The reason why our house does not put a monitor on the back seat of the car.

Porsche Panamera 970
Living with Porsche
Monitor back of the seat, turn on?

My husband said this when he was about to buy a car before."Is it a monitor on the back seat?Just like children can watch TV even behind. "I answered with haste like this.

I do not need it! !

Do not pamper such a thing. Naturally there is a monitor in the back seat, "Super comfortable seat of Singapore AirlinesIs not it? "I want to see Anpanman, but there is no monitor in front, Dad mother wants to see Navi, I can not see it right now" or "I can not see it from the back seat, so let's look at it." , It is better to have some difficulty.

Comfortable condition is commonplace,It is natural to be given,Instead,With inconvenience and trouble,It is better to narrow down wisdom to think a little about what little you think.

There used to be a story that I thought before.

A certain afternoon on Saturday in a certain summer, the rain which had been falling in the morning went up and it was sunny.
On the way home from elementary school, he found a butterfly pupa in the grass.

Just like a pupa was trying to become a butterfly, she tried to break out of the shell and go out. Interested, he was looking at the pup for a while.

But even after 10 minutes, pupa is not readily available even after 20 minutes. I was struggling hard, but I could not come out even after an hour.

He began to feel sorry for the pupa gradually. Then I took out the scissors from the school bag and cut the pupa of shellfish so that it could go out.

"You can go out without having to suffer with this," he gently talked to the pupa.

I could easily come out from inside easily as I said.

... But something was strange.

Although it should be a butterfly, feathers are shrinking,
The body swelled up and it was big enough to doubt that it was "really a butterfly?"

Because the blades are small and the torso is large, you can not even fly.
The pupa fell directly to the ground, crawled and left the place.

He wanted to help the pupa who looked poor.
So I cut the shell with scissors, but it did not help the butterfly.

I have become a body I can not fly for the rest of my life.

Butterflies say they will be able to fly by "struggling" as they leave the shell.

It is necessary to take nutrients in the fuselage to the feathers and to grow the feathers.
He took it away.
Struggling in the shells struggling, making the body smaller,
I spread the wings greatly, and although the butterfly can fly for the first time ....

I do not know whether it is a true story, but I think that this can be said for parenting or subordinate development. If you think about the other party, it is important not to put out the hand at once, but to have the ability to overcome it myself, even if it is somewhat inconvenient, inconvenient or not going well. It will be a successful experience of "I can do myself" as many as I can overcome, which makes me confident and strong to myself.

Well, it is enviable environment that you spoiled enough enough to ride Panamera at the age of two or three, but I would like to not pamper over it.

Today as I want to watch as parents these days, as much as possible, to have a healthy sense of value, to be able to overcome with my own power to self-sustaining human beings.(It is no longer a story of a car)


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