Ride a Toyota Crown Athlete with a Porsche Boxster.

Crown Hybrid Athlete G
Test drive report for each car

Toyota crown athlete

The other day, when I sent out Boxster GTS for one year inspection,Toyota crown athletewas. That morning, my husband brought Boxster to the dealer, rented a crown there, and returned the crown during the day and returned home at Boxster, so I could not ride, but after returning home I thought to my husband I decided to ask.

By the way, the crown borrowed by the substitute car isCrown Athlete Hybrid GThat model.

 Crown Hybrid Athlete G

However, my husband who came home that day does not come to talk about the crown at all, soCrown, how did you do it! ?"When he asked, he said like this.

Oh ... it's a crown ... I did a better car than I expected. In the city, you can run comfortably. Stress free. On a Japanese road, if you just want to travel around the city or run on a highway with lots of traffic, I think it is a car.

So that's it…. "ButSince it is a crown athlete, it is more sporty than a plain crownWhat do you mean? "

That's right.My feet were tighter than I thought from the crownso. I think Shioume is really good for the hardness of the suspension. So even though I was an athlete, I did comfortably on the city.
However,I was scared when I changed lanes on the highwayWhat. It's fine for running straight, but I was horrified when I changed lanes a little quicker enough to lead the overtaking lane. The direction of the front changed, and the rear came one or two beats later, and the swing back was great.
After all it is hard to run like a European car.

He said.

 Crown Hybrid Athlete G

I asked, "What about the engine? Like a hybrid."

I think that there is some power in the engine and hybrid systems. But,I feel that the power is less than the numerical value.One is that the transmission is CVT or so, so there is no odd feeling of running.Engine and motor rotation is up, but not at all proportional to speedBut for me, it's quite strange.
In addition, the power meter needle on the left side of the meter moves up and down with pikokopyoko. If this is a tachometer, the needle will move up and down frequently, to around the red zone. However, the movement of the needle and the feeling of acceleration and vehicle speed do not match at all.
I know it's a matter of getting used to,The incompatibility between sight, speed and G made me feel uncomfortable until the end.Therefore, it felt like a car without power, and I finally stepped on the accelerator a lot.

 Crown hybrid meter
I see ... just listening to her husband's story, I could imagine that it would feel uncomfortable.

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  1. euukie

    Impression of husband's crown I was very sympathetic.
    I used to use the 200 athlete for commuting before.
    My husband was saying,
    "" I guess it's all about making sure you don't get tired in the city, "and" I guess these cars are the most stress-free for everyday commuting. "
    I think that is exactly the word.
    It was a perfect car for commuting, with no trouble and almost no-maintenance daily driving comfortably.
    However, because I could not feel the fun of possession,
    I remembered that I had parted at the time of the car inspection w

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading the article.

      You owned a crown!
      I knew the Crown was a good car in that sense.

      Even if it is the same car, there are various categories of cars,
      Each of them has their own fans and the world surrounding the car is really deep and interesting.

      > Because I couldn't feel the fun of possession,
      > I remembered that I had parted at the time of the car inspection w
      That's right w !!

  2. Ishi


    The other day I rented a 718 Boxster for Panamera. I'm not talking about the crown, but let me comment on the connection to the substitute car.

    When I got on the 718 after a long absence, I was drunk by the wonderful handling and the acceleration of the turbo that was moderately stimulating on public roads, so I thought that it was a good car again. Unlike the MT I had before, the PDK was comfortable without the stress during low-speed driving such as traffic jams.

    I was disappointed at first because it was not a Porsche because there was a replacement car for Volvo, but when I got on it I thought that it was a good Volvo car. Although it doesn't necessarily mean that the purchase will take place, a substitute car can sometimes lead to a wider view of the car.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      > After riding the 718 after a long absence, I was intoxicated with the wonderful handling and the acceleration of the turbo that was moderately stimulating on public roads, so I thought that it was a good car again.
      Oh yeah! The 718 is a solid run, strong, and the handling is even better than the 981.

      I have never rode Volvo, but I want to ride it once.
      Surely any car is made firmly and is a good car.

      As you mentioned, there are times when your substitute car will increase your field of view.
      I can't get on without such an opportunity, so I always look forward to a substitute car (laughs)