Two and half years after delivery - I will say again the wonderfulness of VW Golf 7

Volkswagen Golf

About VW Golf 7

I am at home.Volkswagen Golf 7 (previous term).With the final special specification car "ALL STAR" of limited 300 cars,Model loading 1.2-liter turbo engine and 7-speed DSGIt is. For the body color, a special color called carbon steel gray metallic is used. The price when purchasing with a new car was about 3 million yen.

Volkswagen Golf 7

Golf came to my house in August 2016, so two and a half years passed after the delivery of cars. By the way, the mileage at the moment is 26,500 km.

last yearTest the new Cayenne in the fallFor a while, because Cayenne was too good, every time she gets on the golf "Was that golf ride so comfortable?I felt like I felt.

Porsche new Cayenne test drive review

Just time passed, recently I have not remembered much of the new Cayenne ride taste. In such a long day, I got on the golf for the first time in a while and ran a round trip about 150 km,Golf is a wonderful carAs I realized again that it was, I really wanted to share that with my blog (laugh)

Wonderfulness of Golf 7

Riding comfort, handling, high speed stability, necessary and sufficient power, small turn, fuel economy ... in all,Golf 7 is a balanced carI think that. I do not feel any dissatisfaction,I think even one golf would be enough if one family had golf.So what is so good about golf?

Ride comfort is smooth

The comfort of golf 7 is said to be the feeling that made Porsche smoother ...It's a relatively stiff ride, but it has a smooth feel, so feel comfortable riding very well.Just when the road surface is rough, when you pass the railroad tracks, you may feel a bigger pitch sway, but any shaking fits in one shot and there is no swinging remainder. I think that this is truly amazing. Also, in addition to the driver's seat and passenger's seat,The ride comfort of the rear seat is also very good, so it will not bother you for a long time.

High interior and sheet texture

The interior of the golf 7 has a good texture. The stitching of the seat is fashionable, and I feel no cheesy plastic feeling on the touch panel and the steering at all.

The seat is not too soft, and it does not get tired even when driving for a long time. The rear seats are quite large, and it seems that even a husband of 178 cm in height can sit comfortably.

Comfortable street rides

When asking only the number "at 1200 cc, 105 horsepower", "Do not you have power so much?I think honestly. However, when I actually drive, I do not feel that way at all, and it seems like a car with rather power, so wonder. "Acceleration of start is weakThere is nothing like that at all, even on a road with many signal waiting and heavy traffic, I can drive without feeling any discomfort.

Volkswagen Golf 7

Also, as for the time of climbing a steep slope in front of home, the revolution speed is expected to rise and the engine sound will become high "BOEEN!", But "I will not go for engine soundThere is absolutely no thing, it will climb firmly. I feel that there is no sense of power and, on the contrary, there is no feeling of overcoming power and it is just right balance.

High speed stability is high

The high speed stability of golf is amazing. The other day, I ran a Chinese road on weekdays with a small traffic volume, but even if traveling to a certain extent at high speeds the steering wheel and the car body will not be totally blurred,Rather it runs steadily enough to speed upI felt like. Especially vertical movement of the line of sight is less, it is really flat ride comfort. There is no feeling of staggering even if you turn off the handle when changing lanes, you can change the lane with confidence.

Good turning and easy to use

Golf has a total width of about 1.800 mm and a total length of about 4.500 mm, so it has a good finish. Panamera can run even on a road that will be avoided, and the parking lot can be stopped anywhere without worrying about the width. Moreover, it is quite usable because it is a five-person ride with this.

ACC convenient

Golf ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control)He is smart enough. I use it when I have a lot of traffic on a highway.Regarding lane keep assist, keep lane until some curvesGive me

However, unlike Panamera where the radar is on the left and right, in the case of golf, there is only one in the center, so caution is required for a sudden interruption.

Not broken / Maintenance fee is cheap

This past two and a half, running 26,500 km and using Gashigashi,It has never been broken so far.Also,"To be able to cope with any oil replenishment indication"Although a 1 L oil can was loaded on the car from the time of delivery, I have not yet refilled the oil myself(I only have oil change every 1 year inspection). Good fuel economy, when my husband uses it for commuting(Use highway with many roads and heavy traffic)It seems that it will be around 13 to 15 km / l.

Also,Even if I had a rough inspection at the time of 1 year inspection, all expenses were 30,000 yen.I think there is something that takes this cost high or cheap, but Panamera has more than 40,000 yen only by changing the oil, so it seems to be quite cost effective to think so.

Golf 7 reviews

"If you leave one in Porsche at our home, which one will you leave?"I asked my husband about the story before, but if you add golf as a choice among them"Choose to make a wise decision to leave golf"I think that. I feel like I can seem to ride normally for 10 more years without any problems as I go now. For her husband and golf,

Anyway Cospa is amazing.At this price, there is no other ride comfort, handling, brakes, texture firstI think. Sometimes we ride 500 to 8 million SUVs and sedans of the upper class above this, but "that? Golf is better, is not it?It is often a joke without feeling it feels like ".
after,High safetyHey, I always think. It is not the safety at the time of a collision, but the basic exercise performance in the sense of collision avoidance ability, such as the touch and effectiveness of brakes, controllability, handling firmness and road surface following ability, is really solid.
Emphasizing only the safety at the time of conflict, such as crash safety in the world, there are fuja-nya's undercarried cars,"Unbreakable ability" coming from basic running, turning, stopping performance is as important. I think that I do not care for golf there.

they said.

This is a totally personal story, my parents like the domestic car maker T car very much, I have never cheated on the car before, but it is a car of T car, but both of them are a good year , "It is safe to switch to a golf with a high degree of safety, being strong in running, high sense of rigidity, ...I think these days these days.

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  1. Ishii

    It seems good golf. I thought about trying on the e-GOLF of electric car which I was paying attention from before reading this article of Mina.
    As Taikan thinks of charging infrastructure in Japan, it will not be possible to go out and it is too luxurious to use Taikan only for a town ride, so e-GOLF seems to be as steady as everyday town ride.
    But if you bought this, it seems that turning number of FIAT 500 of MT you are riding is likely to decrease, so I want to avoid it.

    • MinaMina

      I'm sorry
      Thank you for your comment.

      > I thought I should test drive e-GOLF of electric car which I was paying attention from before.
      Oh ...! ! ! ! ! It is very concerned! The electric car that VW sends out to the world, what kind of running and riding comfort it is, I am very curious.

      > As Taikan thinks about charging infrastructure in Japan, it will not be possible to go out and it is too luxurious to use Taikan only for a town ride, so e-GOLF seems to be as steady as everyday town ride.
      You are right as you said. Since Japan is not as charging infrastructure as in Europe, it seems to be a bit difficult to use,
      Because it is a waste to go to the neighborhood supermarket, e-GOLF seems to be useful for any occasion.

      > It seems that turning number of FIAT 500 of MT which I normally ride is decreasing
      Oh FIAT 500! It certainly will be a waste ^ ^;
      But, if you are e-GOLF test drive or purchase, I would be happy if you could tell me the ride taste.
      Continue to thank you.

  2. SN

    Thank you for unusual golf articles.
    Ford's compact SUV that we have been using in the second car has exceeded 110,000 kilometers so soon it will not be able to withstand the gap with Panamera or Volvo's riding comfort, and in fact it is actually starting to consider this class of cars .
    The favorite is new, mazda 3, the opposing horse is golf. In some reviews mazda 3 goes beyond golf ... but golf 8 seems to come out this year as well, wait for it, wait for mazda 3's skyactiv X model, and then I will decide.

    • MinaMina

      > The favorite is new, mazda 3, the opposing horse is golf. In some reviews mazda 3 is beyond golf ... How about golf 8 this year seems to come out, wait for it, wait for it, wait for> and wait for mazda 3 's skyactiv X model> and then decide.

      My husband read a comment and said "a wise choice!" (Lol) Review video of mazda 3, I also saw, but I exceeded golf! It was said that.
      "Eh ~ that is not too much?" While thinking, but it is pretty good review, so I am curious.
      My husband said that "mazda 3 seems to be pretty good, but the specifications change at the time of entering Japan, surely that the Japanese specification will be subtle" I can ride mazda 3 in the USA about,
      I am very envious.
      Please let us know again when you test drive etc. ^ ^
      Continue to thank you.

  3. nave

    I am always reading happily.

    Our legs gurma is also the former type of Golf 7.

    Is golf really a better car than joke from Benz's E-class without joke? What do you think often?
    Her husband's opinion, sympathy is possible around that! !

    The golf at our house is hit by the trouble that the annual mileage is 20,000 kilometers over and mechatronics (husband please listen to me) stopped on the highway at the time of 65,000 kilometers It is quite good. I think that it is as good a car as I think that it is the first son's first car by taking 5 years! A

    I will also look forward to other articles as well as Porsche articles so please keep on blogging to extent of impossibility.

    I've been rude in the first comment

    • MinaMina

      Mr. nave
      Always thank you for seeing your blog and thank you for your first comment!

      > Does your golf really make better cars than joke from Benz 's E - class without joking? What do you think often?

      My husband was saying such a thing (laugh)
      Despite being well ridden with golf driving distance, 20,000 km over in one year, mechatronics is broken (I will ask my husband) (laugh)) Without trouble,
      What a superior car ...!
      I also seriously thought that I wanted to be the first car of the eldest daughter of 5 years old, I think that I would like to ride about 13 more years (laugh)

      > Porsche's articles, of course, are also looking forward to other articles so please keep on blogging to extent of impossibility.
      Thank you for your concern! I will write it to the extent impossible ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  4. taknokk

    Hello, we are always to read fun.
    I got on my wife in the era of Golf V. Because I am also convenient, I was on a ride on chocolate choco.
    It does not compare with 7, but it was content that was complainable at that time.
    There was also a feeling of luxury quite a bit higher than the luxury car of Japan at the time, and there was not any dissatisfaction.
    It may be that I felt that extra, just because it was a Latin car.
    Perhaps it was frustrating that there was no dissatisfaction to say it.
    Although it is unpopular to my wife also, I have returned to a Latin car again ...

    • MinaMina

      Always thank you for seeing the blog!
      Golf is a really nice car, is not it?
      There are also interior decoration and the design of the body also a sense of luxury, cost-effectiveness is also high, really, there is nothing dissatisfied.

      > It may be frustrating that there is no dissatisfaction to say strongly.
      > And it is unpopular with my wife, but I have returned to a Latin car again ...

      I see…! Lol
      Even humans can appreciate people who are full of humanity rather than serious honor students type lol!
      Continue to thank you ^ ^

  5. Enmity

    Nice to meet you. I always read articles fun.
    I am in the first half of Golf 7 due to Porsche's favorite parents. Honorable golf is praised as a good car for many people.

    Previously on this site "How do I get to buy a Porsche?" Reading an article saying that she bumped into a simple question to her husband read the article and the scale is small, but I had a similar idea, so I sympathized with it.
    I am in my twenties in my dream someday to ride a Porsche, but now I do not have the economic power to buy and I chose VW from the history of Porsche. I started thinking of approaching Porsche starting with the same blood drawing brand. It is important to approach yourself from your dreams.

    Although deviating from the subject, golf is a really wonderful car. I will keep on riding for a while thinking I am a baby Porsche.

    • MinaMina

      Sea cucumber
      Nice to meet you, always thank you for seeing the blog.
      And thank you for comment ^ ^

      I am on Golf 7 ^ ^
      Golf is really a good car, is not it? ... I think it is really wonderful when riding.

      Sometimes you are driving without thinking anything
      "If you thought you were on Happoche, you did this golf ..." There are times when I change it to myself.

      > Previously on the site "How can I become able to buy a Porsche?" Reading an article saying that I bumped into simple questions into my husband read the article, but I am sympathetic because it has a similar thought though the scale is small.
      Thank you! My husband also said, "I think that it is a way of thinking and understanding for those who understand"
      I am glad to say so.
      Porsche in 20's is cool, is not it ^ ^ I hope you will achieve your dream!
      And I will do my best too!

      Continue to thank you.