look at the current car in Yokohama on June 21, temporarily hold (1 week)
(In the evening, I got a lot of advice to the acquaintance Boxter ride, I also inquired again to the Porsche center in the Kansai, but there was no car of hope)
· Official order on June 27
· Deliveries (receipts) on July 12

On the day of car delivery, we went to Yokohama to pick up the car, but the person in charge opened the roof of Boxster, and in that state the sports exhaust was turned on and the engine was played. If I say the splendor of the sound at that time ... Well I thought that this person in charge, I know (lol)

Since I was impatient after the car delivery, I went on the way back at Hakone Turnpike and the surrounding road, but I was really happy.

"I finally bought a wishful Porsche!"I still remember driving with a sense of euphoria with a slightly incredible feeling.

→ Next page Ride on Boxter, about the engine of NA 2700 cc, PDK, what is the reaction of family?

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