Parking of a large car, after all I need a back monitor, absolutely.

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Until now it was a visual coward.

Do not you see the back monitor?And my husband and my mother often say. When parking, I definitely do not see the back monitor much. Rather than that, there are more people watching side mirrors and rearview mirrors.

Machine can be trusted!As I thought! Visually!

I was saying something, but I had no habit of seeing it.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to the dentist, but everything in the parking lot of the hospital was full and I had to stop at a nearby parking lot.

It is narrow ~.I do not want to stop if possible.

While thinking, reservation time is approaching soon(Because it is a popular pediatric dentist, it must be punctual in time)I can not stop myself at a convenience store across the street. In Panamera, I have decided not to go to an absolutely narrow parking lot, but yesterday was useless.

Parking managed to cover only one car, but if the width was narrow, the space before was also narrow. While watching the back monitor, go down to the back end, go forward and cut the handle, then check the width with the back monitor,




Check back monitor ...

Back monitor ...

I am using my back monitor! (╯ ° □ °) ╯

The reason why I usually do not use the back monitor,It seems like I have to look at the back monitor,It was because it was not parked in a small parking lot.Since both sides are open and it is likely to be parked in a parking lot with a large width, it was simply not used.

"In fact, the back monitor is super convenient."I noticed, today these days.

(Would it be more convenient if 360 degree monitor?)


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