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A few days ago Porsche announced "Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo". Thinking "Wow"Porsche JapanI saw the site, but it was not introduced in the Panamera Turismo lineup yet. By the way, this husband is"911 GT3 Touring Package(No large wing, 6 speed MT only)Came out! ! "It was making a big noise.

And, when Mr. H of Porsche dealer who happened to call on that day said, "My GT 3 came out!" And the husband told me excitedly"That's right, I also knew it on the news today w"It seems to have said that. Somehow it seems to be Porsche's like that.

What I learned about the release is that after Panamera orders

Panamera sports Turismo is the first to appear at the Geneva Motor Show this spring and it is said that next year will come into Japan next year. today"The difference between Panamera Turismo and conventional Panamera"I will try to write based on information in the range that I understand now.

It was after I ordered Panamera Turbo that I knew the existence of Panamera Sports Tourism. One day from her husband

"It seems Panamera's wagon has come out, so it seems that he got a five-seat ride.What is it ... how do you change it with Panamera Turbo? It is impossible to burn it yet, but I wonder if I can go on if I have not decided yet the production frame (laugh)"

It is said that it can not be canceled in reality ... I did not want to purchase Panamera Sports Turismo, especially because I did not want a wagon in particular.

Difference from conventional Panamera

so,What is different between Panamera Turismo and Panamera?Since test cars have not yet gotten into Japan, of course, I have not test drive, but I think I will introduce the big differences that I feel while examining information. First of all, it is easy to understand as a big difference between Panamera and Panamera sports Turismo,

① To be a five-seater

Panamera"Total Height: 1,423 mm, Width: 1,937 mm, Wheel Base: 2,950 mm, Total Length: 5,049 mm"A car of the size. In contrast, Panamera Sports Turismo"Overall Height: 1,428 mm, Width: 1,937 mm, Wheel Base: 2,950 mm, Total Length: 5,049 mm"It is the size. Sports Turismo has raised the roof line by 5 mm, but the rest is not changed at all. So for the rear seats,From the relaxing two seater of the conventional independent seat,Three narrow-seat seat of three peopleIt seems to have changed to.

② Luggage space · Capacity increased

Looking at reviews and press releases, it is written that sports Turismo has increased trunk capacity over Panamera."5 mm, as the roof line was raised, the luggage space got wider"When. AlsoBy defeating the rear seats, cargo space space can be secured,It seems that it is possible to accumulate long items and large luggage. I see. That means that you can also snowboard boards and go to the snowy mountains.

③ The rear design became a wagon

In terms of sports wagon, especially from the side and behind,Luxury saloon feeling diminished, I feel that sportiness has increased.Regarding turbo, Panamera is a structure that two feathers open, but in the case of Sports Turismo, its feathers are so small that it is difficult to understand when watching is a feather. However, looking at it from the front, I can hardly understand the difference with the conventional Panamera. By the way it looks like this from behind.

Looking at it from the side, this is an ordinary Panamera ...

This is Panamera sports Turismo.

When you compare it, you can see the difference. So, what kind of person will buy this Panamera sports Turismo? What kind of model is suitable for you? And ... I thought for a moment.

Sports Turismo is suitable for anyone?

✓ People on a conventional Panamera?

I like the traditional Panamera, and there will not be much that many of Panamera's people already buy."Four people seated five people!It does not seem to matter too much. If you are such a person, you should already have bought a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and a BMW 7 Series with five people. Instead of daringPeople who choose Panamera like the luxury saloon feel of Panamera in the pastWhat is it?

✓ Who is on a Macan or Cayenne?

People in Makan and Cayenne feel that there are many SUV lovers who have high car height, so they will not do a replacement. Makan and Cayenne are also easy to drive because they are easy to drive, so if you ride Panamera in a condition that you are accustomed to it, you will feel difficult to drive because the line of sight is lower than the line of sight.

✓ People who have been waiting for a wagon that makes it fun to drive with a foreign car?

What is likely to be purchased the most,There is power, you can enjoy running,People who had long wanted a wagon of a foreign carI think.Actually my older brother is SUBARIST, I have changed over only legacy wagon manual cars,"Because the engine is horizontally opposite""I like the shape of a wagon the most!"I always say.

As for the model which is popular with the current foreign wagon,Audi RS 6 and Mercedes Benz CLS shooting breakI guess it is, but for those who were feeling somewhat unsatisfactory to the handling and accelerator work of Audi and Mercedes, it may be big news that Porsche issued a wagon.

What is the price you care about?

By the way Panamera 4 Sports Turismo main unit price is 12,973,000 yen. Here is the option fee + several million .... And the other day, Panamera Turbo SE Hybrid Sports Turismo 's main unit price is US $ 189,450 (about 21.3 million yen) in the US with shipping fee.

Tall, expensive!

As a digression, in the end ... why our house, why traditional Panamera(New Panamera Turbo)If I say that,The big reason is design.In this new Panamera, the design approached 911 more and it became very cool. Originally my husband liked 911 and I also thought that 911's design was very beautiful,As Panamera becomes a wagon,Because it feels a waste of thinning 911 feeling diminished,It was concluded that conventional Panamera is better.

Nonetheless, if sports Turismo comes into Japan, I definitely want to try it!(Since then, since my brother-in-law purchased Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo, I tried to write a test drive comparison article ↓ ↓ ↓)

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