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Suddenly I thought."Is everyone of Porsche owners naming their own cars?"When. I think that I usually call it by car name, but is there some people who name them like pets?

I also tried to name Panamera in my house at the moment.

It is better to name it"Aibo feeling further increases"Because I thought.

Even if it is not, Porsche is a car with a strong partner feeling, if you compare it with a pet, it is called a dog rather than a cat ... with a driver, there is an image that drives life, a winding road. I thought that it was a partner feeling from there ... and I thought about various names at the time.


Well, something is wrong. I prefer a name named Panamera rather than Porsche.


…completely different. This is stupid. Well, whether you see Panamera as a man or a woman is different ... If you say what you are thinking, you can not determine the name at all and say what you finally calmed down,

Mr. Pana.

While being a partner, I can be a man or a woman with feeling like a senior a little. Therefore,

Mr. Pana.

Well, I do not know if the panamera of the reason is liked and I usually call it "Panamera" normally, so there is no meaning to name my favorite car ... but well, well, I will continue to ask you for my best regards Already!

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  1. Pole


    It's an old article, but since it was comment 0, let me comment.
    The only one in my car that my wife calls
    The car model is as you might expect.

    In the car I was riding before
    When it gets old
    I used to call him an "old woman".
    This sounds like that from the manufacturer's name.

    I think there are quite a few people who give their cars a name.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for commenting on such an old and embarrassing article ...
      It's a very childish article ...

      I, the old woman, it's easy to understand, but my attachment is transmitted,
      It's nice ^^