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Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Porsche Panamera

The chance to open a blog ...

Yesterday, because it was a lunch and work meeting in Umeda, I took a 0 year old daughter and headed by Panamera. Since Panamera has a width exceeding 1,900 mm, the parking lot to be parked is naturally limited.It is impossible for you to stay.Yesterday, I decided to stop at Hankyu Umeda station parking lot (1 in Osaka prefecture Kita Ward Shibata 1), which is relatively reasonable and free.

Is there such a wonderful car?

I finished my meeting without any problems, went to the parking lot to pick up Panamera, and when I ran the car for a while I got a sigh.

"Oh, Panamera, what a wonderful car ... ..."

Even if I ride everyday, I feel excited every day.

It is said to be a majestic appearance in the parking lot, good with the dignity of the champion, good acceleration of the high-speed merger, good as the tone of the engine, good handling of the horse horse, feeling to accelerate faithfully as much as depressing the accelerator And,It is good as ground touch of the ground,It's nice to have a sense of stability, a massive sensation that is massive, yet it is a run that does not make the weight feel like stress, just like riding the human case is as good as raising the atmosphere as good as the atmosphere ...

Amazing, it's too wonderful.

Whether it is a small turning effect, the ordinary parking lot will be stopped, but it is a wonderful car that far surpasses such a thing, whether fuel economy or narrow road permanence. I wanted to tell this overflowing feeling to someone, I emailed to my car husband without thinking.(W in spite of work)

Then this reply immediately.

"Aya, you know exactly ... If that kind of car or MAN what you like Panamera so much more, why not write a blog ?? w"

Why do not you write it on your blog? Even though it is said, no one is interested in the place where I thought that "I like Panamera!"People who like Panamera, not 911, are not unusual to search throughout Japan, so I wonder if I can write quite interesting content... While thinking such a thing, I thought about idly while running a car.

Private show event

By the way, when I was invited by a couple at the inside of the new Panamera, the car journalist Goro Okazaki was talking about "How wonderful is Panamera"?

Participants on the spot were listening to the extent of "ふ ん ん", but only me

"Yeah, yeah, that's right! That's right !!"

As I listen with vigorously nodding, from her husband after the exhibition is over,

"I was nodded quite a bit ago, I was bad feeling beside me.Would it be better to become a disciple of Gokuro Okazaki?"

There was also a thing called. With such a thing, from a husband every time there is a thing,

"If you like Panamera so much, please ask Porsche Japan and do not forget, so let me say Panamaera Evangelist!"

"If you like Panamera so much, why do not you go to a Panamera manufacturing factory in Germany?"

So I decided to start Porsche blog this time as a result of thinking variously. First of all, I will update how often Panamera is a wonderful car every day.

If everyone who reads ... If there are ... from now on thanking you in advance.

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