I thought about Tonara's psychology and countermeasures encountered in the parking lot

Living with Porsche

There are surprisingly many toners.

Recently, Tonara(Despite being vacant at the parking lot, it is about the person who bothers the vehicle to park the car next door)Because I often encountered, I decided to think a bit about Tonara's psychology and countermeasures.

First of all, when I looked into the Tonara on the net,Is there any way for Tonara to do something?I was surprised that there were quite a few people who wrote. In Yahoo Chiebukuro, well-known bulletin boards, there were many questions and consultations related to the tonaler and answers to it.

Also, it was not limited to car's tinar in the parking lot,Despite having other seats available on buses, trains, etc, people who bother to come and sit next to me","People sitting diagonally at a vacant cafeI also knew that it was called "Tonara" altogether.

Is that so ... Or rather, I'm more afraid of sitting next to me with a gala-free train or bus than cars stopping next at the parking lot ....

Psychology of Tonara

Generally, why does Tonallar dare to park the car next to me at a parking lot of rattling ... about that psychology, such a commentary has been done on the net.

· Even if you have a car next to it, it becomes easy to park as it becomes a landmark
(People who are not confident in parking often do tennara)
· It is lonely to stop with one pot, so it's better to have a car next to it
(It is scary that people who are stopped with one pot are likely to be mischievous)
· Since I want to stop in order from the edge of the parking lot
(Is this a character problem ... I'm A type Might w)
· I just stopped there without thinking anything
(It seems that there are the most people who have not thought of anything in particular)

etc…. As far as reading these, as human psychology "It is more secure to be togetherI felt that the feeling of working was working, and that is unconsciously becoming an action of Tonara.

Luxury car · sports car's Tonale

And so far the general story of Tonara. What I want to think about this time is "Tonara who dares to stop next to luxury cars and sports carsAbout. My husband goes to long touring, who often stays alone, but at a hotel parking lot etc that I will stay at that time,I always encounter Tonnarler as I sayIt seems.

However, husband quite a long time ago, when I saw luxury cars and sports cars in the parking lot,Ooooo cool!"It is said that the tension got up and took action like" I dared to stop my car next to the sports car ".

as if"I came close to a celebrityIt seems that I felt like I was being driven by the urge to want to lie side by side. I mean, I also did a batch retriever (-_-)

However, I started to own a high-end sports car such as Porsche,

"How much is that car, how much is the price of one car?" "If you scratch the wheel or the door, how much will it cost repair?"

I knew a lot of facts. Since then,"Until such risk is taken, there is absolutely no need to stop next doorEven if there are cars that I would like to stop nearby, it seems to have opened a single unit and stopped. My husband,

Those who bother to bother the luxury car and the sports car,I do not know how much the car costs it, how much repair cost will it costI guess. So, I think that there are many things stopped by rarity, but if you think of the risk when something happens, I do not think you need to dare to do a tonner.

He said.

Is it possible to solve the Tonara problem?

However, everyone in Tonara,Especially if you do not violate the law, it does not mean you are breaking big manners.I believe it is difficult to solve the problem, as I think that the problem of "Tonara" is "what happens due to differences in priorities and senses among people". I also feel that these things are happening on a daily basis besides the Tonara problem.

For example,

"Medium-sized employees at the company,"Recent young employees refuse to invite meals from their bosses. Incredible"When I ordered" from the pub for a man in Izakaya "to" I'm upset ", those who narrow down the lemon to the whole without asking anything are not considered!" There are people who have ...

I wonder if the Tonara problem is similar to these things, too ....

I like cars,People carefully treating a car do not want to hurt your car, so take action first in the car.But, if the car is not important to that, the idea will not reach that much, so you should not have noticed even what you are doing.

Well then, can I leave the Tonara problem like this ...? Since there is a sticker of "BABY IN CAR", I wonder if it will become a manifestation of intention if you paste "Tonara refusal sticker" etc. Better yet ... (haha)

(I just made it properly w)

The margin of my heart

While thinking about such a thing, I was watching twitter the other day, a certain post was RT and its contents were very stuck in my mind.

Mr. Roland's charismatic host interview(From @otoko_no_kuruma's post)Although it is a movie with which Roland was driving a Rolls Royce of a car of your choice, from the interviewer "You will be driving safelyAs I was told, this is what I was saying.

You're driving those cars rough. It is bad cool backwards, such as dangerous driving or interrupting.(Somewhat)Even though it was interrupted for a while, I thought that the time I got on my favorite car increased a little, please do it.(Somewhat)
The margin is important.I can compare my mind with the sea well, but suppose that I will send a red paint in the sea a bit. The color does not change, it is totally. But what if we go to the cup? What if we go to shot glasses? It will turn red.
The anger is with it, and what we can afford is the amount of water.
So after all it was enough for me to become water of the pool from the water of the cup ... I do not know how much water it is now because I can not see it objectively, but if it gets interrupted, then come in Okay, if you get fucked up ... well, it will not be fucked up, but I do not mind at all. I wonder if there was anything disgusting.

... this person, God ... (* _ *)! ! !

At the same time I was shocked, I thought that it was true. Stopped by Tonara "Well, why can I stop here! What?"I was irritated every day, my body of mind was narrow. Of course the story is different when it is done with the door punching, but even if there is something unexpected happening,There is nothing wrong if there is room for the mind that I can accept it.

Again, I thought that I would like to be a human being with a wide mind, heart in mind.(It is unknown whether it was solved the problem of today's theme Tonara w)

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  1. Wind slope

    Tonara Why are you here? Although there are many things. .

    When I was alone for lunch, when I got through the counter, even if I was informed that "Please take a seat of your choice ~", customers who come later will not line up and I'm sorry that I will guide you full, I do not want to be seated on, and as a result it will become a Tonara (lol)

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Sakamichi of the wind
      Long time no see ^ ^

      > I will be lunch alone when I go through the counter, even if being informed that "Please take a seat of your choice ~", we are sorry that we will not arrange the guests coming later and guide the full seat I do not want to be seated in the inside, and conclusion, it will become a tonner. (Laugh)

      Happy (゚ д ゚)! ! That's right ... it will also be a tennar!
      Surely when I went to San Marco at the curry shop, I was thinking the same way as Mr. Sakamichi of the wind and thinking of it ... I thought of considering various things and thinking that I chose a seat is going to be a tonner.

  2. HIRO

    When stopping 458 and Carrera, when Panamera in the barbarian stops, I will stop in the vicinity.
    If it is a single unit, you are wondering if you are mischievous or putting it in a place where there is a coherency.
    The risk that the door is punched into the next car will be less contrary to the supercar and luxury cars. Because I think that there are people who like each other a lot of cars
    I will avoid shopping next to a mini car, a one-box type family car, or a car that stops cutting handles.

    Well, well, the surrounding supercar riders mind the place to stop, but I am thinking that it is not going to be a strange thing because it is Ferrari w
    So, I can stop anywhere with coin parking, but there is nothing at the moment.
    After all it is only a part of the world car liking, unexpected It is thought that no one bothers mind.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment.
      Porsche to Ferrari! It is amazing!

      > When stopping the 458 and the Carrera, I stop around Panamera in the open space, I stop in the vicinity.
      > If it is a single unit, conversely wonder if you can be mischievous or put it in a place where there is a cohesiveness.

      I see…! It certainly has its own point.
      As you can also say, it's less likely that the door punch is less likely to be stopped next to a sports car or a super car than to stop at a side of a common car,
      I certainly thought so. Everyone is cautious about opening and closing the door, so it will be considered.

      > So, even coin parking will stop anywhere, but for now there is nothing.
      > After all it is only a part of the world like car lovers, it is thought that no one surprises who is surprised.
      Certainly (laugh) In the end, it is that it is nice to be normal without paying attention ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!