I bought a sun shade cover, but it was a story I ended up throwing away.

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Arm cover

In the summer, the sun shade arm cover(Arm cover)I often see a woman driving. Just arm cover,Because there was an image my aun attached to in myself,I decided not to do it.(I am a pretty good year, too)

However, the other day when I was running on a highway, the sun was tight and the arms began to tickle. "This looks like a burning ~I thought, I brought the person under the steering wheel, but it is dangerous when it comes to occasion when holding such a handle though it is hidden.

"But even though I thought that the arm cover was okay ...", I tried things, so I decided to buy it at 100 Yeong. And thought of turning on the highway on the way back ... but I did not have the courage, so I quit.(What courage)

Arm cover installation

One day about a month ago like that, it was hard to see the sunshine in the summer, so I decided to take the vigorous task of attaching the arm cover. However,Since I have never done so far, I do not know well whether to fold at the elbow or hide the two arms... It turned out to be quite odd and there was considerable sense of incongruity.

I wish I had bought a better arm cover. Is it because it is Hakusan?

The most uncomfortable feeling was "No feeling of grip on the handleBut it's not a driving glove, can not it be helped ...? Also, although the scorching feel of sunshine disappeared, it is somewhat steamed despite the mesh material.

After that, I decided to put gasoline at the usual gas station. Because I was troublesome, I took a gun like a pistol that I put on my arm cover but I thought that something was different from usual.

That time.

What I thought, pushing the lever on the way while pushing into the fuel filler, pusher and gasoline blew out of the filler opening.

Wow! ! ! (╯ ° □ °) ╯

It was a momentary event, but my arm cover was covered with gasoline. Clothes and shoes were okay so it may have been awfully unfortunate thanks to the arm cover ... but with this smell, you can not hold the handle with gasoline on.

What are you doing ...

As a result of thinking for a while, there was no choice, so we asked people at the gas station to discard them.

Therefore,Originally I bought it to try on a highway,Soon after testing on the highway,The arm cover has forever become goodbye.And I will never buy an arm cover again (explosion)


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