Buyer's Guide for Porsche Boxster / Cayman (Type 981) Purchasers of Used Cars

Porsche Cayman GT 4
Porsche Cayman

981 Boxster owner's husband bought this article. Please take a look if you like.

Is it a new car 718 or a used 981?

Buy a 718 Boxster / Cayman with a new car, or buy a predecessor 981 Boxster / CaymanMany people will be troubled by.

So, about the 981 type used car Boxster / Cayman, after organizing the information about 981 from my point of view as the 981 Boxster owner, I would like to summarize the advice and points when buying a used car.

Type 98 Boxster / Cayman

The 981 type will be introduced in 2012. Most of them have actually entered Japan since the 2013 model year.You can choose the left and right steering wheel, and you can choose PDK or MT.But,When it comes to MT, it becomes much less,Looking at the inventory of car sensors at the time of writing this article, Boxster has only 16 out of 69 cars, so if you are aiming for MT, you may want to make a prompt decision if you find a good ball.

Boxter Black Edition

As grades, S is prepared for each of the original Boxster and Cayman, and there are two grades, the big difference is the engine.Compared to the original 2706cc, S becomes 3436cc.

The engine specifications for each are as follows.

grade Maximum output Maximum torque New car body price
(The last year of PDK)
Boxster 265PS / 6700rpm 28.6kgm [280Nm] / 4500-6500rpm 6,870,000
Boxster S 315PS / 6,700rpm 36.7kgm [360Nm] / 4500-5800rpm 8,430,000
Cayman 275ps / 7400rpm 29.6kgm [290Nm] / 4500-6500rpm 6,780,000
Cayman S 325ps / 7400rpm 37.7kgm [370Nm] / 4500-5800rpm 8,440,000

Seen in this way, Cayman's output is slightly higher than Boxster's. It is said that this is because Porsche at that time had a hierarchy that Cayman was higher than Boxster. (It became the same from 718)

Difference between Cayman and Boxster

After all, the difference between these two cars isDifference between open body and closed bodybecome. The torsional rigidity of the 981 type is said to be 40,000 Nm / degree for Cayman and 17,000 Nm / degree for Boxster.Cayman is advantageous in terms of rigidityIt is.

Porsche Cayman GT 4

Porsche Cayman GT 4

ifIf you are also considering circuit driving, I think that you should choose Cayman, but Boxster is enough for general road mainIt is. No, as a Boxster owner, I assert that I do not feel the looseness of the body at all. It's more solid than any other manufacturer in the same class I've ever driven.

in additionThe extraordinary feeling when the hood is opened can only be experienced in an open carI think it's a thing. As long as you open the roof, even traffic jams will be fun. This is the real thrill of an open car.

GTS, Spider, and GT4

In 2014, the GTS model, which is a stronger version of the S model, was released, and in 2015, the top grades of Boxster was released as Spider and Cayman was released as GT4.

grade Maximum output Maximum torque New car body price
(The last year of PDK)
Boxster GTS 330ps / 6700rpm 37.7kgm [370Nm] / 4500-5800rpm 9,660,000
Boxster spider 375ps / 6700rpm 42.8kgm [420Nm] / 4750 ~ 6000rpm 10,120,000 (MT only)
Cayman GTS 340ps / 7400rpm 38.7kgm [380Nm] / 4750-5800rpm 9,790,000
Cayman GT4 385ps / 7400rpm 42.8kgm [420Nm] / 4750-6000rpm 10,640,000 (MT only)

The main features of the GTS are exclusive front and rear aero parts, sports chrono package, sports exhaust, 10mm lower PASM, Alcantara and laser interior, 20-inch Carrera S wheels, sports seats, etc. as standard equipment.

The GT4 is a model developed by Porsche's GT team with specifications that also take circuit driving into consideration.become. It features a large-diameter braking system diverted from GT3, a chassis with a 30mm lower vehicle height, an air outlet added to the front of the engine hood, and a rear wing.

The spider is basically the same as GT4, but it is for street use only.It has become. Equipped with a completely newly designed sports suspension,PASM has no settings.Unlike the regular Boxster,Equipped with a lightweight manual hoodAnd fits in the dome-shaped trunk on the back.

Special specification car "Black Edition" of the latter half of the model

The black edition is a special edition released in 2015, when the 981 type was also in the latter half.Based on the 2.7L original model, the interior and exterior are based on black.

Set for Cayman and Boxster respectively, automatic anti-glare mirror, rain sensor, cruise control, front and rear park assist system, and sports design steering wheel, 20-inch Carrera Classic wheel, PDLS (Porsche Dynamic Light System) Bi-xenon headlights including, 2-zone climate control and seat heater are standard equipment.

Boxter Black Edition

It's a great bargain because it's a standard model with comfortable options.It is. The resale is a little high, so if you have a good ball, you can say that it is a recommended grade.

Next page → 981 features, differences in grades, recommended options, etc.

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  1. Ishi


    I'm still not sure if the 981 will be the last NA in the entry model, but I don't think it will exceed this in terms of sound. Ferrari is better in terms of pitch, but driving while playing that overly stimulating sound is heart-warming to me. Ferrari's stimulating sound is just right to hear when overtaken from behind, and Porsche's horizontally opposed 6-cylinder NA sound can be heard for a long time while driving by yourself and keeping some calm. Among them, I think 981 is the highest level (there is a favor of the owner). I hope the 981 will be like Ferrari's F355.

    I have once owned a seat ventilation. Since the ventilation of 981 is only intake, I think that the impact was weaker than the one with ventilation used in Lexus etc., but when I think back, I turned off ventilation after 10 minutes of running. In other words, I thought it was a proof that the back was sweaty or the back of the seat was cold. However, I haven't seen anything used and ventilated, so I don't think anyone looking for 981 should stick to this option.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you very much!
      The sound of the 981 is really great ... especially for spiders, as I may have written before.
      Of all the cars, I like the sound of the 981 spider the best. It was the first time for me to have goose bumps when I was listening to it by my side.

      It's hard to find a used car 981 with seat ventilation.
      Is 981 itself steadily decreasing in good used cars?
      Even more so, I thought it would be great if I could take good care of my Boxster.

  2. Kiyon

    I always enjoy reading.
    981 Spider owner.
    For me, the spider is also quite noisy when the accelerator is off when the spider is on, and it seems that the engine broke when I was running in the city center and loosened the accelerator at the intersection, I'm sorry. I feel like that. I've never rode a GTS, so I don't know a pure comparison. .. Perhaps there are changes and individual differences depending on the mileage.

    As a recommended point of the spider, the vehicle height is 1 cm higher than GT4!
    This 1 cm greatly affects when you go down the slope of a gas station or car wash. The current 718 Spider / GT4 has the same vehicle height (lowness) and does not have a front vehicle height adjustment function, so I think that the front lip is honestly slippery.

    I look forward to working with you!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog!

      The sound of the 981 spider is really loud, isn't it?
      But I like the sound of the 981 Spider the best of all the cars, and I was very impressed when I heard it up close.
      It's hard to see them in the city, so I always envy the owners.

      > As a recommended point of the spider, the vehicle height is 1 cm higher than GT4!
      This point is pretty big! !!
      As you said, this 1 cm will change whether you do it or not, and I think you often hear the story that GT4 will be the front desk.

      Thank you for your continued support!

  3. bricoleur

    It is a 981 spyder ride.
    It was the content that the acupoint was suppressed.
    I tried 718boxster-s in the test drive, but the difference between 981 and 718 is so different that it is the same Porsche.
    I think I like it, but overwhelmingly 981 produces a lot of adrenaline. Especially in the tunnel, a large amount is released every time.
    I think that Porsche engineers also finished the 718 with the thought of cutting the bowels due to various regulations.
    Those who have been tamed in 981 cannot easily molt. Maybe I can't molt for the rest of my life ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading our blog.
      As the model year gets newer, the problems of various environmental regulations become more severe, so I think it will be really difficult for developers.

      Those who are tamed in> 981 cannot easily molt. Maybe I can't molt for the rest of my life ...
      My husband also said, "Don't let go of 981 every time you ride it." (Laughs)

  4. Former 981 Cayman S PDK ride

    Thank you for providing the information immediately.
    When I bought the 981, I asked them to put together the information that I had a hard time searching around, and I think that it is exactly like a bible for those who are looking for it.

    In my case, it was a closed body, so I wasn't really interested in ventilation. When I chose ventilation, it turned into a leather seat, and I didn't like it because the "twist" was more noticeable than the leather + Alcantara seat. Also, instead of going to the circuit, I used to use it like "city riding + sometimes buoy on a mountain slope", so would it bother the neighborhood? I took PASM from the exhaust, giving priority to riding comfort (I chose the sports chrono for the occasional "buoy").

    "Sanuki udon" is just like "Oh! Did you say that!", And when you try to ride "I think it's a Porsche, it's not comfortable to ride", it's more comfortable than a bad sedan. I often thought that it was a "famous car" (the effect of PASM?) That I could ride in the city without any pain because it was "moist but chewy".

    There is no doubt that the 981 has a good "sound" anyway, "The new 718 GTS 4.0, Spider, GT4 will be on the market from now on, so the 981 type will go down a little. That is the time to buy." So, let's take a look at the situation for a while while collecting information on 4.0GT SPDK.
    I hope the 981GTSPDK can be bought in the low 7 million yen range after 5 years.

    • MinaMina

      Former 981 Cayman S PDK rider
      Thank you for reading the article!

      > When I tried riding "I think it's a Porsche, so the ride is not comfortable", the ride is better than a poor sedan, "It feels moist but chewy", and I can ride in the city without any pain "Exactly I thought it was a "famous car" (effect of PASM?).
      I also had the image that Porsche and sports cars are uncomfortable to ride and jerky, but
      I was very supple and surprised.

      For the former 981 Cayman S PDK rider
      I hope you will meet the 981GT SPDK that comes to mind!

      Continue to thank you.

  5. kend

    981 series Boxster GTS Other exhaust sounds are not natural at all, they are artificially created exhaust sounds for American taste. "Parapara ~ Parapara ~" It sounds unnatural and cheesy. I'm sprinkling gasoline to make that sound (laughs) It goes against the environment. It is my personal opinion, but it is a bad work that Porsche in the world has done. It's still better, but even with the latest 992, Spoeki makes a "para-para sound" with the accelerator off, but it's still a small sound. The 981 series is an exhaust sound full of discomfort comparable to AMG. All true Porsche lovers say, "I want you to kill the 981 series.
    Also, if you want to upload a video, please stop fast-forwarding and at least show it with heel & toe or toe & toe. I wrote as much as I like, but please forgive me because it is a frank personal opinion.

  6. k

    Please see this blog and it is k of Porsche resurrection group.
    I'm riding a plain 981 Cayman MT, but sometimes I'm so happy that I want to shout "This is this, this is it!".
    911 (993), Cayenne also got on board, but each car has its own fun.
    Many people have different opinions, but I always enjoy watching them.
    Please do your best.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      The 981 manual is the best ^ _ ^

      I'm afraid to ride for the first time in a long time!
      And I hope that we can continue to discover the appeal of various cars.

      Thank you for your warm words.
      Continue to thank you!

  7. Tap

    I couldn't afford the luxury of having multiple cars in an urban condominium, so I had to change trains, but I had to switch to a domestic turbo of Dokkan. The quattro coupe that I was able to cruising, and the current 2.7 981 Cayman, which is the first Porsche while worrying that the gear ratio does not match the lower road in Japan, are all my favorite cars.

    Those who steadily work on the parts they care about, those who customize fashionably, those who like it too much and start a club that they like, and those who appear in various ways, if you can feel "love" there, you can sympathize. think.

    I'm looking forward to the update of the blog where I can feel my feelings and love.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!
      I still own only one car, but I still have a lot of memories.
      It wasn't a perfect car, but it was a car I loved and loved again.

      Mr. Tap has been riding in various cars and knows the personalities of various cars.
      That's why I read while imagining that no matter which car became my partner, I would always enjoy the car life.

      I think the article will continue to be full of our own subjectivity (laughs).
      Continue to thank you!

  8. Mamoru

    Currently 981 elementary model PDK ride, used, 986 Boxster, 987 Keinan. ND Roadster. This is my current car. After Boxster and Cayman transfer
    I changed to ND, but I'm dissatisfied with the cornering that breaks my waist. TEIN harmonic drive. Knuckle support. Barnacle muffler. Tune too. I'm not satisfied. us
    I'm a senior, so I often see people of the same age. After all I could not forget the fun of Porsche, so I bought it. Anyway, it's the best. Lowdown immediately. The senior specification is completed by playing with it. Sport mode. And sports exhaust. it is perfect. The power is also good. After all Porsche at the end of life.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment.

      Oh, that's right! !!
      I haven't had a lot of car itineraries yet, but I wonder why a car called Porsche is so much fun.
      When I really ride it, I am happy and happy, and I want to ride more and more.

      As I get older, I also want to improve myself so that I can become a person who suits Porsche.
      Continue to thank you.