I thought about my wife's stance when I visited a dealer to buy a car.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

The speculation of customers and speculation of sales representatives

When my family went to a dealer to buy a car, I thought for a moment what kind of stance the wife should play. The common purpose of the couple is"Buy the best car for them at reasonable price"about. On the other hand, the purpose of the sales representative of the dealer is probably"Ask customers to buy a car at a price close to the price as much as possible"about. Under the circumstance that "Wives will respond with what kind of stance" is a key to both husband and sales person as well.

What type is your wife?

After being introduced to the seat, after the husband and the person in charge have talked about the chat or the car currently riding for a while for a while, from the person in charge"Is your wife also riding a car often from the usual?" "Is the car you are looking for this a wife for?"The question comes. In response to these questions, I wonder what kind of reply the wife will have, so that the way of advancing the business negotiations of the sales people will change. And, to the last, for example, but I divided the wife's stance as follows.

① Leave it to my husband
Example) I do not know cars, and it is my husband to give out money, so I will leave it to my husband.
② Hope system for small turn
Example) A car that is easy to drive, small turning, compact and cute is good.
③ Family car super hope system
Ex)) You have lots of luggage, children can ride, good fuel economy is good.
④ system familiar with cars
Example) High-speed stability is important or important, we also stress handling and accelerator work.

Perhaps, I think that it is easy to do if ① · ②, but ③ · ④, the proportion of saying will be higher, so salespeople will feel a little troublesome ... lol. By the way I think that I will enter the area of ​​④. When I went to a dealer before, I had not said anything at first, but because I was told that "Wife is yours ...?"

"● ● ● ● in the test ride before, I thought that there was not a sense of horserance at all, I did not have that feeling, because the accelerator play was too much and handling was finally done."

When I said something like that, I felt that the tone of the salesman changed obviously from there.(Perhaps she was wary of being a troublesome wife ... ... ...)In any case, in order not to waste time of each other,It is better to tell your opinion and stance as a wife properly at an early stageI think so.

My wife will be a supporting shooter

After having my salesperson understand my wife's stance, what my wife considers next is"Her husband's shooting fire"I think that. This is also a place to show off my wife 's. Even if my husband is interested in the car and is thinking positively for purchase, whenever locked on as "This person buys if you press it!", You are often bothered to make a purchase unnecessarily.

If that happens, the husband will not be able to hear what he / she wishes to hear, it will make it difficult to make accurate judgments after gathering all the information. Not to be so"Tell your salesperson what your husband wants to listen to, what you heard, what you want to say"That is important. I think that my wife listens to salespeople at all, depending on what kind of car the family wants, but if I am, I would like to hear such things.

· How much will the price fall when selling?
· What is the actual fuel consumption rather than the fuel consumption of the catalog value
· What is different from rival car models of other manufacturers
· Estimated Delivery Time and Schedule
· Try talking about the expected value that they want for that car, is there any deviation in that view
· What is the high-speed stability, can you test drive a highway?
· About how much discount is possible
· We are also considering ● ● and ● ● of other companies

Is it such a thing? Also, when listening to these things, if you are a salesperson who can answer accurately, trust increases, but you can not reply, you do not have knowledge, or you are studying short"It might be better to stop buying from this salesman?"It also serves as a criterion for judging.(It is kind of a kind guest, I ... I'm sorry)

After listening to them, if the point of uncertainty becomes roughly clear, then you can examine them carefully at home and do not know what to understand again by phone or e-mail so saying "Alright about ..." I will try the timing of your spare time.

... Although I was trying to keep things from everyday, when I bought Panamera, my stance as my wife was greatly crazy.

When I purchase Panamera, what about me?

A story about when I was thinking about buying BMW 7 series and Porsche Panamera, which to buy. The situation at that time is written in the following article,

→ [Ref. Article] The difference between Porsche Panamera and the BMW 7 series was found in 2 seconds

When we tried on Panamera and asked the dealer to go on concretely speaking at a later date. When we consider the specifications by ourselves and place an order,It takes a lot of time to deliver the car because it is made to orderSo I decided to choose from Panamera already in dealer.

My husband"Well I'm going to watch it today, if there is to be, I will let you wait again"Although it was a stance of being a stance, I was totally excited and forgot about everything my wife's stance because there was one that comes with "Vivit!" In a few of the showers that Panamera wanted too much Oh,

Ah, there is only one more, is not it! What?
· If a person who already wants it appears, is it that you can not buy anymore! What?
· Wow that feels fate such as something is woe

And the dealer 's charge of H' s support shooter only got disappeared, and it became a result immediately purchase ... that car is now Panamera in our home. Well,I'm satisfied with 120% without any dissatisfaction with the current PanameraAs a result it is good.

Even if you know with your head, after all human beings move you with heart. From now on you will be able to respond more calmly.

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