57,000 yen for AT limitation cancellation - a story that did not drive at all at MT after hardship

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
MT (manual) ride

I thought it was a limited edition license until I die

About one and a half years ago, I canceled the AT limit. When I got a driver's license at the age of 18"From a lifetime ride on a manual car, AT limit is enough"Although I was thinking, it surely will not be such a day ... I did not dream at that time. That's why I canceled the AT limit,

"My husband decided to purchase 981 Boxster GTS (MT)"

It is."It is more interesting to drive an absolute MT car! Always take it before car delivery!"Saying a lot by her husband, I kept saying "impossible, impossible" until the last minute, but my husband's enthusiasm pushed me to stop limiting. And, knowing that it is possible to cancel AT limitation at a neighboring school(There seems to be a possible school and an unavailable school)He reluctantly applied.

No classroom, practical skill only

In the school I applied for, the time and expense for unlocking the AT is"57,000 yen in a 4 hour class and test"was. Besides, all four hours are practical. I was convinced that "I will go to practical skills after being taught first at the theory of clutch operation in theory of clutch operation etc.", but that was to learn the details myself.

Also, reservations for classes are hard to pick up again ... Because those who raise AT limit are rare in the first place, there are few lessons.It was difficult to adjust the time that I had a child aged two years, I work and I attend a driving school than I could imagineI remember that.

However, since I wanted to pass it seriously and without any extra cost in order to do it, I wanted to prepare a textbook beforehand and bring the shoes to make driving easier so that I got my first day in full preparation.

... but!

I was so nervous that I could not drive my first MT car and everything I studied in my textbook flew all the way to oblivion ...

"Yes, clutch firmly stepped on,When it stops, both clutch and brake are stepped on,I will stall it. "When the instructor told me, I got mad when I took my foot off the clutch.

"If you think that a car is sick,Please change gears ~ "As I said, I did not know the timing to change the gear, I got angry.

Naturally it stalled and it was impossible to make a call with one green light and at the railroad crossing it was impossible to get off the clutch from the clutch, so I could not get off the ground, so after 1 hour I was completely I was scolded.

It was just a strange thing, it became clear from the 5th time that I felt strange(Automatically become an additional course, abandon straight passing)I managed to take the exam after six hours and I passed it on a sunny day.

Although I had difficulty releasing the AT limit

Then, "When you are riding a manual car?" Then,

... Not riding at all (-_-)

I was scared of the weight of too much clutch when I got on my husband's Boxster for the first time when the clutch was light and it had only drifting Comfort in a fluffy school."No, is it Jim's training?"I thought it was going to be a painful muscle ... so I could not drive like that and I have only got around five times.

Moreover, it goes by driving of husband by the husband to a place where there is not a person, it takes turns in the locale, and it runs around the first and third gear for about ten minutes (a bomb)

At the beginning of the year"You will be able to drive a manual car this year!"I declared, but I wonder if such a day will come true. No, such a thing, I just released the AT limitation, so I have to work hard! Today it is these days that renewing resolve.

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