The reason I already wanted to get it even though I already ride in Panamera.

Living with Porsche
My husband told me such a thing.

The people who become Hatoba readers are increasing every day. Thank you so much for seeing me on such a maniac blog. Yesterday from her husband like this,

"Is not it confusing to readers?I'm telling you to buy this person Panamera, but I already have it already.Eh, are you going to buy it even though?... Well, I'm just trying to write a lot, are not you actually holding it? What? It is getting out. "

It was said. surely…. So I decided to organize it again here.

Organizing the situation ...?

· Now I am on Panamera.
· This Panamera was bought a year and a half as a family car by her husband.
· I am now riding Panamera, but I'm thinking of buying a new Panamera by myself.

Panamera is already there. Besides, I'm trying to buy a new one again.

Er ...

Are you stupid? (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵.?

However, what I am clear in my mind is that,"There is a difference between the clouds between riding a Panamera bought by a husband and buying it with his own money"I'm saying that. Anything, I do not think I can understand the goodness of itself in true sense unless I experience it with my own money.

The meaning of putting out money on your own.

Even when I was a university student and went to overseas homestay for the first time at the age of 19. When I was a sophomore at university, I went to my homestay in America with my own money, for my part-time job. There were also options to be asked by parents, but since I was a tough house, I thought that it would be somewhat opposed to "dangerous""I will go with my own byte of money and let me go!"He asked me to OK.

There were a lot of people around the parent who asked their parents to get out, but since I am quite tired, I think that the enthusiasm of "I learn a lot and absorb!" Was greater than around me. And, as a result, I think that it was a strong experience.(Or, I can not speak English at the moment ... I can not afford it.

Besides, there are many things that remains in my mind, whatever it was delicious ◯◯ I went to eat for the first time in the first salary, or why I experienced making money by myself.

 A world that only people who paid money can see.

I think that it is a successful experience = getting out with money by myself. Not only did I get it, but everything is worth including every effort, frustration, hard work, and such process. Therefore, the pleasure when you get it is hundreds of times higher.

There will surely be a world only visible to those who paid their own money.

And I am confident of myself who was able to achieve that goal and I can work hard toward further goals. And life will spread and it will become more and more interesting ... I guess.

So also regarding Panamera,Instead of saying "I want to ride Panamera", "I want to get enough to buy Panamera for affordability, I want to get it with my own power"I think that.

While I am stubborn, I mean henko. Today these days I think like that.

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