The concept of Panamera is what tells me.

Porsche Panamera Edition 970 rear seats
Porsche Panamera

Embrace ambition, make ideals a reality

I also wrote it on my blog before, but I love the concept of Panamera's concept, which is introduced to Porsche Japan's site.

Embrace ambition, make the ideal a reality.
I will constantly challenge the transformation of possible approaches, not merely disturbing just the way we take.
By a method different from others.
The important thing in all is courage.
Break away from all common sense.
Fight with immutable will.
We will create a future we will not yet see.
With courage, it creates a new world.
Only by realizing this, Porsche will continue to be a Porsche.
* Text Source:Porsche Panamera - Porsche Japan

Panamera's aims

It's amazing ... Although it is very cool to put it in words, in fact it's muddy, it's a succession of failures and steady improvements, I think it's never a gorgeous and beautiful world. Every time I am, once a half year, there is a time when my motivation to work drops abruptly (explosion)

Rather than motivation disappears, the source of motivation becomes exhausted.

"This job and position are not suitable for me, it's already the limit, I will quit my current job and change my job, I will surely hire you if you ask that company, my friends say to that company, I will be able to secure working hours. "

There are things to think seriously. However, at such time, I had the opportunity to meet my seniors who took care of us and got thirsts, gotten nice words from customers, half a year's work entered,"I am not quitting in such a place, I can still do it!"And inspire.(I am sorry for the people around me being swayed around each time)

My experience does not reach Porsche's footsteps, soles of the feet or the tip of the fingers, but ... It is not so easy to push towards your ideals. That's why I am very impressed by the words of Porsche at the beginning,Despite being a 4-door saloon, it creates Panamera with a firm spirit of sports carOh ... well, I think that Porsche that holds ambition and keeps the ideal reality is really cool.

"Extend the large furoshiki and give results," and there is a belief that absolutely does not change even when the times change. No, it is awesome ~ Porsche. Let's work hard on my work well!

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