Although it becomes a parking lot refugee in Osaka Honcho, parking the Panamera to @ Senba Center Building

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When parking Panamera in the city

Yesterday, I was going to a business meeting to a company that got off the baby, so I headed to Honmachi in Osaka with my second daughter in Panamera. When I go to Panamaera in Osaka City, if it is Umeda,"Hankyu Umeda station parking lot"I often stop it. Large cars can also be stopped, the roof(tent?)There is convenience by direct connection with Hankyu Umeda station. There is no maximum charge for 600 yen for the first 60 minutes, 300 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter, but as I usually only stop within 2 hours, I am doing well.

That point"Umeda Sky Building Parking Lot"It has a roof, large cars can be stopped, and the maximum charge is 1600 yen, but it is a disadvantage that it is a bit far from Umeda. There are things that are troublesome if it is rainy days or children.

This time Osaka Motomachi

But today's meeting is Osaka's business district, Honmachi.Parking lot, what was it ...I thought it was variously examined, car width 1900 mm or more OK, with a roof,"St. Regis Hotel Osaka"I found out that the parking lot looked good. Please check the entrance of the parking lot in advance with Google street view, set the navigation and depart! The expected arrival time of Navi is 30 minutes ago. Alright.

And, although it was able to get on the Hanshin expressway smoothly, Navi taught us that after a few minutes, the destination is heavily congested."When running at high speed as it is,It may not be enough for the meeting ... "So, I took a highway on the way and headed down the road. Finally, the destination"St. Regis Hotel Osaka"Came close to me. I headed down the road, but I have another 30 minutes to the meeting.

While thinking about why I decided to drink a cup at a cafe, I got around at the entrance of the parking lot at the St. Regis Hotel Osaka for easy turn left. At the same time as Navi ended the guide, the security guard who was there approached.

Security: "Where can I go to?"
Me: "Which ... ... I think ... I'm thinking of parking here ..."
Security: "Well, which one will you go after?"
Me: "To a meeting nearby for a while ..."
Security: "I'm sorry, I can only stop by going to the St. Regis Hotel or going to Garden City so please find another parking lot"

Oh! (; ゚ Д ゚))! What?Listen to me!

In that case, I should have said "I will stay" or "I eat rice" even if it is a lie. But I can not say such a thing because it is a coward so I headed to the parking lot near Shinsaibashi where I had stopped Panamera before.

"It's a bit far, but it's okay, you can make it on time if you walk."

Momentarily calm the feelings, change the lane from end to end somehow, at the moment when I feel relieved to come to the parking lot,

"Full"! !(Dawn)

Completely parking refugee

Why for today only .... There was another stand by nearby and I heard that Panamera will come in too badly, but if you think of the risk of rubbing tires and wheels it is too dangerous to find others. Even so, only when it is such a time, everything is full, full, .... Even though I thought "Aura!", There are only parking lots where Panamera that exceeds 1900 mm in width does not enter. It is not meaningless like this when standing at a width of 1900. Over time, time has run out.

... crap, only 10 more minutes left.

You should have left home safely. Even though we were preliminarily undertaking. Even though I avoided high-speed traffic congestion. Why is it such a thing ... I wonder if my daily work is bad ... It is a relatively difficult company to go to a meeting this time. Even though I got my consultation with my child, I was late for that.

"Late for an excuse for a child, after all it is sweet to think warmama."

I do not want to think absolutely.(I do not think that, everyone is good people)While desperately crying, desperately search for the letter "P". Then,The character of "P" at Senba Center Building,I jumped into my eyes.

"Oh, this parking lot seems to be big, there is only here in time, the width is also the width, the width can be ... Whether the width can go ..." With a thought grasping the straw,"Height 2.3 m or less, width within 2 m, within 6 m length"The display of.

Width within 2 m ...

Width within 2 m ...

Good news! (゚ ∀ ゚) · ∵. !!

When entering the underground parking lot while being enveloped in a feeling of fulfillment which is somewhat unknown accomplishment, it is quite dark and dirty atmosphere worrying somewhat ... I wonder if it is really okay ... and,

Panamera GTS is not there!

With a little relief, I stopped the car, hugged the second daughter in Ergo, ran into the building with a dash, got to the elevator and set off the reception phone. Looking at the clock, 5 minutes before appointment.

Safe, safe ...

Actually, my back was sweaty, but I had a cool face once and the meeting was finished without any problems. Wow. When giant Panamera is in such a situation, it is super risky.

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  1. Tommy

    Senba center building parking lot is convenient! I did not think about the possibility that the parking lot width would become a problem until I saw this article. There is not much difference between the 1800 mm width and 1935 mm width as seen by numbers in Panamera, which is scheduled to be increased in places where there was no problem with Boxster everyday. We will check in advance parking lot, thank you for noticing!

    • MinaMina


      The Senba Center Building is pretty good, is not it?
      (Because it is dark, I feel a bit damping, but haha.)

      Following Boxster Panamera, it is wonderful ^ _ ^!
      That's right.
      When going to the suburbs it is OK but when you go to the city,
      There are quite a lot of parking garages where Panamera can not be stopped.

      Nagahori basement parking lot is also pretty good, for example, 1000 yen a day.
      It is relatively safe if it is a large parking lot directly connected to the station ^ _ ^

      Also, I would be happy if you can tell me a recommended parking lot etc!