I heard that the phrase "It is a catastrophe of greed" is a compliment.

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Living with Porsche

It is a mass of greed!

When I had a meeting before,"What is your motivation for work?"It became a story. It is encouraging for customers to be pleased, I am glad that I can grow through work, I was prepared for having my family ... and so on, but for me now"Buy Panamera"The goal is great motivation to work hard.

So I said that.

"I have a car I want right now ... to buy that car is a motivation to work hard."

As I was asked what kind of car I wanted, I answered "Porsche Panamera", Oh! Sounds good! And flowers bloom in the story, "I want a car, I want a watch for the lifetime thing, no, I have plenty more I want!"

"◯ ◯ san! It is a grasshopper of lust! No, in a good way!"

It was said. ... In a good way (explosion)?

"Recently, I think there is a tendency not to say good things about lust.I have no lack of appetite - but there are many people, but ◯ ◯ is pleasantly a catastrophic idea of ​​lust. If you say that it is lovely think!"When.

Well ... I wonder if I should be pleased with it obediently ...?

I want to judge from seeing the world

In my old days, there was almost no greed. Because I was more memorable than things, I often go on a trip, but on the other hand the brand name was not interested and still I am not particularly interested. UNIQLO is enough for clothes and cheap and pretty things are available if the daughters' clothes also go to Nishimatsuya. That's why I do not want anything high,

I think that it is nice to have something to wear for a lifetime or what I thought was really good, even if it is expensive, and I can spend the money there.

In the world, money is not everything.But the word is convincing because you earn a lot of money, you buy a lot of what you want and people taste the world say. Although it may not be a very good example, if a person without education is saying "It is not educational background in the world", it sounds like the howling of a loser dog, but when a person from Tokyo University tells us that it is strangely convincing It is the same as there is.

That is, even if I say "I am not the money in the world" now, since it is a howling of a losing dog, I want to keep trying to earn cancer life now with the cattle of desire as it is now!

Good news! I will do my best at work next week.


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