The difference between Porsche Panamera and the BMW 7 series, a story found in 2 seconds

Interior decoration of Porsche Panamera Edition 970
BMW 7 series purchase schedule is ...

By replacing the family car, the 970 Panamera edition came to my house at the end of February 2016. However, there was no plan to purchase Panamera at the beginning. At the time of the new year of 2016,"New BMW 7 Series"It seemed almost decided to be decided, but at last there was an oversize.

At that time, among me, it was definitely "New BMW 7 series" presumed.

- The BMW 7 series can have five people
· Laser light that shines up to 600 m ahead is attached(It seems not to be used normally, but something seems awful)
· The headlights were connected and the design became cool
· At a dealer, I gave sweets and juice to my kids and I got a good impression 

And above all"Panamera was aiming to buy with my own money"Because it did not want my husband to buy it as a family car.

I want to buy Panamera by myself

Time goes back ... It was in July of 2015 that I first tried Panamera. I was brought to my husband and went to a dealer and had me reluctantly test Panamera(At that time I was afraid that the car exceeding the width of 1900 mm was too scary to want to ride)At the moment when I pressed on the accelerator, I was overwhelmed.

What is this person 's unity feeling ~ ヽ (゚ Д ゚) ノ!

The accelerator will accelerate by the amount it is pressed, the handle will fit comfortably in your hand and the car will bend as you imagined. "This is no longer a horse! It sounds like a red rabbit that spends a thousand miles ...!" I was deeply impressed.

Since"Buy Panamera yourself"It became my goal, I became motivated to work hard. So for her husband well"I will buy Panamera by myself, so do not buy it because I will ask until that."He was talking and each time his husband was strangely saying "Well ... if you like ... but ...".

Because there was circumstance such as 2014 year of the year "Since I am not in the state where I can still buy Panamera by myself, my heart is about to decide the family car is BMW 7 series."

That way my husband suddenly said it.

"To be sure, for Panamera to go to see, Mr. H who is in charge of the dealer has come on even just for test drive when replacing, so after having convinced it has been made to the BMW 7 series. "

When. Well certainly so, I left my child in the nursery school next weekend, and my husband and two went to Porsche dealer.

It was unexpected development that I was waiting

H arrived, H in charge is waiting with a smile,

"It is better for you to take a test ride than to explain it a lot." Please allow us to test-ride freely for about 1 hour from now. "

And the key was handed over.

Even though I thought "What?!?", But immediately the husband got into the driver's seat, I sat in the front passenger's seat, the moment my husband pressed the engine and stepped on the accelerator,

But, not at all ... (゚ Д ゚)

I still will not forget the profile that surprised and inspirational expressions of her husband mixed up, and I also felt the same thing. "It is completely different, 7 series, it is not a ratio ..." Even if there was no exaggeration, I knew the difference in just 2 seconds when stepping on the accelerator.

Mr. H was about to see me off from the dealer with a smile saying "Please be careful," but furthermore I opened the window and embarked on my own,

"After all I decided to Panamera!"

I could scream and w

And Panamera came to our house

However, in order to fully taste the opportunity to test-drive, I went through the mountain path slowly for 1 hour, I was deeply impressed and returned to the dealer. After that, I strongly regretted myself who cheated on the BMW 7 series for a moment, and my husband"Withdraw the previous word, I do not want to be Panamera!"I applauded and finally Panamera came to my house.

The BMW 7 series is, of course, a good car, and BMW is singing the catchphrase "joy running through" and I think that it is a car that can enjoy running.However, in terms of combining elements as a sports car and elements as a luxury sedan, Panamera's overwhelmingly higher balance of its balanceI felt that.

No ~ Panamera, it's a really amazing car.


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