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Parenting and car life

There have been more changes than I had imagined since I was married and had two couples and after my child was born.

How you spend your time every day, your lifestyle, your priorities, what you are interested in ...Until my second daughter was born, I was a work person and lived on my own, but now I am living a child-centered life.I never imagined it at that time.

And now that my eldest son is heading for seven months, I decided to write honestly what I think about child-rearing, car life, and the future.

Participate in car events with children

Shortly after my second daughter was born, my family began to take part in various car events such as Porsche driving schools, driving schools, and races with children.

At first I didn't know what to do, but gradually"I wish I had brought that" "I didn't need this"The wisdom was attached.

I used to bring a stroller, but since there is no elevator at Fuji Speedway etc., it is easier to move with a carrying strap, and it is easier to move with a backpack than a tote bag because both hands are open.

Also,Children are often bored while waiting or during racesTherefore, it is better to bring something that you can easily play, such as coloring books and origami, and children will be in a bad mood when they are hungry, so it is better to bring some sweets.

And, as I went to the circuit many times, I came to know the location of the toilet, the location of the vending machine, and the electric wire, and I think I was able to spend the other day's driving event quite comfortably.

Also, all the participantsVery warm for families with childrenI'm also happy about that.

Previously, when I was trying to go down the stairs with a stroller, he helped me by saying "I'll have it!" Or ...

When I participate in an event with my children, not a little "I'm sorry for being noisy ... I'm making people careBut every event is warm and kind, and every time I feel like "I'm glad I brought my children ...".

And the children also said,was fun! I got a lot of sweets! I want to go againAs long as the children say "follow me", I think it would be nice to be able to go with them.

Results of prioritizing children

However, when the life of being surrounded by children becomes more commonplace,While the memories with children increase, "what I want to do" is put off.I think there is an aspect.

For example, in my case, even if I was writing a blog at home, the children told me "Mom-Look at this", "Mom-I don't have that", "Mom-", and "Mama-" To.

When I go out somewhere, the main thing is to prepare the children, "How about changing clothes? What about diapers? What about towels? What about carrying straps?""I'm tired" "I want to go home"When people say that, they often give them juice on the way or give up what they want to see and go home.

Even if I go shopping alone very occasionally, "Oh, I said I wanted this eldest daughter, so let's buy it and go home"And"This is a side dish that my second daughter likes, so let's have dinner todayAfter all, I'm just thinking about children.

And after years of living like this, even the smallest thingsWhat I want to doI think it's better to give up, I don't even think about it, and I don't have to challenge greed like I used to.

And the other day, my husband pointed out this.

Even though I have a sports car such as Boxster and 911 at home, I haven't been able to ride it at all recently. I used to ride when I said "Why don't you ride?"Recently, even if I said "Why don't you get on?", I said "No, I can't get on" and I didn't get on.Why?


There must be various causes such as changes in hormone balance after childbirth, lack of sleep, if Cayenne is too comfortable to ride, I want to ride Cayenne (laugh), but probably the root is "By putting myself off, I lost my greed and desire for various things.I think.

Well then, don't worry.

And even if I'm writing a Porsche blog, I wouldn't ride at all in a nice environment with a sports car at home.It's a serious thing to call yourself a Porsche blogger w

Before, when I was working hard, I had various encounters and stimuli every day through my work, which led to a good cycle of ideas, actions, and so on. But lately I've been at home all the time and I haven't had any new encounters.

That's whyIt is important to create stimulus by yourselfI wonder what it is. If you want to challenge yourself no matter how old you are and become a wonderful person who keeps your curiosity, you have to change your behavior from this moment.

My son is now 7 months old, and I have more time and feelings than before.Now is the time to move. I think it's time to change, even little by little.

Future car life

Returning to the story of participating in the car event at the beginning, every time I participatedMeet the people who have grown up and are participating as a couple.

Every time I see a scene like walking in the pit, watching a race, laughing and eating rice,Ah, it's nice, I hope I can be like this when the children get out of their hands in the future."I think.

When I was just married, I wasn't interested in cars at all, and I never thought that my husband and wife would have a common hobby.

But now, I'm really grateful for expanding the world through the car and through this Porsche blog.

That is why I hope that I will continue to create opportunities for myself to take on challenges (don't forget my own pace) and enrich my life.


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  1. Bio

    I'm saying exactly the same thing as my wife.

    It's a perfect man's point of view ...

    I'm probably a little bigger, but as time goes on, my child's lessons increase and I'm running out of time. I didn't think about it at that time, but he said that he had more time in kindergarten and should have done various things at that time.

    I wonder if I cherish that moment. Whether you can use your time without regrets.

    Even if you are doing such a blog, if you like it, you can continue, but I think that finding and updating articles by force should not be the mission itself. If so, I think it is better to reduce the update frequency.

    Who will respond to the request?

    I think you can either continue to respond to the requests of stranger HP readers, continue to answer the requests of your child in front of you, or continue to answer the requested work.

    It ’s simple, but it ’s difficult.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      Since my child was born, I have more things I want to take care of, and I don't want to give up all of them.
      I have made my own choices, but I think I will continue to walk while getting lost and hitting walls.

      Blogs are important things that inspire and inspire you and expand your world.
      There are many parts that I have been saved myself, so I think I will continue to do so.

      Continue to thank you.

  2. Fujita

    Fuji was asked to mention on his blog that he had given up after trying to go to the rainy Fuji Speedway with his children.
    It was so fast that it didn't require children or strollers, and it became big enough to stick out of the child seat.
    Changes in your lifestyle and changes in the world, such as the new Corona, can change your way of thinking.
    Actually, I think that car life is car life including the day when you don't want to get in the car. But I think it's enough if you want to ride and feel "I like it" and "Let's do our best tomorrow".
    Sports cars tend to go up to the point that "I have a family and buy such a car again", but when many people have a wonderful sports car like Porsche by their side, push your back to challenge yourself. Or, I realize that the whole family can be happy. When I read the article, I felt that it would be great if we could create an automobile culture that would increase smiles through cars.
    I am looking forward to the article in the future.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      I wrote this article while thinking, "It's been a while since then ...", remembering the message I received from Mr. Fujita before.
      I am very happy to receive this message.
      Your child is getting older ... It's been a long time, isn't it?

      > Actually, I think that car life is car life including the day when you don't want to get in the car.
      I've just come ...
      That's right, everyday life and my feelings are fluctuating and changing
      I thought again that it means living, including such things.

      With that in mind, sports cars are good.
      I will continue to write articles at my own pace. Thank you for your continued support.

  3. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's Maido ~ (* ^^ *)
    While raising children, it's a lot of work, isn't it?
    There are times when you run out of time and energy, but Porsche is still the vitality to live. Well, in my case, though (laughs)
    I will continue to support you!

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      Thank you very much!
      Porsche is the vitality to live, wonderful!
      I don't have a hobby like this, so when I see someone who has something I like to immerse myself in, I'm honestly envious ^^

      I would like to continue to live my car life at my own pace.
      Thank you for your continued support!