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Lopezaio's Panamera Turbo Review

The other day my husband said "Review of Panamera Turbo is on youtube of Lopezae!I said, "I was watching videos close to 40 minutes quickly, but as soon as I finished watching it, I said like this.

"Well ... well ... I do not understand ... but it does not seem to be a bit of preliminary preparations a little, but the power of Panamera turbo and the handling evaluation are a little less, the real goodness has not been transmitted I do not want to supplement a few points.

When. When such a thing is told, on the contrary, since the animation became anxious very much, I also want to see it immediately. Indeed,The Panamera Turbo's power has been almost unexplored, reviews are being done from beginning to endI felt like.

Nonetheless, it will be quite difficult to review a wide variety of car models from various manufacturers every day, and it will be difficult because there are parts that care a lot. And to her husbandCertainly, I'd like to complement the review and give it ^ ^;As I said,

Buddha. Not saying that it is a bad review or something else,I suppose that supplementing, I think that the charm of Panamera Turbo will be transmitted more.

So I decided to write the content I would like supplemented in today's article w

Supplement of Panamera Turbo Review

By the way, the specification of Panamera Turbo introduced this time,

Year: 2017
Displacement capacity: 3,996 cc
Engine: V type 8 cylinder DOHC turbo
Horse power: 550 ps
Torque: 78, 5 kgm
Total length: 5,049 mm
Full width: 1,937 mm
Height: 1,427 mm
Vehicle Weight: 1,995 kg

It is. And, the evaluation of employees of Lopezaio,【Ride, running: 4.5, appearance: 5, COSPA: 4.3】. Kawakubo's evaluation, on the other hand,【Ride, running: 4, appearance: 4.5, COSPA: 4】was. It is generally highly appreciated.

So from here, I would like to write about supplementary items.

Air conditioner operation

There are some supplementary items, but first of all it is a story about the air outlet of the air conditioner. My husband,

In the review, we tried to operate it only by pressing the "spread" and "concentrate" buttons on the touch panel,If you move the round button in the middle freely, the looper of the blowout moves in conjunction with that. Well, it's a small part, though.


after"It is hard to use because the spoiler ON / OFF button can not be operated with one touchThere was also a story saying that. Surely I could hardly keep up with it until I got accustomed to the Panamera touch panel because I could not remember what it was and where it was.

However, this Panamera touch panel,You can customize the home screen exclusively for yourselfSo you can put the buttons you often use on the home screen, and you can easily operate with one touch.In fact, at home, I put the spoiler ON / OFF button on the home screen, so that I can operate it at any time.

I wish I could tell you something like that.

Sports / sports plus mode

In this Panamera Turbo,Optional sports chrono package includedBecause "Not only running in normal mode but running in sports mode and sports plus mode, I wanted you to review the difference with normal"I felt.


Panamera is running in sports mode and some cars.

Although it is often said, indeed,Just running the Panamera turbo in normal mode, especially at the town level, makes me feel monotonous.Immediately the gear goes up to sixth or seventh, and you can only taste the feeling of running relaxedly per 1000 rotations at all times.

On the other hand,When you change the mode to sports or sports plus, it turns around, the running becomes light, the engine sound changes, and you can enjoy sporty driving.I wanted you to review the differences between normal and sports like that, surely.

My husband,

This time boost button(Sports · Response · Button)Even you did not have a scene to use? That acceleration is really terrible.Just by focusing on a little accelerator, it will accelerate in a moment as scary.That button is a feature that a glimpse of Panamera Turbo has a glimpse at a great price

I was sorry to say.

By the way, "Sports · Response · Button" is a mode further above the sports plus mode.The mode is activated only for 20 seconds, and the setting of the engine and the transmission becomes the state where the maximum performance is exhibited. The timer in the display shows the number of seconds remaining in the mode, and when about 20 seconds elapses, it automatically returns to the mode selected before.(You can cancel by pushing the button again in the middle of mode activation)

Certainly, I think that it was a bless if you could introduce such places as well.

Winding run


If you are reviewing the Panamera Turbo,Winding Road like Hakone TurnpikeI will not run. If not, I do not understand the goodness of the honor.
If it is an ordinary road, it will end with the power of the Panamera turbo, and "If it is only a highway and a city ride, that is, Mercedes · Benz S class and others are luxurious and comfortableI think that it will be the conclusion that.
However, the charm of Panamera Turbo,In the place where it is a Porsche which firmly compatibilizes the duality of "luxury" and "sporty", the turnability and the accomplishment in the corner are really amazingI wanted him to review it.
Well, it is very bad to go running to Hakone for one review.

I was talking.

Price of Panamera Turbo

Finally, about the price. In the evaluation of two of Lopezaio,

"If you think that it will be over 26 million yen if you add an option to 23 million yen .... It's a bit expensive ... I'd like a second-hand use, but with a new car a little ..."

He said that ...

Yes, indeed, high (-_-)

There is no objection there. The price that the house can buy any longer ....

So this time, as a Panamera Turbo owner, I am supposed to supplement a variety of thoughtfully, but I'm looking forward to see Lopezaio's youtube channel from now on.

After that, at twitter, Mr. Kawakubo from Lopezaa reacted. Thank you!

By the way, this review by Lopezaio's Panamera Turbo is here.

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  1. Kenn 24

    A wonderful follow-up comment. I wanted you to comment on the sports response button. Due to fuel economy the normal running will be four cylinders, so it is totally different thing. I feel like owner as owner, and the layer that can be purchased is decided, so maybe ah. There is no difference between back camera and MB.

    It was really refreshing, I feel it.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for saying that in such a way! !
      As you said, you wanted to absolutely push the sports response button ...
      I wanted to compare it with AMGGT acceleration etc after pushing that. .

      But certainly, considering the customer base of Lopezaio, it might be such a review ^ ^;

  2. How to support life


    It is awfully sorry.
    By chance yesterday I saw that loverao YouTube
    I was a bit disappointed, so I felt a little sick.

    Kawakubo head general manager said that the good points are good, the bad places are bad
    I thought that it was a clear person, but with this it was a different car
    I think that the impression has a considerable error.


    At the very least about half of the functions of the center panel
    After examining sports mode switching and boost
    I wanted you to do it. I wonder if I can sell it.

    At any rate, at any rate

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      I'm glad I could have a little sunny feeling

      The Panamera Turbo video of this time I felt that the percentage of reviews on running was too small ...
      I think that Panamera is a sports car rather than a luxury sedan, so it was good that the review that felt around it is felt. .

      As you said, the touch panel has also been devised, so you had to dig a little more ^ ^;

  3. Ishi

    Obviously the previous Lopezao channel is 1? What? There was also a running scene that might be out of km / h, and I think that it played a part to convey the charm of the high displacement and power cars. But recently I thought that it would be difficult to publish movies that could receive Tsukkom with such legal compliance.

    In addition, Ms. Kawakubo sent a frank opinion of the amateur line to the last, it was a composition that the knowledgeable clerk at the fellow passenger's maniac sought to comprehend information of the car and support it, but a specialty store clerk who hardens aside Mr. Mr. Mr. has become less and less affecting the quality of reviews.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Mr. Ishi is safe this time (haha)
      That's right, is not it ... If you become a famous channel over there, you probably will not be able to run beyond the legal speed.

      > In addition, Ms. Kawakubo told the strangeness commentary of the amateur line to the last, it was the composition that the knowledgeable clerk at the maniac of the passenger got under the information of the car to support and support, but the specialty which solidifies aside It is also affecting the quality of the review that the number of clerks has decreased.

      I see…! Previously it was such a composition ...!
      If it's a composition, it will be quite interesting and a high quality movie. Salesman who sells cars at work, truly likes cars, and car maniacs, knowledge and viewpoints are totally different ...