A story that came across a couple quarreling a wheel of a new car, Porsche Makan

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I came across a couple quarrel at the coffee shop

The other day, I went to a neighborhood coffee shop to buy coffee. There is no parking lot nearby, so we had only to park in parallel on the back, but when we went to the side there was already a mackerel stopped. "Oh, Makan is stopped.When casually thoughtfully entered the coffee shop, the sharp sword curtain of a shrill woman echoed in the store.

I wonder why I will gallop the wheels of my new car macan ~! Believe it!

While paying the money at the cash register, he said "I'm sorry" with a small voice. Men are like young president, women feel like a beautiful celebrity housewife in the mid thirties(To the last image),I guess it is a couple. And did you say that the wheels of the makan that you stopped, Guritsu?

I did not look like that, but I'm sorry. Even his wife's attack continues.

I was thinking only about stopping at the limit just before the coffee shop. I can not believe "my" makan!

Well, well, I will try to stop at the last minute so as not to bother the following car. My wife's anger still does not go away.

Better still, I'm gonna have a new machine 'Makan'!

It is incongruous that being able to show a fight with a couple in a small space of a coffee shop. The clerk seems awkward, hearing my order with a small voice from a place that is slightly apart, "No, why does not this feel sick?While I thought, "I got angry.

H3 heading a

"I mean" My "Makan," My "Makan, did you buy the money and bought it?"

... I may have bought it, but that atmosphere was like a celebrity housewife,Working women,It was not the atmosphere of the female president who is making money.(It is an arbitrary image)A housewife, you may have saved yourself and bought it yourself, but if a car lover wants to buy a Porsche with his own money, it would be 911, Boxster or Cayman. Makan is a car that my husband bought for my wife absolutely.(This is also an arbitrary image)

To be able to ride Porsche McAnan, it is extremely delicious luxuriouslyEven though my husband rubbed the wheel so much I get angry. It was not a rear-end collision, a traffic accident involving people, or rather a happy happiness.
If I said Kekey so much, my husband who is earning now will gradually lose its luck and absolute business will go wrong. In that case, it will become like to let go of my car, Makan.
Well, if you want to fight a couple, do it at home!

Because it says anything, I was annoyed in my mind ...

Why would that be the opposite?

Suddenly. ... In fact, my wife is earning so much, I want to feed my husband, I want you to keep Makan forever, I got the money I finally got saving and finally gotten a hand picked up my husband in the state of a new car, the repair fee also If all wives have to pay ...

... ....

Sky, get angry.

Today these days I think that Ueno is a selfish guess, I do not think about married couple.


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  1. panamera-life

    Mr. Soba Robo
    Thank you!
    That's right, right, saying the wheels of my favorite cars is too shocking if I do so ...
    I will also be careful not to go to places with risks ^ ^;