I will recommend to the "hitchhiker boys" who will appear in summer vacation.

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At the time of the summer vacation, the hitchhiker boy often comes across. They are usually near the entrance of the highway and are standing with a board that wrote the destination. When I got on a highway yesterday, I came across a hitchhiker boy. There is something I want to say to them.

The place where I stand is bad (-_-)

Yesterday's hitchhiker boy had a board in the opposite direction to my destination, so I could not give him a ride but the direction I headed for is "together safe even if I give this baby to you" If it is an atmosphere that seems to be,I do not mean there is no feeling that I will carry it.

But anything, everyone is standing in a bad place.

The car can not stop suddenly.

Often they are standing just before the road turning to the tollbooth on the highway. As soon as it turns, even if you notice "Ah!" Where there is an ETC or entrance, you can not make a decision that stops promptly, and there is no stop space for anything.

Conversely, if you stop there, trouble will follow the following car. While rarely a car that stops right before the highway, it is hard to do it if you do a sudden braking and also a rear end collision.

It may sound like a cold blooded human being, but there is no reason to stop for the boy who is strangers until it bothers the following car and makes a sudden braking ....

Jikko will not know if I have never drove a car, I think it is reasonable.

In the boys' head?

And they will think like this.

How adults in the world are so downright.
A 15 - year - old boy,
Although I am appealing hard in the scorching sun,
No one stops cars.
Passenger seat, are not you?
The back seat, no one's on board.
Is there no adult with a warmth to stop?
After all, is this such a thing?


No, it is not.

At least for a while we are standing in a place where there is a space where the car can stop and be stopped a little more "We are on the highway at 200 meters later", the number of cars that will stop will not increase three times now I do not know.

To hitchhiked and to go around the country, it is youth itself, I think that it is very nice because it can only be done now. That is why today we are thinking about thinking over the old guards, saying, "If you think about where you are going to stop the car, you might be able to have more wonderful memories," he said.


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