In order to comprehensively understand the merit of Panamera, I would like to try out another car's car.

Porsche New Panamera Turbo
Living with Porsche
I found it when I go abroad, narrow my insight.

When I was a student, I went abroad,I was surprised that Japanese common sense is insane abroad.When I first went to Australia. in Japan"It is natural for trains to come on time"I thought it was, but in Sydney"The train is somewhat late a while ago"I was surprised at that. (It may be different now, though)

At that time again, I thought Japan was a great country.

When I walked around the Champs Elysées in Paris in the city of flowers, the trash was falling here and there and it got dirty and this was surprising again (although it may be different now) Japan has few garbage and many beautiful cities I thought again.

Conversely, I felt the goodness of overseas.

My father worked overtime at work and thought that it would come back after the child slept everyday, but at my homestay where I became indebted, my father always got home at 18 o'clock and all the family had dinner It was natural. I thought it was pure "Ah ~ such a nice guy ~". While going to various countries and feeling various things,"The world that I now know is only the tip of my little finger nail,The world is full of what I do not know yet. "I thought.

I found it when I go abroad, various differences.

Around the time a business became interesting in a few years after becoming a social worker, a friend's first marriage rush began. Although I was dedicating my life to work, I had quite a few friends who quit my job because I want to stay with my child after giving birth. At that time I"It can not be impossible to throw away that assassination for work, I do not know what to do"I thought, but since my child was born, I can understand that feeling very well.

"I am also completely concerned about the time with children and I am thinking about how to change my way of working and work for that."

However, when you give birth your time is almost gone,When it was only a single age or two couples,To be able to use time freely for myself,How valuable and valuable it wasNow, I started to feel it.

It was the same as I got to know the appreciation of money because I had no money before.

So I judged things only in the world I know now, surely only about half can be seen. Rather, I think that knowing various worlds can deepen and understand the value of what is present.

The goodness of Panamera is understood only by knowing other cars.

Although now I love Panamera,"Do you like Panamera after knowing all the cars in the world?"That is not the case at all. The car you tried, the car of your parents house, the car of my brother or something, at most that extent.

So, I think that if you get on various cars, know the goodness of various cars, selling and strengths, and be able to understand the goodness of Panamera on top of that, you can love more about Panamera.(I still like it enough but I feel like I can be more deeply)

Perhaps, you might encounter cars that exceed Panamera. So, today I want to go to various dealers and test cars.(I am sorry for the dealer because I do not buy it.)


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