From the point where I felt the limit, the real game started.

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"From where I thought it was already a limit, the real game started"Senior who is indebted had said before.

Around 27 years old. There was an incident that thought "It is already limit." When everything went well ... .... From now on, I rushed to dead end by myself, and I was making a situation that was unavoidable.

It's been almost 8 years since that. There was an incident that I felt "many times already" in the past 8 years many times. However, while I was desperately trying to "get over somehow" and "I will manage it somehow", the limit ceiling which I think is quite high.

The importance of wisdom and information

Looking back at the time when I felt the limits in the past, I think now that all of them did not mean "the walls to overcome" was high. More than that"I did not know how to overcome it."There were a lot of things. By the time it gets there, there are signs and signs but I do not notice it, I do not notice it, I should not detour, I'm getting obliged to climb and try to overcome it, I misunderstand the person who consults, I am alone I tried to solve it with the power of ... / /.

Because they did not have wisdom and information, they had many limitations.

From that, I began to feel that "how important is wisdom and information".

Since wisdom only learns from his own experience, knowing knowledge is meaningless without actually acting. Also, in order to obtain the information necessary for you from the information overflowing in the world,Taking a person who is walking in front of you, has high information sensitivity, always has information that you want to knowI think that it is important. That's not related to senior junior.

It is inevitably necessary to become an oneself who seems to want to see even if they make time, if they want to see me, "I want to go out with them" from the viewpoint of those people. It is not to forcibly be adjusted, but to draw nature and create a condition with edge.

for that purpose,Being self-satisfied with the current situation, always aiming at the top always, the attitude that keeps challenging with pure feeling is importantI wonder what. Besides the goal of buying Panamera with my own money, there are various dreams and goals, but there is no limit as long as you know how to get there.

From now on, I want to be able to progress steadily step by step toward the goal.(It is no longer a story of a car - a lost explosion)


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