Porsche Panamera, the mileage exceeded 18700 km in 1 year 4 months even though not running so much

Porsche Panamera

Mileage of Panamera

Panamera came to our house,October 2017Thing. Although only one year and four months have passed since then,Panamera's mileage already exceeded 18,700 km.

The 970 Panamera edition which was in my house before, "Delivery car 1 year and a half, mileage 13,000 kmAt the time of the change, the panamera turbo this time is quite high pace.

Besides Panamera, my husband recently does not use Panamera for commuting, and there are Boxster GTS, 911 (924 C 2), VW Golf 7 and never riding Panamera everyday.

But why is it as much as 18,000 km ... (* _ *)?

The other day my husband said "It's already 18,000 km ... but I have not run so much at all! What?"When asked,

I see. I recently do not use Panamera almost for commuting. Even if he says to pick up a kindergarten, there are not 5 km round trip? Even so, what does it mean that you are running over 1000 km a month?

When. However, since I think that the meter is never broken, I decided to try out a bit of how much I ran.

Panamera Drive

First of all, I will try to write out the medium to long distance drive in a range that I can remember. Some of them may be forgotten, but what we know now is below.

Approximate round trip distance calculated by Google map
① Hakone Turnpike - Fuji Speedway Around Mt. Fuji: 1000 km
② House of older brother family in Nara prefecture (3 times): 110 km × 3
③ Hyogo Prefecture Haga: 260 km
④ Wakayama city: 180 km
⑤ Kansai (2 times): 120 km × 2
⑥ Tondabayashi (2 times): 120 km × 2
⑦ Tsukigase in Nara Prefecture - Nara Nuru: 250 km
⑧ Nakabayashi Industry (3 times) in Tondabayashi: 120 km × 3
⑨ Hakone Turnpike - Nishiizu Driveway Fuji Speedway: 1000 km
⑩ Toyoda City: 250 km
⑪ Nagoya: 200 km
⑫ Nanko - Shinmonji - Amakusa - Aso - Shinkoji (2 times): 700 km × 2
⑬ Nachikatsuura - Shirahama: 500 km
⑭ Awaji Island (2 times): 200 km × 2
⑬ Homemaking homecoming (5 times): 100 km × 5
⑮ My husband return home (5 times): 180 km × 5
Total: 8010 km

8010 km ... (- _ -).

Only 8010 km ... ... then where the rest of 10,000 km ran? What?

Let's calculate everyday use

① Husband's commute

First, about my husband commuting. The distance from my home to my workplace was about 50 km round trip, and for a while my Panamaera was delivered, my husband commuted to work in Panamera like everyday. Perhaps the first month is about 15 times, then it is about three times a month. Because I do not commute during long holidays such as GW, Bon Festival, Year-end / New Year holidays, if I consider it by deducting it,My husband has commuted about 50 times in Panamera so farIt will be.

So at this point my husband's commuting distance is 2,500 km.

② My job in Osaka

Meanwhile, I'm probably going back and forth twice a month to Osaka by work. So it seems to be about 30 times so far. The distance of the round-trip is about 50 km, like the husband's commute, so it will be 1,500 km.

③ Shopping for Kobe

Up to now, I think that there were about 15 times in Kannon that I went to Kobe and Sannomiya in Panamera.I went to Kobe Daimaru, went to Anpanman Museum, went to umie ...This distance is about 30 km in both directions, so it is 450 km by this.

④ Pickup at nurseries and kindergartens

About 3 kilometers to pick up at the kindergarten of the eldest daughter, it is about 3 kilometers to and fro. After that, I often go back to the supermarket and go home, so as 5 km ... I will go to pick up the garden about 20 times a month. Among them, about 15 times I go by Panamera, I will remove summer vacation, winter vacation, spring break period ... It has been about 180 times so far.

Including additional pickups for the second daughter 's nursery school will be about 1,000 kilometers by the daughters' pickups.

⑤ Shopping to the nearby place of the holiday

Family members go to shopping in the nearby, drive a couple of times a month on weekends. It is 150 km round trip 50 km. Because it's 1 year and 4 months of hanging, it will be 2,400 km.

Even if adding ① ~ ⑤, it is 7,850 km.

In other words, when combined with medium to long distance drive, it is 15,860 km.

It's only 3,000 km left yet ... (* _ *)

Well, even if it is 3,000 km, it may be that I have forgotten with a long drive, and I may be using more on my daily life and it will be calculated soon that it will exceed 18,000 km.

AlsoWhen we go out, we rarely use trains and buses, all are moving carsSo, with the accumulation of everyday use, I found that the distance was quite long.

I want to keep it under 30,000 km

My husband,

Thinking about when to buy Panamera, I wanted to keep the mileage down to 30,000 km, but it is impossible for this condition ...

He said that. Yeah, absolutely impossible or (explosion).

Well I should be able to get on to Boxster (MT), but well, I do not have a good ride, but it is quite a hurdle, and my husband recently frequently use it for commuting and golf is a bit far away from home Because it is stopped in the car park,Inevitably you will be using Panamera.

From here on, I guess I should use more golf in my everyday use ... I guess it's too late now.

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  1. Banki Hajime

    Cayenne of my house ran about 24,000 kilometers in a year after being delivered.
    I am not using it for commuting though, but ...
    I hope PORSCHE unexpectedly rides and stretches out

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Bank Hijime

      > My house Cayenne ran around 24000 km in one year after being delivered.

      Eh - great! ! 24000 km in one year ...! I do not use it by commuting but this mileage is,
      I'm running out insulted!
      Certainly, Porsche is a car that wants to keep running. (Laugh)

  2. SN

    Our car is about the same as at this pace, 2000 mile = 3,200 km in 3 months. Because weather is bad, I can not get it at all, so I wonder if it will grow more in the summer. Daily accumulation is not stupid.
    I am making a guidance of 30000 km for replacement. If it is here, it will be considerably shorter with 3 thousand miles (48 thousand km) in 3 years, probably 50 - 55% of the bid price will reach if Panamera.
    About resellable value and timing, I also care about Porsche's lease plan etc! I forced the topic forcibly.

    • MinaMina

      Ooooo 3 months, 2000 miles = 3200 km, and it is also not often snowed, so at this pace it seems to ride considerably in the summer ^ ^
      Moreover, America is wide and ...

      I thought again that the mileage will grow considerably this time by daily accumulation rather than outing.

      > Three years is 30000 miles (48000 km) and it is considerably shorter, perhaps Panamera seems to be 50-55% of the bid price.
      Eh - great! After all the circumstances of Japan and the circumstances of America are totally different!
      The difference around that, I am very anxious.

      > About resellable value and timing, I also care about Porsche's lease plan etc! I forced the topic forcibly.
      Thank you! ! ! Lol
      However, since I think that readers are surely worried about this area around here, I will investigate a bit and ask my husband!
      After all it is completely different with the car model ~