Why do you translate the origin of the name of Panamera and the English name of a Japanese car?

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Porsche Panamera
Carrera · Panamericana · Mexico

Actually I did not know the origin of Panamera's name.

The car name "Panamera", in the early 1950'sMexicoThe public road race that was held at "Carrera · Panamericana · Mexico"Inspired by adopted from.911The name of "Carrera" comes from this race, and in 1989 "Panamericana"We also announced the concept car named the.

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Well - I guess so."Carrera · Panamericana · Mexico"It is the world's wildest and harsh race and it seems that the driver's death accident happened every year and it was only held for 5 years, from 1950 to 1954. And yet, from that point on, "Panamera" (inspired by that race by Carrera) is the race that I had a lot of thought.

I wonder what happens when translating the name of a Japanese car.

The car name is important. We must decide the image of the car and we must be loved for decades. Even so, if it develops globally, it must be accepted to people all over the world without discomfort. When thinking about the name of the Japanese car, how do you think it is overseas?

■ Nissan
Skyline · · · horizon
Fairlady Z ... beautiful lady

■ Toyota
Crown athlete ... crown competitor
Aqua · · · water
Very fair · · · quiet
Mark II · · · Target 2

■ Honda
Insight · · · insight
Fits · · perfect

Overseas, there may be something that sells with a different car name, and I think there are things that did not anticipate overseas expansion at first. Even so,Crown competitor, do you ride?And,Beautiful lady, let's go to the test drive!Or, it is weird after all. It is these days that I feel that naming is really difficult.


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