Let's put a 3 year old child on the passenger seat for safe driving.

Porsche GT 3 RS
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3-year-old child like mother-in-law

When I have a 3 year old daughter on the passenger seat of Panamera, I get angry from various sides. A daughter who likes English,

"Green is a GO, Orange and Curry are STOP!"

Say by the side of the signal beside.Why is my daughter raised in the Kansai from Kansai but it is a standard language.Once in a while, with a yellow signal,

"Orange is STOP! Σ ヽ (` д ';) ノ 」

I get scolded. …I'm sorry. Also, if you do not grasp the handle with both hands, you get mad. When you take your hand from the steering wheel when waiting for a signal

"Mom, the handle holds this way! This is dangerous!"

I will say with a gesture to hold the handle with both hands. …I'm sorry.

Sometimes, if you forget to put on your seat belt on your front passenger's seat and start off,

"Mother, I do not shiebert! I will be told by the policeman and say it! Σ ヽ (` д ';) ノ 」

I will tell you. ... Yes, sorry.

It will be safe driving

In addition,

· Drinks are included in the cup holder here,(I bother to mention what I am drinking in a cup holder in front of the front passenger seat)
· If the sun is dazzling, you can lay down the cover,
· If the second daughter was crying behind you stopped the car and watched the state,

I will say many things. Honestly noisy (haha) But my daughter is really tight and I have a disinteresting character if I do not do it properly, so maybe I will get frustrated when I see a rough mother.

But when such a 3 year old beside it is bad, I do not want to drive safely though, so I think that it is also good these days.


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