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New Panamera Turbo, order

Finally last weekend, I finally went to the final procedure of ordering a new Panamera Turbo. This new Panamera Turbo,At the Nürburgring in Germany,The world's fastest time of the same class (7.38 seconds) started out,It is a ridiculous car.

@ Image cited from Porsche Panamera Turbo Experience

By the way, I tried running the same course of the Nürburgring in the game, but I could not finish bending the curve and bumped around it, despite running desperately, it was almost nine minutes to finish a couple of seconds(In practiceIt is completely dead)

Actually, before I started writing this blog, I decided to replace the current Panamera edition, but it was finally arrived last weekend. Regrettably, this time, unfortunately, not because I bought it but my husband bought it,The goal of "buying Panamera with my money"It is still ongoing.

Panamera edition, with Panamera turbo, it is completely aho to have a goal to buy Panamera yet ... ...It is "Panamera GTS" that I have targeted for a long time ago,I will try hard for that goal.

Well then, I wonder if I'm going to say "to win the Panamera" (lol)

At a dealer

Well turn back ... I went to the dealer for the final procedure of the order and had him pass through the seat quickly. I will ask for a hot coffee latte as soon as I come to the Porsche dealer(I do not know w)

The procedure started immediately, H in charge responsibly pushes the stamp on documents.

Even so, it's nice to press a seal seal. I'm clumsy about my hands, so there is no chance of pushing my seal cleanly ... I truly honor those who can hold my seal properly. After that, my husband described the necessary items in the contract, but in fact the letter my husband writes is messed up.

Beyond the level of dirty, looking at the letters my husband wrote, it is dirty as the chills run as "sluggish".(How can I write so dirtily ... himself seems seriously w)Well, because the beautiful character of the letter does not matter to the contract, the talk progressed without problems. After that, the purchase price negotiation for the current 970 Panamera edition.

I wanted to see what negotiations and calls were made in this important scene, but my old-age daughter who has been stuck still can run inside the store with a cacchia, so I decided to go to chase my daughter I decided to leave. Various models were exhibited in the shop.

After all, 911 is beautiful.

Once it came back, the exchange had already ended, but here is the summary of the new Panamera Turbo purchase.

Outline of new Panamera

① period from order to car delivery

This new Panamera Turbo,I ordered on March 5 this year. Delivery was early, it was said in October, probably around November.But unexpectedly, I was able to get on the production line quickly and it will come to a dealer I ordered at the end of September.(The year is not 2017 year at the time of order, it seems it became 2018 type)

Probably scheduled to be delivered in early October. The period from order to car delivery is about 7 months. Now Panamera Turbo is heading to Japan for shipping, so you should be enjoying sailing somewhere on the sea.(As you ask, so that ship will not sink)

② Actual price

The price of the new Panamera Turbo without any options is 23,770,000 yen.(... you can buy a house ...)From there, it is sports chrono, sports exhaust, it has some options, and it cost only about 3 million yen even for option fee.(Our Panamera Turbo eventually turned to about 27 million in the end)

I would like to introduce the details of what kind of options and what kind of specifications I got in the blog after being actually delivered.

③ The purchase price of the current Panamera edition

In February 2016, Panamera edition purchased for about 12 million yen was to be bought for about 7 million yen.(Mileage is 13000 km)One owner, 13 thousand kilometers, 2016 type, it seems that it is about this kind.

However, in the case of Panamera, it does not go down significantly from this line, even if it is on the market, there are few things that cost 5 million yen.

In the past, each maker showed graphs of how much the value drops, but the Porsche was more expensive than the other manufacturers. If this is BMW 7 series, it is said that it may become less than half the price when purchasing.

So, probably one month later, a new Panamera Turbo comes to our house. I'm not confident of being able to get over it ... but I enjoy now driving with the few Panamera and finally wash it carefully with my own hands.


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  1. TAKAP

    I read all the articles! The sentence is too fun to be a fan. Panamera love was healed.
    I am considering purchasing a new type of Panamera which is disproportionately inferior considering having two cars for the first time in my life. However! It is also intensely attracted by the streamlined Ex Area of ​​the new Mercedes e-class coupe and the concept of Mercedes' Accident Death 0, enjoys the greatest troubles of life even though it lives only for less than 40 years. If you have the opportunity, would you like to see an e-class coupe or compare your impression of test drive with Panamera? ! Thank you for your selfish thought. I would appreciate it if you could consider even a little.

  2. panamera-life

    Thank you for your comment!
    And thank you so much for saying so! I am very happy!
    > I am enjoying the biggest troubles of my life while living only for less than 40 years.
    Oh! It is the highest luxury and the highest pleasant annoyance ^ ^ I am envious!
    > If you have the opportunity, please see the e-class coupe> Compare your impressions test drive with Panamera> and write it as an article?
    Actually, I always thought that I would like to compare Panamera with other car models.
    After all the coupe is cool. I am wanting to see the streamlined shape beautifully forever (laugh)
    The e coupe is also cool, but when comparing with Panamera, I thought that it is a S coupe in a car qualification, so I thought that the S coupe would like to test drive.
    It seems that a new model has just been released ^ ^

  3. Blur

    New Panamera will arrive soon!
    I ordered Panamera for May 's holidays, but I have not decided even the production frame yet. When did you hear about the decision on production area?
    Mina's Panamera Do not get drunk

  4. panamera-life

    Mr. Blog
    Thank you for your comment!
    Oh! It was ordered in May!
    The number of units allocated is quite different even by a dealer, is not it?
    My house ordered in early March, and in the beginning of June, my husband was saying "When I got the production frame in July, I was informed by the dealer."
    I hope Panamera is strong against seasickness!

  5. panamera-life

    Mr. Blog
    > Although I ordered Panamera for the consecutive holiday in May, I have not decided even the production frame yet. When did you hear about the decision on production area?
    Oh! That's right!
    Panamera in my home ordered in early March, and in early June I was informed that "We could get production in July."
    Because the number of quota is different depending on the dealer, I hear well that you can not read it ,,,
    Hopefully we will contact you as soon as possible to decide the production frame!
    And I pray that our Panamera will arrive safely without seasickness (laugh)