Even my mother sometimes wants to run Ashi Driveway as I think.

Porsche Panamera Handle
Ashi Drive way

Rare opportunities

Yesterday I rounded up work early and took my eldest daughter and daughter to dermatology from the evening. When I was about to finish my clinic and go home, I suddenly remembered.

Yes, today my husband did not need dinner. I bought a prepared dish, and I thought that I should leave gasoline and go home.

When running the car, the girls both slept in a flash of sleep immediately.

Cha, chances ...! !

It is not easy for both of us to do a sleepy sleep without watching. Nonetheless, as a mother, it is a fact that it makes me feel a little guilty, "I will be bringing together two young children without eating dinner even though it is almost 18 o'clock."

But ... I am sorry for my returning home right now, although I went to bed late, my children are sorry. I'd better go driving for about an hour even for children.

I decided to go home with a little detour without heading home, a beautiful excuse was made in my mind. I just took a detour, but at such times I was never caught on the traffic lights and there were no traffic jams and I came back to my house in the blink of an eye.

Er ... oh finished ...? Not enough at all (-_-)

H3 heading a

My daughters are asleep as usual. My husband also does not need dinner today. So, in the opposite direction from homeAshi Drive wayI ran the car.

We have a driveway at 17 o'clock in the evening on weekdays. The car is running very little. Up to the toll station of the Ashio Driveway, a fairly sharp curve continues, but as soon as it goes beyond that, there are many comfortable curves. Unleash Panamera from there and accelerate it quickly.

As expected there is no Porsche, no displacement of 1 mm, turning the curve as if to insert, rushing up the mountain road at a stretch.

"The child is asleep, so it is better to bend it so much"There is no need to worry about anything, for example, it is a gentle uphill slope around Okuke, once in sports mode, stepping on the accelerator.(But be careful as it is police occasionally)

Oh ~ I feel good ~. What a wonderful car ~ ~.

... While thinking and thinking, Panamera arrived at the observation deck in no time. There is one Ferrari there, somehow conscious of each other's car,(And maybe only I think)Soon after, Ferrari left leaving the engine behind buon buon buon.

We are the only on the top. Sunset is also beautiful.

... Although it is troublesome to wake up sleeping girls, it can not be a while to leave it in the car, and it took a return trip soon with a staying time of 1 minute. Well, maybe it was a satisfactory comfortable drive.

Today these days I think that I think that there is a driveway near my home.


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