I tried making the dirt of Panamera's leather sheet as beautiful as possible. 【With image】

Porsche Panamera interior leather seat
Porsche Panamera
Can we clean out the dirt on the beige leather seat?

In an article of the other day, I wrote about the stain on Panamera's leather seat. At that moment,SOFT 99 (software 99) Genuine leather wipe sheet (¥ 264)I tried to wipe out a part of the leather seat as soon as I tried to try it out, so it became beautiful. I wiped it out the other day the part surrounded by a red circle.

The inside of the red circle is a little beautiful but it is a dirty feeling other than that. So, when it wiped out as a whole, it felt like this.

What?(Shigeo Nagashima Wind)

It got a little brighter. If you expand it more like this.



What?(Shigeo Nagashima Wind)

You can understand, this subtle difference .... It seemed to be pretty beautiful with the naked eye, but the picture is too bad.(I will shoot seriously with single-lens reflex now)Nonetheless, the place where the color loss of denim was bad was not able to take even though I tried hard.

Especially here.

It is the turn of a heavy falling kun!

So that the final weapon,"Furtling down"(¯ ー ¯) It was such a feeling when I immediately wiped away water and it wiped out.

Can you see that the dirty blue part became a little cleaner ...?"Oh! It became beautiful!"And as the tension went up, I tried to wipe the whole seat with a heavy falling fall which contained water. However, I got ridiculous because of my condition, so I got a lot of funny falls.

One sheet was wiped out in a panic by wiping the sheet with only leather wiping the sheet with scattered muddy scattered.(It's confusing to wipe a sheet with a sheet or a sentence)If too much water is included in the heavily fallen kun, dirty liquid will flow in the juice, so be careful not to include too much.

So, eventually it turned out like this.

how is it? Did you become beautiful?

What?(Shigeo Nagashima Wind)

Because this is a condition that is not wiped at all,

Wonder if it compares when compared. But I can not afford it any more. Because it is not a brand-new one, it is good because it made it so beautiful up to here.And this war loot is this.

It was nothing to do with loot, but I took a picture by saying that I tried my best and wiped it. After all, in the future, it is around this time that I feel keenly as far as black sheets are concerned.

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