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I admit both myself and othersRain woman" This time, it will be held at Fuji Speedway, where my husband applied.Master Course of “Porsche Track Experience (PTE)”It was decided that the family would follow, but the day of the event was a rain forecast. My husband,

I knew Mina would rain when I went, but it's a shame, but it might be a good opportunity to experience driving on a rainy day with cup tires.

I changed my mind and went to the hotel parking lot the night before to set up the car. And as soon as I came back, I said this with a bitter smile.

I got a call from an unknown number, and when I got out, I got from Porsche Japan.Tomorrow's Master course is canceled due to heavy raindo it. As a result of discussions with instructors and Fuji Speedway, it seems that it is dangerous to drive a car in tomorrow's heavy rain.


... Eh! ! Canceled (д д)!

I said, “PTE is a rainy day!The WarmUp I participated in was also held in the heavy rain!When saying,

Well, the Master course runs a lot on the circuit.Running on the circuit with a forecast of rain of 10 mm or more per hour is indeed dangerousI think so. However, because there are some participants from far away who have already arrived at the site, the program tomorrow will be canceled,Those who can come will have a round-table discussion with the instructorI would like you to do it if you like. Will you go away?


No, it ’s absolutely my fault… I ’m really sorry (-_-) Porsche Japan would have made a complaint. My husband,

Next time I come to Fuji Speedway, I will come alone. If Mina-chan comes, it's definitely raining (laughs) All the PTEs I've participated in so far have been sunny, so it's raining for the first time.

When…. No more words to return (-_-)

GT2, GT3 ...

The next day, I slept a little slowly and headed to Fuji Speedway to arrive at 10:00. When you arrive and park your car in the parking lot, the on-parade of GT3RS, GT3, GT2RS ...!

After all, there are many people who participate in the Master course in such a car.

About 15 people gathered at the time.The Master course has a capacity of 40 people, and it seems to have been filled up immediately.So, it seems that more than half were not able to come this time. However, it is possible to look back to the same course of December or next year if it was canceled due to this rain.

At the beginning, the instructor told me to cancel this time.

We have run on the circuit in today's torrential rain, but it's really scary and we can't speed up straight.Even if you are a pro, it is very dangerous and you don't want to runSo, for the sake of your safety and important car, I decided to cancel this time.

There was an explanation.

After that,Round-table discussion surrounding the instructorWas held, and participants exchanged various opinions over about an hour and a half with participants and Porsche Japan. I was watching a lot of moving children so I couldn't listen to the discussion, but seriously laughed from the story and it was a very meaningful time for you.

Unfortunately it was raining,I don't usually have a chance to talk with the instructorsSo, if you think so, it may have been a very valuable opportunity this time.(↓ Worried daughters w)

Before returning, he was in the Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) this season,Atsushi OgawaI was able to talk a lot. When I told you that I was secretly following twitter,Oh, Porsche's blog ... Crayon GT3 ...!"I knew you!"

Both the instructor and Porsche Japan were very friendly, and they were very happy with the children. I like Porsche events because they have an atmosphere that makes it easy to bring children.(I do n’t know because I ’ve never been to another event)

I hope next month's PTE will be held in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. And I vowed to keep away from Fuji for a while (explosion)

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  1. Tap

    That Master Rain was canceled due to the heavy rain.
    The combination of high power of 500-700 horsepower and wet tires called Cup2, and in addition to that rain, in addition to that rain, this course is almost impossible to see because of the splash of water that the previous car rolls up, so I think it is an unavoidable decision.

    The precision on the 22nd was heavy wet in the morning due to heavy typhoon, but it was fine and dry from the afternoon. I'm afraid that I won't get excited, so I'll stop spoilers (laughs, but the precision class program will definitely increase your driving skills.

    It is easy to understand that it is okay to do so far because the wet grips will behave in a dry manner that the tire grips will leave you dry. I also reaffirmed the height of Porsche's limits with the morning heavy wet.

    However, it's hard to take a picture if it's raining, and the child's care is also difficult. I hope the Kansai PTE in November will clear up.

    • MinaMina


      That's right. As you said, almost all of the participating vehicles were GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS and Cup 2, so it was judged that this was dangerous.
      It was heavy rain in the morning on the 22nd!
      A steady circle turn, full acceleration and full brake in the rain will be completely different from a sunny day, and it will be a valuable opportunity.

      And Porsche is amazing ...

      > But it's hard to take a picture if it's raining, and the child's care is also difficult. I hope the Kansai PTE in November will clear up.
      That's right. If it rains, children will be dressed and wet, so I want November to be sunny ...! !