970 Panamera edition - actual maximum fuel consumption is 12.0 km / l, minimum fuel consumption is 5.0 km / l

Porsche Panamera Edition 970
Porsche Panamera

Panamera's actual maximum fuel economy and minimum fuel consumption

Panamera's fuel efficiency is not good. It is reasonable because it moves nearly 2 tons big body. My driving might be too bad, but ... if there are lots of street rides, traffic is heavy and traffic is heavy, fuel efficiency gets worse. I do not know about the new Panamera, but in the 2016 Panamera edition, it's about 7 to 8 km / l.

Occasionally, there are times when it is 5 · km / l.(The value of the minimum fuel consumption seen so far is 5.0 km / l)

5 km / l is no longer gasoline drip w.

Occasionally"I want to finish driving at 8 km / l at least today."I set a goal and set aside, I try my best to run as smoothly as possible, with less sudden departure and less braking, but as soon as I got on the slope in front of my house, I was about to go out.

As our house is on a steep slope, it will be worse as Panamera's fuel economy, which was in the 8 km / l range at the beginning, is also watching as it drifts steeply on the accelerator pedal"8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 8.0 ,, oh, endure a bit more ...! 7.9 ... Ah ... today is not enough"And so on.

When driving on a highway?

On the other hand, there are times when it is possible to hit very good fuel economy. In a highway with no traffic jam, you can cruise comfortably from 100 km to 1 ◯ 0 km, and even if you enter the highway and enter the general road, if there are no traffic jams and few traffic signals, you can often go over 10 km / l is there.

By the way, the maximum fuel consumption I saw while riding it was 12.0 km / l.

I have not seen anything further, but I wonder if the engines are coming to an end and the running improves and the engines get better fuel economy. However, I think that this huge body would be excellent if it was 12.0 km / l.

What is the average fuel economy of the people of the Panamera owners of the world? If it is a new type Panamera, I wonder if fuel efficiency is better. Will it always be more than 20 km / l if it is a hybrid?

Nevertheless, it is dangerous if you care about fuel consumption only accidents, so it is around this time that I think to keep in mind a safe driving.

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